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  • - [Narrator] Instagram is blowing with black looking food

  • and beauty products.

  • Thanks to this stuff.

  • It's called activated charcoal or activated carbon.

  • It's what health trend fanatics claim to be using to detox,

  • brighten skin and whiten their teeth.

  • But of course just because you can wash with it, eat it,

  • and brush your teeth with it,

  • doesn't mean you necessary should.

  • (curious music)

  • The global market for activated charcoal is projected

  • to reach 6.2 billion dollars by 2022.

  • It's an impressive feat considering it comes from

  • the same stuff as your grilling charcoal.

  • It's a da-da-da-da, burnt wood.

  • The difference is that activated charcoal is burned

  • at a higher temperature so it breaks down

  • into a very fine powder which gives it a larger surface area

  • than a chunk of charcoal on your grill.

  • And it's exactly what you want when you're trying to remove

  • toxins or poison from your body.

  • How it works has to d with the microscopic structure

  • of the charcoal itself.

  • Inside each particle are millions of pores

  • that act like a tiny trap.

  • So if you swallow some then it will begin to bind

  • with other substances in your gut.

  • Which is helpful if you've just overdosed on drugs

  • since it can prevent them from entering your system.

  • And in fact, this is exactly what hospitals will use

  • to treat certain cases of poisoning before resorting

  • to pumping the stomach.

  • But, drugs aren't the only thing that charcoal binds to.

  • It can also soak up helpful things like minerals,

  • vitamins, and antioxidants.

  • So when you drink a charcoal laced lemonade

  • with a healthy meal, you'll actually absorbing less

  • nutrients than you otherwise would.

  • To make matters worse, it can also prevent medications

  • like anti-depressants and contraceptive pills

  • from reaching your system.

  • Which of course makes them less effective.

  • The key to activated charcoal whether it's saving a life

  • or depriving you of nutrition, is timing.

  • It only works if there's something for it to absorb

  • in the first place.

  • So bad news, taking charcoal pills in the morning

  • for a hangover, it's not gonna do anything, pal.

  • Because the alcohol is long gone from your stomach by then.

  • So ingesting charcoal for any other reason than treating

  • a severe case of poisoning isn't a good idea.

  • It's indigestible.

  • So after you eat it, your body passes it along

  • and eventually out the other end.

  • Along the way, it can have side effects.

  • Oh, fun.

  • Like constipation and nausea.

  • Not to mention there is, sorry, no evidence to support

  • the claims from charcoal enthusiasts that it will

  • prevent bloating, boost energy,

  • brightens skin or whiten teeth.

  • So hey, if you don't like the idea of eating black

  • you know, anything, you don't have to.

  • Your body's probably better off anyway.

  • (curious music)

- [Narrator] Instagram is blowing with black looking food


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活性炭對身體到底有什麼作用? (What Activated Charcoal Actually Does To Your Body)

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