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  • And finally tonight, some good news.

  • A district judge in Dallas, Texas has ruled that the Bail's system in Harris County is

  • completely unfair.

  • And he gave the county 30 days to fix it.

  • This is the second ruling in recent weeks challenging the Bail's system in southern

  • states.

  • The judge in Dallas said that the court was not taking the defendant's financial situation

  • into account, and instead they were imposing the same standard bail to all defendants regardless

  • of their ability to pay.

  • This means that anyone who can't come up with the cash is going to sit in prison until their

  • trial.

  • There are really are two justice systems in the United States, one for the haves, and

  • one for everybody else.

  • This recent ruling about the unconstitutionality of our bail process, they're helping to close

  • the gap between the haves and the have nots, one county at a time.

  • We can be hopeful.

And finally tonight, some good news.


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