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  • Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin.

    哈囉,歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

  • You humans love to put yourself [yourselves] into categories.


  • Dog person or cat person.


  • Type A or Type B.

    血型 A 或 B;

  • Scorpio or Taurus.


  • I'll admit, I even do this sometimes.


  • (I'm a Ravenclaw, Virgo, ENFJ, and I love dogs AND cats, in case you were wondering.)

    (我屬於雷文克勞學院、處女座、人格類型 ENFJ、愛狗也愛貓,如果你想知道的話。)

  • People even use these categories to make important life decisions!


  • We think of these things like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other personality tests as giving us some sort of explanation as to why we are the way we are.

    我們把 Myers-Briggs 還有其他性格分類法視為一種人類既有行為模式的解釋,

  • Because of that, we place a ton of weight on them when it comes to decisions like, what career path to go down or which college to attend.


  • We treat them like they're based on scientific facts.


  • But are they really that meaningful?


  • Well, for starters, let's define these terms.


  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, also known as the MBTI, is a test that supposedly reveals four facets of your personality: Introversion vs. extraversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and judging vs. perceiving.

    Myers-Briggs 性格分類指標 (多簡寫成 MBTI) 是一種理論上能揭露性格的四種面向:內向或外向、重感知或重直覺、思考或感觸、批判或感知。

  • It involves a series of questions about your tendencies and preferences, all of which results in a set of four letters that are supposed to sum you up as a person.


  • Apparently, people who are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging are best suited for jobs like school administrators, airline pilots, or dentists,


  • while ESFPs should work as teachers, flight attendants, or dental hygienists.

    同時,ESFP 特質的人則適合當老師、空服員、牙醫助理。

  • Yeah, seriously.


  • Another common personality descriptor that people love to read into is their zodiac sign.


  • Your zodiac sign, which is a sign given to you based on how the sun was aligned when you were born,


  • is thought by many to determine a lot of your characteristics.


  • For instance, a Scorpio (which is someone who was born between October 23rd and November 22nd) is supposed to be jealous and stubborn, while a Capricorn (someone who was born between December 22nd and January​ 19th) is responsible and condescending.

    舉例來說,天蠍座 (生日在 10/23~11/22) 應該善妒又固執;摩羯座 (生日在 12/22~1/19) 負責任卻又有些高傲。

  • One common thread among these personality tests and horoscopes is something called the Barnum Effect,


  • which basically says that people believe that personality descriptions given as a result of a personality test are highly accurate and suit them specifically,


  • even when the same list of traits is actually given to everyone who took the personality test.


  • This is because the given traits are what's known as high base-rate characteristics, meaning that they're true to a large portion of the population.


  • Examples of high base-rate characteristics are statements like, "Sometimes you're too hard on yourself."


  • Or, "You really want other people to like you."


  • Does that sound just like you?


  • Well, it sounds like a lot of people.


  • And that's the point.


  • So now if you might be thinking, these tests don't sound very scientific.


  • Well, you're right.


  • While the creators of the MBTI test claim it was based on the work of psychologist C.G. Jung,

    雖然 MBTI 測驗的設計聲稱是根據心理學家 C.G. Jung 的研究成果,

  • many modern psychologists agree that it's not really based in any legitimate psychology.


  • In fact, a group of characteristics known as the Big Fivewhich are extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and opennessare regarded as alternative personality descriptors that are actually based on the scientific method.


  • It's believed that the Big Five may actually have some bearing on things like job performance,


  • and some scientists have even worked to locate regions of the brain that can be associated with individual aspects of the Big Five.


  • In their 2010 study, they found that conscientiousness, for example, is significantly correlated with the volume of the middle frontal gyrus, a section of the brain's prefrontal cortex.

    在 2010 年的研究中,其中一項發現指出一個人是否盡責,與位於前額皮質的額中迴尺寸高度相關。

  • So while the Big Five appear to be legitimate, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other tests that heavily depend on the Barnum Effect seem... well, fake.

    儘管五大項性格特質有些科學根據,MBTI 及其他測驗似乎都是假的,它們只不過是利用巴納姆效應而已。

  • So don't worry if you don't know your personality type or if it changes every time you take the testit won't do you that much good anyway.


  • And you're fine the way you are!


  • So, do you have a personality type?


  • Do you believe in horoscopes?


  • Let me know in the comments section below.


  • Or tell us, what should we talk about next!


  • As always, my name is Blocko; this has been Life Noggin.

    一如以往,我是 Blocko,你觀賞的是 Life Noggin。

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking!


Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin.

哈囉,歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

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