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  • Hello friends, welcome back! Do you feel nervous and anxious when speaking on the

    朋友們好,歡迎回來! 你覺得 講話時緊張、焦慮

  • phone in English? when somebody calls you in English you're stuck, you're nervous,


  • because you're not confident speaking on the phone in English? or when you have to

    因為你沒有信心說 或者當你不得不用英語接電話時?

  • call somebody... be that for work purposes or for personal purposes, you don't know

    打電話給某人... 不管是為了工作還是私人目的,你都不知道。

  • how to communicate what you want on the phone... Friends there is no need to feel


  • nervous or anxious talking on the phone in English! In this video lesson I will

    緊張兮兮 在英語中 在這個視頻課程中,我將

  • teach you how to improve your confidence speaking on the phone in English in two


  • situations... the first being when you are receiving a call from somebody and the

    第一種情況是當你是... 接到某人的電話,而

  • second being when you have to call somebody to get something done... friends

    第二種是當你不得不打電話 有人來完成一些事情... 朋友

  • please note this is not a vocabulary lesson... these tips will help you speak

    請注意,這不是一個詞彙 課......這些小竅門會幫你說話。

  • more confidently on the phone... they will enable you to communicate more

    更有信心地在電話裡... 他們會.... 使您能更多地溝通

  • effectively while you are on phone calls and enable you to get what you need to

    在您打電話的時候,有效地 並使你能夠得到你所需要的

  • get done, while you're on the phone....

    在你打電話的時候... ...

  • Friends before we go through these tips, which you can use to improve your

    朋友們在我們通過這些技巧。 你可以用它來改善你的

  • confidence speaking on the phone and enable you to get things done, I would

    在電話中說話的信心和 讓你能把事情做好,我會

  • love to hear from you! Join the discussion in the comments below this

    很高興聽到你的聲音 加入 在下面的評論中討論

  • video and tell me do you ever speak on the phone in English? So do you use Skype? do

    視頻,並告訴我你曾經發言 電話中的英語? 那麼你用Skype嗎?

  • you use landlines? do you use your mobile phone? Do you use WhatsApp? do you

    你用固定電話嗎 你用手機嗎? 您是否使用WhatsApp?

  • communicate in English on the phone? tell me in the comments is it for work


  • do you have to talk on the phone for


  • your job? or is it for personal purposes? maybe you are chatting to friends in

    還是出於個人目的? 也許你是在和朋友哈拉

  • English, maybe you are booking an appointment.. whatever you're doing tell

    英語,也許你預訂的是 不管你在做什麼,告訴我

  • us in the comments below this video... now friends I do understand that when you're

    我們在這個視頻下面的評論... 現在,朋友們,我明白,當你是。

  • receiving a phone call from somebody in English, you may be panicking because

    接電話 英語,你可能會感到恐慌,因為

  • your level of English is not high enough... use these tips to calm down and to

    你的英語水平不夠高...... 使用這些小貼士來冷靜下來,並

  • communicate better on the phone... friends these tips I'll be sharing with you I've


  • used, using my second language. the Croatian language, and they work! Be

    用的,用我的第二語言。 克羅地亞語,他們的工作! 是

  • positive while we're going through these tips, as I know they will help you to

    在我們經歷這些的時候,積極 小貼士,因為我知道它們會幫助你的。

  • communicate to speak more confidently on the phone... let's begin by looking at the


  • first situation, that being when somebody calls you... now before you answer the

    第一種情況,就是當有人 打電話給你... 在你接電話之前...

  • phone call, so you hear your friend ringing (bring bring) in the background and

    電話,所以你聽到你的朋友 叮叮噹噹

  • you're starting to panic... before you even go to answer the phone, what I want you

    你開始驚慌失措... ... 在你之前,你甚至 去接電話,我要你做什麼?

  • to do is to smile :) Okay why do I tell you to smile? Smile and laugh... you want to

    要做的就是微笑:) 好吧,我為什麼要告訴你 笑一笑? 笑一笑... 你想

  • answer that phone call on a positive note... as English is your second language

    接電話 注意......因為英語是你的第二語言。

  • and you're probably nervous and anxious because you're not confident using the

    你可能會緊張和焦慮 因為你沒有信心使用

  • English language, let alone on the phone.. you want to break the ice, but you need

    英語,更不用說在電話裡了... ... 你想打破僵局,但你需要... ...

  • to break the ice with yourself... the best way to do this is to smile :) Smile and

    打破自己的僵局......最好的。 做到這一點的方法是微笑:) 微笑和

  • laugh a little bit, so that when you answer that phone call, you answer it

    笑了一下,所以當你 接電話,你來接

  • happy... you're happy and you will not sound nervous and

    快樂... ... 你是幸福的,你會不會? 緊張兮兮

  • anxious... by smiling when answering that phone call, the other person will notice

    焦慮......通過微笑著回答這個問題 電話,對方會發現

  • from the tone of your voice, they will notice that you sound happy, that you

    從你的語氣,他們會 注意到你的聲音快樂,你

  • sound interesting and they will be willing to talk to you... okay so you're

    聽起來很有趣,他們將是 願意和你談談... 好吧,所以你是。

  • smiling, but before you answer the phone call... but what next you? you still have some

    微笑,但在你接電話之前 但接下來你會怎麼做呢?

  • issues in communication... friends while on the phone call don't worry about every

    溝通中的問題......朋友而 通話時,不要擔心每一個

  • single word... pay attention to key phrases and key topics.... questions that that

    單詞......注意關鍵詞組 和關鍵話題......的問題,那就是......。

  • person is asking you... many English speakers when speaking on the phone ,they

    人家問你... 很多英語 揚聲器在電話中說話時,他們

  • connect words, they speak very fast and maybe a landline or the connections

    連接詞,他們說得非常快,而且 也許是固定電話,也許是聯通

  • simply cuts out... try to pay attention to those words, questions and phrases that

    簡單的切出......試著去關注一下。 這些單詞、問題和短語

  • that person is saying to you... now something that I like to do when I'm

    那個人對你說... 現在... 我喜歡做的事情,當我

  • talking on the phone, is I like to have a piece of paper on hand and I like to

    在電話裡說話,我喜歡有一個。 一張紙在手邊,我喜歡

  • write down words or key phrases... so some important dot points... why do I like to do


  • this and I suggest that you do the same as well... because while you are on that telephone

    我建議你也這樣做 因為當你在打電話的時候

  • call and you may not understand everything... you're taking notes so you're

    呼叫,你可能不理解 一切... ... 你在做筆記,所以你...

  • organizing your ideas, and towards the end of that phone call you can ask

    組織你的想法,並朝 電話那頭你可以問

  • questions back to that person you're speaking to... remember friends you want to

    問題反饋給你的那個人 說話... ...記住你要的朋友。

  • be able to speak confidently, you want to communicate and you want to get stuff

    能夠自信的說出來,你想 溝通,你想得到的東西

  • done over the phone... asking questions back to the speaker is a great way to

    在電話中完成... 問問題 回到揚聲器是一個很好的方式

  • make sure that you've fully understood what they're saying and that you're

    確保你已經完全瞭解 他們在說什麼,而你是

  • doing what you need to do on the phone... you're getting that stuff done...

    做你需要做的事 在手機上... ... 你得到的東西做... ...

  • so for example I maybe call my dentist and I don't really understand my dentists

    所以比如說我可能會打電話給我的牙醫 我也不太理解我的牙醫們

  • accent or they're speaking.. they are using strange words, but I want to make

    口音或他們說話... 他們使用奇怪的詞,但我想使

  • an appointment at 12 p.m. tomorrow... and the dentist said bla bla bla 12:00... and

    明天中午12點的預約... 牙醫說12點... ...

  • I'm like huh? I'm stuck... but I wrote down 12 o'clock and I will ask a question

    我很喜歡,是吧? 我卡住了... 但我寫下了... 12點,我會問一個問題。

  • back to confirm that I've fully understood what that other person was

    回頭確認我已經完全 明白對方的意思

  • saying... so I will ask the dentist, or the other person on the line... I'll say okay

    說... ... 所以,我會問牙醫,或者是。 另一個人在行...我說好吧

  • just to confirm is the appointment at 12 p.m.... this way friends by asking

    我只是想確認一下是不是在12點預約 下午......這邊的朋友們通過詢問......。

  • questions back using those dot points that you've written down, you will avoid

    點睛之筆 你寫下來的,你將避免。

  • miscommunication on the phone and you'll get what you need to get done.. now what


  • about when you need to call somebody ,and you need to get some information, or you


  • need to make an appointment or do something? In these situations when

    需預約 或做什麼? 在這些情況下,當

  • you are calling somebody to get something done, I suggest that you plan

    你打電話給別人,讓 我建議你計劃

  • your phone call before... you don't have to plan how your whole phone call... I'm not

    你的電話之前... ... 你不需要 計劃如何你的整個電話...我不是...

  • talking about planning every single sentence or word you're going to say, but

    談到每一個 句子或你要說的詞,但...。

  • write down the questions, the information that you need from that speaker.. so for

    寫下問題、資料 你需要從該揚聲器中獲得的資訊... 所以,對於

  • example, if you're trying to reserve a table at a restaurant...

    例如,如果你想保留一個 餐館的桌子...

  • write down, okay maybe when do you need to go?.. I need to go at 1 p.m. I want to


  • sit by the window... I want xyz--- whatever you need from that phone call

    坐在窗邊...我要xyz--- 一呼百應

  • write those questions down before you even go to make that phone call... also

    寫下這些問題,然後再 甚至去打那個電話... ...也是如此。

  • friends if you're nervous before making that phone call again smile... I know this...

    朋友,如果你緊張,在做 那個電話又笑了...我知道...

  • I've said it a few times, but by you smiling maybe laughing a little bit.. tell

    我說了好幾次了,但由你 笑,也許笑了一下... ...告訴你。

  • yourself a joke in your head before you go to answer or to call somebody in

    自己在腦海裡開個玩笑 去接

  • English, you will portray yourself as being happy and interesting on the phone...

    英語,你會把自己描繪成 在電話裡開心又有趣... ...

  • this will enable people to listen to you over the phone, but also give you that

    這樣才能讓人聽你的話 通過電話,但也給你

  • information that you need... now friends, in both situations, be that

    你需要的資訊... 現在的朋友,在這兩種情況下,是

  • if you're calling somebody or if you're receiving a phone call, what I want you

    如果你打電話給某人,或者如果你是。 接到電話,我想讓你

  • to do while you're speaking on the phone is to open your mouth and speak slowly...

    在你打電話的時候要做的事 就是張開嘴慢慢說... ...

  • Now why do I say this? English is your second language and when


  • you're on a phone call, there may be some interference... be that because of the

    你在打電話的時候,可能會有一些。 干擾... 是因為

  • network... whatever it is... but sometimes I can't even understand

    網絡... 不管它是什麼... 但有時我甚至無法理解

  • some native speakers on the phone, because of bad signal! this really

    一些母語人士在電話裡。 因為信號不好!這真是

  • frustrates people, these bad network and signal issues... I know it frustrates me

    讓人沮喪,這些不良的網絡和 信號問題...我知道這讓我很沮喪

  • all the time... but even if I'm on the phone with a

    所有的時間... 但即使我在電話裡和一個人說話

  • native English speaker and we have bad network... bad signal issues... I speak slower

    母語為英語的人,而我們的英語不好 網絡... 信號不好的問題...我說話比較慢

  • and I speak clearer.. why? because I want to get what I need to get done over the

    我說得更清楚... 為什麼 因為我想... 我需要做的事情,在過去的時間裡。

  • phone... I want my message to go across... you

    電話... 我想讓我的資訊傳達給你... ...

  • should be doing the same... while you're on the phone I suggest that you speak

    應該做同樣的事情... 當你在電話裡的時候,我建議你說... ...

  • slower, and you open your mouth, so that you are clearly pronouncing words and so

    慢一點,你就張開嘴,這樣一來。 你發音清楚,所以

  • that the other person can understand you.. also you shouldn't be speaking with a

    對方能聽懂你的話... 你也不應該帶著一個人說話

  • soft voice.. speak loud! Now when I say speak loud I don't mean shout on the

    輕輕的聲音... 大聲說話! 現在當我說 大聲說 我不是說大喊大叫

  • phone... don't shout while you're in a phone call


  • but speak loud, open your mouth, pronounce words clearly so that the other person


  • can understand you... a lot of the time when we are in phone calls there may be other

    能理解你... ...很多時候 當我們在打電話時,可能會有其他。

  • factors which may hinder your communication... this could be because of

    阻礙你的因素 溝通......這可能是因為

  • bad network, bad signal and this is really frustrating... but it's even more

    網絡不好,信號不好,這就是 真的很令人沮喪... 但它甚至更加

  • frustrating when you're on the phone with somebody and they're speaking

    挫敗感 與某人和他們說話

  • softly and they're not pronouncing words clearly... to overcome this open your

    輕輕地,他們不發音的單詞 顯然... 要克服這個問題,打開你的

  • mouth! I know you can do it open your mouth and say words clearly out loud and

    嘴! 我知道你能做到的 打開你的 口,並大聲說清楚話,並

  • don't speak very fast... while you're in that call, you're calling that person

    不要說得太快... 當你在... 那個電話,你叫那個人

  • because you want to get something done... by you having prepared before that

    因為你想完成一些事情... ...在那之前你已經準備好了。

  • information you want to ask, you've already done a lot...

    你想問的資訊,你已經 已經做了很多...

  • you're already smiled... so you've already came to that call on a positive note but

    你已經笑了... 所以你已經... 積極地響應這一號召,但

  • it's not enough to be positive and to be speaking very fast and using a strong

    光是積極向上是不夠的,光是積極向上是不夠的 語速快,語氣強

  • accent which the other person can't understand... calm down a little bit speak

    拗口 明白了... 你冷靜點說吧

  • slower, open your mouth so that you can speak more clearly so that person can

    慢一點,張開你的嘴,這樣你就可以。 說得更清楚,以便他能

  • understand... and so that they can help you! Friends I

    瞭解... 這樣他們就可以幫助你! 朋友們,我

  • would like to highlight these tips work... as I use them on a regular basis.. use

    想強調這些技巧的工作......。 因為我經常使用它們......使用。

  • these tips, improve your confidence speaking on the phone in English and

    這些技巧,提高你的信心 在電話中用英語和

  • avoid miscommunication! Have better and more meaningful phone calls using the

    避免溝通不暢! 有更好的、更有意義的電話,使用了

  • English language... friends I would love to hear from you! Have you used any of these

    英語... 朋友們,我很想。 聽到你的聲音 你有沒有使用過這些

  • tips? are you speaking in the phone at the moment and why are you speaking on

    你是在電話裡說 當下,你為什麼要在

  • the phone in English is it for work purposes... is it for private purposes? join

    英文電話是工作用的嗎 目的......是為了私人目的嗎?

  • the discussion in the comments below this video... if you like this video lesson

    下文中的討論 這個視頻... 如果你喜歡這個視頻課程的話

  • you'll also love other lessons here on my YouTube channel... check out this video

    你也會喜歡這裡的其他課程,在我的網站上。 YouTube頻道... 看看這個視頻

  • lesson here to learn how to speak English like a native English speaker...

    在這裡上課,學習如何說話 像英語母語者一樣說英語...

  • remember friends if you like this video lesson make sure to LIKE this video, hit

    如果你喜歡這個視頻,請記住朋友們 課件一定要喜歡這個視頻,點擊

  • subscribe and turn on notifications so that you receive the latest lessons that

    訂閱並打開通知,以便 您將收到最新的課程

  • I post here I'm a YouTube channel... and be a good friend help your friends learning

    我在這裡發帖,我是YouTube頻道... 做個好朋友,幫助你的朋友學習。

  • English by sharing this video lesson with them... thanks for being here, thanks

    通過分享本視頻課程,英語 和他們一起... 謝謝你能來這裡,謝謝你...

  • for watching and I'll see you in the discussion in the comments below this

    謝謝你的觀看,我們會看到你在 在下面的評論中討論

  • video... bye for now


Hello friends, welcome back! Do you feel nervous and anxious when speaking on the

朋友們好,歡迎回來! 你覺得 講話時緊張、焦慮

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