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  • IELTS Speaking Topics and Sample Answers in this tutorial, we're going to look at three


  • topics that have been seen recently so let's have a look: Something Interesting Your Friend


  • has Done, A Decision You Made with Someone's Help, A Family Business that You Know so in


  • each of these examples, I'm going to give you a sample answer I'm going to explain the


  • strategy I was using and then hopefully you can use the same one, same strategies in your


  • IELTS exam let's jump straight into it so I did prepare these earlier, just a few bullet


  • points as though we were in the exam this is just to help you have an idea about what


  • you'll be including and also so you can follow along also I recommend you turn on the transcript

    你'會包括,也讓你可以跟著一起也 我建議你打開記錄本

  • or the captions and this way you'd be able to understand even better so that's -- let's


  • go I would like to describe something interesting my friend has done her name is Melanie and

    我想描述一些有趣的事情 我的朋友做了她的名字叫梅蘭妮和

  • she's an air hostess she started at Germanwings, then I think it was Eurowings, then Emirates

    她是個空姐 她從德國之翼開始,然後我想是歐洲之翼,然後是阿聯酋航空。

  • and the reason I'm telling you this is because now she is working for a private airline like


  • a corporate jet or something like that for the rich and famous or the 'high flyers',

    一架公司飛機或類似的東西,為富人和名人或 "高飛"。

  • so to speak and just a few years ago, she was traveling with the U2 singer, called Bono


  • and there was just him on the plane and then a few of his business associates I think she's

    飛機上只有他和他的幾個生意夥伴 我想她是...

  • told me, which I thought was quite interesting, that she's not allowed to do selfies, ask


  • for autographs, she's not allowed to sort of like interact or ask questions about the


  • job she's supposed to just treat him like or treat the person just like any normal human


  • being basically ignoring the fact that it might be famous or she might be famous and


  • yet she told me that they got talking and that he was a very pleasant person and he

    但她告訴我,他們聊得很投機,他是個很討人喜歡的人,而且他... ...

  • was very polite he had what -- he was well-mannered and he was really treating her and the rest

    是非常有禮貌的,他有什麼 - 他是有禮貌的,他是真正的對待她和其餘的人

  • of the staff with a lot of respect and so much so that he even offered her some free


  • tickets now, it's important to say that she's not allowed to ask, but if offered, I think


  • it's a slightly different dynamic and so yeah, and she got the tickets we went to the concert

    它是一個稍微不同的動態 所以是的,她得到了門票 我們去了演唱會。

  • together because she got about four tickets in the end yeah and it was I think it's quite

    一起,因為她得到了約四張票在最後 是的,它是我認為這是相當的

  • interesting that she gets to meet all these famous people, these high flyers it's like

    有趣的是,她得到滿足 所有這些名人,這些高飛的人 這就像

  • a completely new world so that's something interesting my friend has done now, I just


  • want to analyze this a little bit so one, I started off with “I'd like to tell you


  • about something interesting that my friend has doneso I start off with the title


  • it's like my introduction as though I was writing an essay it's my introduction and


  • I do this for two reasons one, it will keep me on track and two, just like the writing,


  • it's good to introduce your topic it's like logical as well but recently I've been tutoring

    介紹一下你的題目就好了 邏輯性很強,但最近我一直在做家教。

  • a lot of students and what I find is that sometimes they may have just glanced at the


  • question and then jumped in and started their answer and not really read it properly and


  • this will make them go off on a tangent and this is so sad because they'll start talking


  • about something that's broadly related now in my case, it was slightly off, but it's


  • the job it did something that she's doing so and I justified it and I was constantly


  • making it interesting and expressing my interest in it so I think I'm pretty justified with


  • talking about the job because it is an interesting job now, the second thing is I set the scene


  • I didn't sort of like go off and talk about air hosts, air hosting and you know, air hostesses


  • and air hosts I said well she used to work here, she used to work there, and now she's


  • doing this which is much more interesting so now I kind of like make this connection

    這樣做這是更有趣的 所以現在我有點喜歡做這個連接。

  • and I set the scene, and I'm going into a little bit more detail than necessary here,


  • but I wanted just to make it sort of like relevant and coherent I don't just jump in

    但我想只是讓它有點像相關的和連貫的 我不只是跳英寸

  • and say, yeah, she went to a U2 concert that's how the interesting story about who she met

    並說,是的,她去了一個U2的演唱會 那'是如何有趣的故事 關於誰,她遇到了。

  • and how she met them okay so it's like it's coherent all of it together now, the next

    和她如何滿足他們 好吧,所以它像它的連貫 所有它在一起,現在,下一個。

  • point and I'm using good vocabulary, high flyers, the rich and famous, and I was also


  • quite positive about Bono and what happened there and then I finished I finished with


  • And that's my brief description about something interesting my friend has doneso I'm kind


  • of closing it and I'm making it easier for the examiner also there's some you know there's


  • some constructions there it's like she said he was surrounded by yeah of course I'm

    有些建築就像她說的,他被包圍了 是的,當然,我是。

  • forced to use like talking in the third person because it's something interesting your friend


  • has done, but still it's important to get that across and to communicate the whole point


  • so that was my small description or my brief description about something interesting my


  • friend has done let's move on to the next one: A Decision You Made with Someone's Help


  • so we've got my notes straight down there and here's a very important point now, I


  • remember this situation I remember I was talking to my dad and he's sort of like decisions

    記得這種情況下,我記得我是說 我的爸爸和他的那種喜歡的決定。

  • was don't do it because you'll end up spending money and then I kind of justified the opposite


  • I was like okay I should be spending money I need to spend money to get to -- to go where

    我當時想好了,我應該花錢 我需要花錢去 - 去哪裡?

  • I want to be in to experience new things I don't want to live like my dad and be in the


  • same place all my life I would like to move around so I kind of took the reverse of what


  • my dad gave me, and what I'm saying is that it's just too complex, there's just no point


  • telling the whole complex story behind it so even though it's in my notes I'm not going


  • to mention it and I'm just going to keep it simple because at the end of the day, this


  • is a communication exam it's not an exam about how I make decisions all about my relationship


  • with my dad so I'm just going to skip that part I'm just going to go for the straight


  • and more direct easier concepts and beliefs to describe so let's jump into it so -- a


  • decision I would like to tell you about the decision I made with someone's help that someone


  • was my dad and I really admire him because he's made a lot of important decisions that


  • have ultimately had a positive effect on my life also so the decision I had to make was


  • where I want to live, and I have a lot of friends in Asia and they were espousing all


  • the benefits of living in Asia you know, the low costs, the beautiful weather, beautiful


  • people, always very kind and very friendly however, I was quite happy in Spain where


  • I was living although I'm originally from England at the time I was living in Spain


  • and so I ran with my data I bounced some ideas off him, and he really made me think about

    所以我用我的數據 我從他那裡得到了一些想法 他真的讓我思考了一下

  • where I want to be and he gave me some really thought-provoking questions that helped me


  • readjust my thinking and see it from different perspectives basically, with the help of my


  • dad I could take a step back, and I could sort of like see it on a long-term basis and

    爸爸,我可以退一步, 我可以有點像看到它 在長期的基礎上,並。

  • in the end, I did decide to go to Asia, and I don't think I would have been able to make


  • that decision without the help of my father and that's my brief description about an important


  • decision I made with somebody's help, my dad, thank you so here once again, I've done the


  • introduction two, I didn't exactly follow my notes word-for-word okay I kind of went


  • off on a different argument, but I knew I could express it clearly so it wasn't a problem


  • and secondly, you know, I used some good vocabulary there for decision making, you know, thought-provoking,


  • perspective, long-term perspective, taking a step back all of this kind of vocabulary


  • is very useful in trying or describing the whole situation, and that's another path I


  • described the actual conflict you know I used a contrast I was living in Spain at the time,


  • but I knew that Asia had lots of benefits so we're using these contrasts it shows the


  • examiner that I've got a good linguistic dexterity, and I can bounce between these and that was


  • another phrase, as well I can bounce ideas off my father yeah and like I said I didn't


  • go into the whole emotional relationship you know, I didn't explain what I explained before


  • I just kept it simple and this is like I said I'm just communicating information to the


  • examiner the examiner doesn't want to know about the relationship in my family you know


  • he just he or she just wants to know if I can communicate what I want to in my mind


  • and what I want to communicate are straightforward, easy to grasp thoughts, not complex psychological


  • relationships so let's move on to the next one: I would Like to Describe a Family Business


  • that I know about well this family business happens to be my own it belongs to our family

    我知道的 這個家族企業正好是我自己的,是我們家族的

  • and it's my dad who runs it he's the owner, he's the manager, and basically he does everything

    這是我的爸爸誰運行它 他'的所有者,他'的經理,基本上他做的一切。

  • in that shop so I should have guessed it's a supermarket it's in my small village and

    在那家店,所以我應該猜到它'的超市 它'在我的小村莊和

  • he specializes or my dad specializes in like exotic foods from Europe, from Asia, and he

    他專門或我的爸爸擅長像異國情調的食物 從歐洲,從亞洲,他...

  • buys like niche products that the normal bigger supermarkets cannot justify buying in larger


  • quantities so yeah, I think my dad's been in this business now for about almost 40 years


  • I think he's a bit tired to be honest, and as I said before, he's on the cash out, he's


  • on the cash registers, he's carrying potatoes on his back, he's talking to the customers,


  • he's doing wine tasting events he's very, very active in fact, I used to work there

    他在做品酒活動 他非常非常活躍 事實上,我曾經在那裡工作過

  • when I was a kid too I think I started at 11 there and it was good fun, and I got a


  • lot of memories and a lot of experience and skills from my time working in the shop so


  • that's my small description of a family business that I know inside out thank you so there


  • we go again like I'm telling a small story and telling an anecdote quite a few anecdotes


  • you know about my dad carrying potatoes, doing wine tasting, all the vocabulary is there


  • as well like cash, cash register, in a warehouse, just words that you're only going to use if


  • you're talking about this topic also I used a very useful construction, 'I used to'


  • yeah I used to work there too I used to sweep the warehouse and also carried products from


  • one end of the shop to the other etc, etc yeah? so I'm giving personal anecdotes and


  • it told the examiner our family shop but my dad owns it I tell them where it is it's


  • in my village, my hometown and I tell them how long my dad's been there, what he does,


  • and just really trying to answer all the questions like the who, the what, the how, the when,

    只是真的想回答所有的問題 像誰,什麼,如何,何時。

  • all of these points and I think you should do this as well if you want to give expansive


  • answers and another technique and I've been using this technique with a lot of success


  • with my online students in the online classes and this is giving the description sort of


  • like introducing your talk then saying because, then possibly given an example and then if


  • you're stuck for something to say you start using the how, the what, the how, the where,


  • the why all of that and if you do this enough times and if you're getting feedback, then


  • it's a very effective way to prepare and the last point which I'll just mention and you


  • if you are practicing online with a tutor and they pick up on certain grammar points


  • maybe it's your tenses, then don't let it run away and what I've been doing with my


  • students that's been very effective is that we do lots of exercises around that exact


  • grammar point, and I won't let it go until it's perfect and we do this with lots of repetition,


  • lots of exercises, and we keep coming back to it and this is why I've been getting a


  • lot of success with the students so if you're in a situation that you want to improve your


  • speaking maybe you've taken the test quite a few times and you're fed up, then have


  • a look at the Intensive IELTS Fluency Course and it's basically as I was saying, a fast


  • improvement in speech recognition so you can understand the examiner, you can respond to


  • the right questions, and you can respond quickly and automatically so have a look in the link


  • below and yes, all the best and thank you for watching have a great day!


IELTS Speaking Topics and Sample Answers in this tutorial, we're going to look at three


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