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  • The perfect knitted pumpkin

  • Hi, Guys, and Welcome to Studio Knit!

  • Today we are going to learn how to knit these adorable Mini Pumpkins.

  • These little pumpkin softies are the perfect autumn decor for Halloween, Thanksgiving,

  • and all throughout your Harvest season.

  • The materials we will use are 4 double pointed needles, I'm using size 4, worsted weighted

  • yarn in any colors or fibers of your choice for both your pumpkin and your stem, scissors,

  • a tapestry needle, and some stuffing.

  • Feel free to knit your pumpkin in other needle sizes and yarn sizes to create larger or smaller

  • pumpkins.

  • I am including links to my favorite free Pumpkin Knitting Pattern at Knit Picks as well as

  • all of the knitting techniques required to complete our pumpkin in the description below.

  • To make our knitted mini pumpkin, we first make a stuffed ball, then separate six sections

  • for the indented ridges, then we add an I-cord stem, and we are done!

  • So, If you think these little pumpkins look like a fun quick knit, please hit like to

  • let me know you would like to see more knitted softie videos like this.

  • So, let us get started.

  • We will first cast on six stitches using the long tail cast on method.

  • Now, we will divide them onto three double pointed needles.

  • So we will have two stitches per needle.

  • Join our stitches in the round and knit one row.

  • By the Knit Forward and Back on every stitch so we are increasing from 6 stitches to 12.

  • Next we will knit one round.

  • Then continuing on, we will knit our increase rounds, then alternate with Knit only rounds

  • for 18 rows.

  • When we are done, we will have 60 stitches total.

  • Once we have completed our increases, we will knit in the round for 8 rows.

  • And now it is time to decrease, and we do that by Knitting two together.

  • So just like our increases, we will Knit Two Together and alternate our Knit only rows,

  • and we continue decreasing until we have just twenty four stitches remaining.

  • And now it's time to lightly stuff our pumpkin ball.

  • And continue our decreases until we have just six stitches remaining.

  • We will cut our yarn, leaving a couple feet of yarn.

  • Cinch it up.

  • Now using our tapestry needle, we will be drawing our yarn around the pumpkin base and

  • draw it up through the center to create six separations to make our pumpkin ridges.

  • To finish it off, create a six-stitch I-cord to the length you desire and tack it into

  • the top of your pumpkin for your stem.

  • Too cute!

  • You have just learned how to knit Pumpkins.

  • I hope you are inspired to give this quick knit project a try.

  • And Thank You so much for watching Studio Knit.

  • Please subscribe and receive a new knitting lesson every Monday.

  • Check out how to knit an I-Cord for your Pumpkin stem, as well as my recent trip to the world

  • famous Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival!

  • Bye!

The perfect knitted pumpkin


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