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  • Hello and welcome to Day 20!

  • You made it.

  • In this lesson, I'll help you break fast speech down

  • into what we call thought groups. Are you ready?

  • English with Jennifer

  • First, I'm going to show you a text.

  • We're going to mark it up in a way that will make listening easier.

  • I plan to tell you a little story about my past,

  • and I'll use fast speech.

  • Here are some tips.

  • Sometimes you can understand an idea

  • without catching every single word.

  • This first listening will be done in parts.

  • I'll break up the video and show you the text.

  • With this second listening, there will be no breaks.

  • Remember to focus on ideas, not individual words.

  • Remember what may seem impossible at first really isn't.

  • With patience and practice along with some helpful tips

  • you can accomplish almost anything.

  • Thanks for watching

  • and happy studies!

Hello and welcome to Day 20!


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第20天--思維導圖--理解英語中的快速語音。 (Day 20 - Thought Groups - Understanding Fast Speech in English)

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