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  • Hi. It's Day 18.

  • We're gonna have a short but useful lesson today.

  • There's somethin' that I'm doin' with my -ing endings right now.

  • Do you know what?

  • English with Jennifer

  • In fast speech, the -ing ending usually sounds like -in.

  • We drop the G.

  • So "something" sounds like somethin'.

  • And "doing" sounds like doin'.

  • One exception is "going."

  • It could sound like goin', for example: Are you goin' now?

  • But when we have "going to" Americans very often say "gonna."

  • For example: Are you gonna leave now?

  • Just remember that "gonna" is a spoken form, not a written one.

  • Look at these examples.

  • I'll same them fast.

  • Pay particular attention to how I drop the G

  • in the -ing endings.

  • Listen closely. You know what to do.

  • I'll say a sentence fast.

  • You try to understand.

  • That's all for now.

  • Thanks for watching and happy studies.

Hi. It's Day 18.


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第18天--丟掉G--理解英語的快速語音 (Day 18 - Dropping the G - Understanding Fast Speech in English)

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