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  • The Squirt Strap in to your snowboard on a flat area.

  • Get low, and shift to your tail. Place both hands in the snow and extend your back leg.

  • This will squirt the board out from underneath you and create your pop. Your board should

  • spring from the ground and land sticking upright, then roll back to your toe edge. Combine this

  • sequence of moves into one smooth quick motion coming right back to your feet. See how far

  • you can pop your board from the ground. This is a very similar movement to a backside hand-plant.

  • Give it a try with one hand and see if you can get a grab. Grabbing on flat ground is

  • substantially more difficult so don't worry if you cant.

  • Next, Ride towards a gentle incline, as you come to a top, give the squirt a try here.

  • First with 2 hands then one. You can actually hand-plant here or on any transition although

  • steeper transitions are far easier. If you do this exact same squirt motion at

  • the top of a quarter pipe, you'll be completely upside down doing a banger hand-plant.

The Squirt Strap in to your snowboard on a flat area.


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如何在滑雪板上手植(常規) (How To Handplant On A Snowboard (Regular))

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