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  • story behind of the upcoming horror film the nun the first trailer for the nun

  • has arrived Warner Brothers and nuan found themselves something special in

  • 2013 when the conjuring was released not only was it a horror movie that did big

  • business at the box office but it was one of the relatively rare mainstream

  • horror movies that managed to win over critics as well

  • the latest spinoff in that universe is the nun and we now have our first real

  • look at what that's going to be the upcoming supernatural horror film the

  • nun has now released its official poster prior to the San Diego comic-con 2018

  • panel on which it will be featured we are first introduced to demon movie like

  • in the form of the nun in the conjuring 2 lorraine warren sees the nun at home

  • at the Amityville house and in enfield England is this just a coincidence where

  • is the demon following her actually neither as direct regimes when explained

  • to Jews moto the nun Lorraine sees is a premonition of what's going to happen to

  • her husband in the near future one such narrative thread that will

  • receive even more attention in the future is the tale of the nun who

  • mysteriously appears in a photograph owned by Annabelle's sister Charlotte

  • luyties of philocan Annabelle creation is a perfect example of something the

  • conjuring universe does incredibly well the nun was not inspired by a true story

  • we learned that the demon in the movie shares very little with the real they

  • like from mythology other than the name and the title mark rusev snakes during

  • an interview for the conjuring 2 director James when explained

  • the nun character in the movie was actually inspired by a spectral entity

  • that demonologist Lorraine Warren claimed it haunted her in her home is

  • the Romanian monastery in the nun movie based on a real monastery yes

  • in the film a priest for the haunted past and the novice nun are sent to the

  • abbey of street Cara in Romania during the early 1950s to investigate a young

  • nuns mysterious suicide the film was shot on location in Romania in part due

  • to the country's abundance of creepy castles and Gothic architecture making

  • it even more enticing with the cost it was less expensive than shooting in

  • other parts of Europe the real-life carta monastery is a former Benedictine

  • monastery founded in the 1200 and southern Transylvania in Romania today

  • the monastery functions as a Lutheran Evangelical Church that's it for this

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hello blinkers welcome to blink now to get more amazing videos don't forget to


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"NUN "是根據真實的故事改編的嗎?見識一下 "真正的 "魔鬼瓦拉克 (IS "THE NUN" BASED ON A TRUE STORY? MEET THE "REAL" DEMON VALAK)

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