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In this episode of MarieTV we do have some adult language.
So if you have little ones around, grab your headphones now.
It's Jersey Marie and you're watching MarieTV.
The place to be to create a freaking business and life you love.
Now, obviously, regular Marie, she's not here.
She's already on a summer break.
I don't know, maybe she's in the Hamptons, that frou-frou-ass place.
Any which way, this ain't Q&A Tuesday.
It's …
It's time for You & A Tuesday.
It's You & A Tuesday where the answers come from you.
What do you think you are, Bon Jovi or something?
So, yeah.
It's You and A Tuesday, and the answers are gonna come from you.
You know why?
Because I ain't getting paid for this stuff.
It's all free, like crostini sticks at Angelo's.
So the question I want you to answer today, and I'm gonna get to that in a second, it's
inspired by one of the only things that regular Marie and me have in common.
Besides, you know, this glorious f****** bouffant.
It's this idea right here.
If it's important to you, you'll make the time.
If not, you'll make an excuse.
You know, regular Marie, she's a little soft.
But I gotta say, she is 10 thousand percent right on this one.
Excuses, they're like the deadliest thing ever.
In fact, they are the only thing standing in between you and what you most want.
Now, I know what you were gonna do.
You were gonna say something like, “No, it's not that.
It's that I don't have the time, or my life is so busy or I'm too short or I'm too
You know what all that is, right?
You know what you were just gonna do?
You were gonna make a bunch of sorry-ass, sad sack, crying little wah wah weak sauce
This is what we're talking about, people.
Look, let me make this crystal mother f****** clear.
Excuses are like the roach motel, but for dreams.
They're like wearing cement shoes in the deep end of the pool.
They're like going to Gold's Gym and it's closed at 2 P.M.
They're like pizza with no cheese.
All that sh*t?
It sucks.
And we're gonna put an end to all these sorry-ass excuses right now.
Because you know why?
From this moment forward we're on an excuse-free beach.
Now, on this beach there can be radios, there can be dancing, there can be cheese sticks,
there can be glow sticks.
But you know what there can't be?
No mother f****** excuses.
Speaking of.
Hey, Joey.
There is no excuse for that.
Get that grape smuggling, nut hugging, banana hammock off this beach.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm all for body positivity, but that?
That's a negative on that situation, Joey.
Come on.
You need some room in there, because right now, your junk?
I'm gonna call child protective services, because that, my friend, that's abuse to
your little ones.
No offense.
I'm out.
Okay, alright.
Let's land this excuse plane right here and now.
Here's the Q that I want you to A. It's got two parts.
Part one, if you're honest with yourself, like cross your heart hope to die honest,
what's one area where if you stop making sorry-ass excuses you could totally turn the
beat around on your life?
Part two, what specific excuse do you need to drop like a hot pocket, really bitch slap
the shit out of it, then stick it in a tanning bed for like 16 hours straight – with no
eye goggles?
Now, as always, the best conversations happen over at MarieForleo.com, so go on over there
and leave a comment now.
I mean, there's no excuse not to, right?
We're on an excuse free beach.
Now, once you're there be sure to subscribe to our email list and become an MF Insider.
You know the freaking deal.
You'll get instant access to a powerful audio called How To Get Anything You Want.
You'll also get exclusive content, some special giveaways, and some personal updates
from regular Marie that she just doesn't share anywhere else.
And I gotta say, they're pretty good.
Stay on your game and keep going for your G** damn dreams, because the world needs that
special gift that only you have.
In other words, people, stop d****** around.
Thanks for watching.
Happy summer.
Wear your sunscreen.
You guys, is my hair alright?
It's not falling, is it?
 You put too much Aqua Net in when low, it doesn't – it doesn't do anything.
If I were the king of the forest!


停止找藉口 (No Excuses! How To Stop Making Excuses And Start Getting What You Want)

92 分類 收藏
Ken Song 發佈於 2018 年 9 月 18 日
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