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Hi guys, Jamie here. Good food can be incredible. It can cheer you up, it can be
the focus of social gatherings and parties. It's just amazing
and that's why me and the guys from Hotpoint don't think any of it should go to waste.
Meat is the third most wasted food. The most wasted is chicken
and there's so many things that we can do with leftover chicken.
One of my favorite dishes is to make the most incredible leftover banh mi. Just bringing the chicken back to life
in a pan, getting it golden and crisp, and then I'll add a little bit of sweet chili sauce
to glaze it and give it flavour. Look at that!
It can all be done super easily with this Hotpoint induction hob. It's really quick to heat up
so you can knock it together in no time at all.
Come on! That is a sandwich. Oh!
Freezers are like time capsules for food. It's like pressing pause.
If you've got some fruit about to go bad put it in the freezer
so then you can make wonderful puddings, desserts, sauces, smoothies, another day.
I love freezing herbs before they go to waste. Tear them up, pop them
into little ice cube trays with a little olive oil, whack them in a freezer and
they're like little flavour bombs ready to be used in your cooking
amazing and properly properly clever. You can freeze other stuff too like curry paste,
leftover coconut milk, perfect for making a dish like this lamb and chickpea curry.
Delicious! Chili's! Frozen it goes completely hard. Just get a fine grater
and you can do fantastic things over a curry, salads, little grilled meats, fishes,
even better over a mozzarella with olive oil. Delicious.
One of the most wasted foods we eat is bread - 24 million slices a day in the UK alone.
But it doesn't have to be that way. If you've got any leftover bread you can
make an amazing bread and butter pudding, cooked perfectly and evenly thanks to
the multiflow technology in this Hotpoint oven.
But it doesn't have to stop there. Oh no! Instead of putting stale bread in the bin,
don't do that, cut it up, freeze it and then another time roast it up.
Make the most incredible croutons or you could just whizz them up into bread
crumbs and pop them in the freezer and use it to make a crispy topping on a
gooey mac and cheese, and a crumb coating for a healthy
homemade fish finger, or a simple pangritata, which is beautiful breadcrumbs
fried in olive oil, garlic, and herbs and it adds the most incredible texture to a simple pasta.
Sorting out your fridge and freezer is a really effective way to
help avoid wasting food too. The temperature varies a bit in any fridge,
as heat rises, so keep your meat and fish in the cooler part at the bottom, and
then foods like dairy in the middle, and make sure that you keep cooked meat on a
separate shelf to any raw meat. Keeping veg in the correct drawer, like the crisper
drawer in this Hotpoint fridge, is absolutely key to fresh crunchy and delicious veg.
Proper organisation also means that you can easily see what
you've got to play with and it can help you rustle up something really delicious
like an amazing chopped salad. You can use so many things; cabbages, herbs, fruits,
you name it you can get it in there, dress it with a little bit of love and
you get something as beautiful as this. So there you go guys for the full tip
videos and to enter the competition to win the Hotpoint kitchen appliances
click the link in the description. Bye guys!



傑米·奧利佛減少食物浪費小撇步 (Jamie’s Top Tips to Avoid Food Waste | Fresh Thinking | AD)

4909 分類 收藏
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