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  • Hello! It's quite windy today.

  • So, I thought I'll take a quick flight.

  • It sure is windy...

  • Oh no, it's a storm.

  • You mean, hurricane?

  • Hurricane, storm, whatever, just run!

  • You mean fly.

  • Oh forget it, just come, Dr. Binocs.

  • Oh okay, well, that reminds me, that today's topic is Hurricane!

  • Zoooom in!

  • Woaaah!

  • A hurricane is a huge storm, that generally forms over warm ocean waters..

  • ..near the equator.

  • The warm air above the ocean rises upward..

  • ..thus creating an area of low pressure, below!

  • Air from the surrounding areas..

  • ..push in and try to fill the area with low air pressure.

  • Which now becomes warm and moist.

  • And, rises too.

  • As the moist air rises, the surrounding air again, tries to fill in.

  • And, this process continues, till the water in the air forms clouds!

  • Soon the clouds and winds spin around..

  • ..fueled by the oceans heat and water vapor.

  • Therefore, hurricanes could also be called, Giant Engines.

  • That use warm and moist air as their fuel!

  • When we see from the top,..

  • ..hurricanes can be as huge as 300 miles wide.

  • The center of the hurricane is called 'The Eye' of the hurricane.

  • Which is the calmest part.

  • The 'Eye Wall' surrounds the eye.

  • Where the most damaging winds are found.

  • It can range anywhere, from 5-30 Miles.

  • Then comes 'The Rain Bands'.

  • Which surround the eye wall.

  • These bands are a series of dense clouds..

  • ..that give a pin wheel like appearance to the hurricane.

  • Which range from 50-300 Miles.

  • Hurricanes are divided into 5 categories.

  • Depending on the speed of their wind.

  • Here, take a look.

  • Category 3, 4 and 5 are the most dangerous ones.


  • A huge hurricane can release energy..

  • ..equivalent to 10 atomic bombs per second.

  • Hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean are know as Typhoons!

  • So, this is me zoooming out!

  • Tune in next time for more fun facts.

  • Byeee.

Hello! It's quite windy today.


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