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  • - Why do you guys sound like Oliver Twist on crack

  • when you try to imitate our accent?

  • ("Swinging Bird")

  • - Why you so bad at geography?

  • - What is your absolute obsession with red cups?

  • They're in all of your films,

  • all of your TV shows,

  • we just don't get it.

  • No idea.

  • - Why is your bread so sweet?

  • It's disgusting.

  • - Why is Oprah not on anymore?

  • - Why do you have massive gaps

  • in the doors of your toilet cubicles?

  • Everybody can see right in to the toilet cubicles.

  • Why? Why?

  • - Why you pronounce twat like twat,

  • and why you pronounce caramel like carmel,

  • and why you pronounce herbs like 'erbs?

  • What happened to the H?

  • Where did it go?

  • - Why do you have to make everything bigger?

  • If you make cars bigger,

  • it means you have to make engines bigger,

  • which means you have to make your roads bigger,

  • which costs you loads more money.

  • - Can we trade John Oliver for Madonna?

  • We need him back.

  • You can keep Piers Morgan.

  • - When you guys say, "I'm so excited,"

  • are you actually excited every time?

  • - Why do you pronounce zed as Z?

  • It would be really useful if you could kind of

  • standardize these things.

  • Also, if you spelled things like organized

  • with an S rather than the Z.

  • That would be good too.

  • - Why don't you use chip and PIN?

  • - Why do you view Europe as a single country?

  • - It's just a weird thing,

  • I just kinda thought with, you know,

  • Silicon Valley and all that,

  • you would just have, you know,

  • kind of be ahead of the tech curve.

  • - Why are your plugs so crap, America?

  • - This little thing here, this little chip,

  • it just makes it really easy just to pay for stuff.

  • - Why is your bacon so weird?

  • - Why do you call the wrong thing biscuits and gravy?

  • Gravy is like a meat juice.

  • Biscuits are cookies.

  • Putting them together doesn't make any sense.

  • What you're doing is scones and jizz.

  • ("Swinging Bird")

- Why do you guys sound like Oliver Twist on crack


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英國人對美國人的問題 (Questions Brits Have For Americans)

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