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Hi my name is Zara. My Dad is from England and my Mom's from Iraq and I was
born in England. When I was about 7 years old, my Mum was like, "Hey maybe we should
go to Iraq, I've not seen my family in so long. So, maybe we should pay them a visit.
And maybe we could stay there for a while." My Dad was like, " no are you out of your your mind?"
"Like that's where the war is going on." My Mom was like, "Yeah, well that's where I
was born that's where I was raised." So my Dad finally agrees and me, my Mom, my Dad
and my sisters and brothers went there. Everything was fine until I was
about nine years old. I remember it was about 4 a.m. and then I was woken up to the sound of screams and crying.
And I was like "what what's going on? This isn't right. "
So I decided to look out my window and I see fire.
I see a building on fire. I rushed to my Mom's room and I grabbed
her by the hand I rushed back to my room and I show her the fire. She screamed and
she woke everyone up and she was having a panic attack.
Soon enough we realized that our city has been attacked.
About a few weeks later, we were running low and supplies because we'd been in
the house the whole time trying to avoid the war. And then my Dad was like, "okay we
are low on food we can't live like this we are gonna die in here if we don't get anymore."
My dad and my sister go out and they go and get food. It was about four days since they'd went out to get some food.
And my Mum and I and my brothers
started panicking. Drew was just like "something has happened they are not okay!"
I just lost all my hope and I was like, "well there's nothing to do now let's
just pray to God and see what happens."
But then a miracle happened. My Dad came back from the house and without my sister.
He was just crying and he was really injured...
...without my sister... I've realized why God has taken it up
and I realized that she'll be by my side no matter what.
Soon after that we move back to England and now I'm 13 years old and I live a happy life.
Life is good and just know if you're
going through warring thing it will get better...



我活過了戰爭,卻永遠失去了姐姐 (I Survived The War But We Lost My Sister)

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