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You know I've always noticed throughout my whole life that there are so many people doing
things that they don't want to do. Working a job that they hate when their true passion
lies somewhere else. When I was in high school, I had zero idea what I wanted to do with the
rest of my life. One day my accounting teacher told me that I could make a lot of money as
an accountant and being young I was like "yes money, so let's do it". So I proceeded to spend
the next year getting the credits that I needed to get into the university that I wanted to
go to and ultimately I did get into that school. I spent the next five and a half years getting
a Master of Accountancy degree and I got a job working in public accounting making a
cool thirty thousand dollars a year, except that I was miserable. I didn't want to admit
that to myself because I had invested so much time and money into getting that degree.
So I convinced myself hey this is just what people do you get a job and you sit in a cubicle
and you put your head down and you just work. One day the firm administrator called me into
their office and had an envelope in front of them. "Thank you for everything you've done
here but business has slowed down and you got to go now bye-bye." And within minutes that
safe job I had worked all of those years suddenly wasn't so safe anymore. We're taught to take
the safe route but the truth is the safe route isn't safe at all. So why am I not taking the
same risk by working for myself. I had discovered YouTube a year prior and fell in love with it.
I had been making videos on the side occasionally for fun but now I decided it was time to go all-in.
But I won't lie my time off was tough. I had no guarantee that taking this risk would
actually ever pay off. There were many nights that I laid in bed wide awake wondering if
I'd made the right decision at all. I spent the next year of my life broke and feeling
lost with no sense of direction. I felt like I was just floating in an endless sea of doubt.
All that I had was faith and a little determination. But at the end of that year something happened...
My video started getting views. My videos went from getting a few hundred views to a few
thousand to tens of thousands and eventually hundreds of thousands. After a few months I
started making the same as my accounting job, and then more. It took something bad to happen to
me to force me to try something new - something that might make me happy! And I think
that's where most people in this world fall flat. Most people are not willing to take a risk
on a better life that makes them happier because they've gotten comfortable in a job or a life
that just doesn't fulfill them. The reason I'm telling you this story is in case you
are one of those people who has that nagging voice in their minds telling you that this
isn't what you were meant to do. I'm here to tell you that that is your heart talking and
it knows what's best for you. Listen to it. Pursue your passion. I promise if you stick
with it long enough you will be successful, whatever that thing is!



被解雇後,我的人生從此不一樣 (I Got Fired And It Changed My Life - YouTuber Matthew Santoro's Story)

32330 分類 收藏
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