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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
fitness fail stories from you guys.
This first one is from @TuckerSolteszta.
He says
My friend's dad bought a treadmill and told me, "It's just for show when guests come over."
This one's from @NikkiNombre.
She says
I bought the TRX suspension training system from the TRX website.
It was the only time my credit card company has ever contacted me with a potential fraud alert.
"Uh, this can't be right.''
''You would never order something like this, would you?"
-"You got a lot of Dunkin' on here."
This one's from @zgholloway.
He says
On a recent trip to the gym, I dropped the bar and hit myself in the face while benching.
No one came to help, so I had to roll the bar down my entire body until I got to a point where I could lift it off myself.
The old steamroller moves.
This one's from @jeanneredden.
She said
I couldn't afford a personal trainer so I followed a lady and her trainer around the circuit.
She asked, "Are you copying me?" I answered, "Are you copying me?"
It's a standoff.
This one's from @pascuamy.
She says
My husband once tried to follow the "Body For Life" diet.
Day 1, I saw him eating cookies and I commented that it wasn't his "free day."
He explained that he'd decided to break his free day up into small chunks of time.
Hour here.
Hour there.
I'll do three hours now of free time.
Yeah, I'm gonna eat this pizza here.
And then I've got 21 more hours left.
Every week, baby
This one's from @laurabutler81. She says...
I was on the treadmill and wanted to take my sweater off, so I tried to do it while running.
I ended up with it stuck over my head, arms in the air, unable to stop running.
"Somebody stop and help me! Somebody help me!"
"It's just for show."
"It's just for show."
This last one's from @debraweber5.
She said...
My sister bought a NordicTrack. It sat there so long and lonely that her kids renamed it "Ignordic Track."
There you go.
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【今夜秀】#健身減重失敗 (Hashtags: #FitnessFail)

8340 分類 收藏
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