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  • The National Palace Museum in Taiwan is the pride of the nation

    台灣故宮博物館 是國家的驕傲

  • and the approach up to the museum sets the tone for the treasures that wait inside.

    以及到博物館的方法 為在裡面等待的寶藏定下基調。

  • The collection here covers 8000 years of Chinese history

    這裡的收藏涵蓋 中國8000年的歷史

  • from the Neolithic to the modern era


  • and it's the largest collection of Chinese artefacts and artworks in the entire world.

    這是中國最大的收藏品 全世界的人工製品和藝術品。

  • You enter the grounds through a large archway


  • and the walk up the path gives plenty of time to reflect

    走在路上 給予充足的時間來反思

  • on the dramatic way this place came to be.


  • The museum itself has as interesting a past as any of the nearly 700,000 artefacts it houses

    博物館本身就像過去一樣有趣 就像它所擁有的近70萬件文物中的任何一件

  • because this massive collection hasn't always been in Taipei.

    因為這個龐大的收藏 並不總是在台北。

  • In 1948, during the panic of the Chinese Civil War,


  • the collection was evacuated from China's Forbidden City

    該集合被疏散 來自中國的紫禁城

  • in an effort to keep these precious objects safe.


  • It's this large scale relocation from China to Taiwan


  • that gave birth to the creation of the National Palace Museum in 1965.

    這催生了這個創造 1965年故宮博物院。

  • Artefacts here rarely leave the premises due to fear that they'll be seized.

    這裡的人工製品很少離開這裡 由於害怕他們會被抓住。

  • General admission is 350 Taiwan Dollars or just under $15 CAD.

    一般入場費為350台幣 或者不到15加元。

  • We got our tickets and a guide map


  • and put our bags in one of the free lockers.


  • I love that the locker room, which could easily be a boring, sterile place

    我喜歡更衣室, 這可能很容易成為一個無聊,無菌的地方

  • is seen as yet another surface to display art.


  • The permanent collection here is on a three month rotation

    永久收藏在這裡 是一個三個月的輪換

  • because there's simply not enough room to display everything at once.

    因為根本沒有足夠的空間 一次顯示所有內容。

  • But you can always find the museum's most famous and popular piece.

    但你總能找到博物館的 最著名和最受歡迎的作品。

  • Like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, the pride and joy of the National Palace Museum is

    就像盧浮宮的蒙娜麗莎一樣 國立故宮博物院的驕傲和喜悅是......

  • a cabbage.


  • Specifically a cabbage made of Jadeite.


  • It's in a sectioned off area protected by guards.


  • The craftsman who made the cabbage followed the natural colours of the jadeite

    做白菜的工匠 遵循翡翠的自然色彩

  • turning the green part into leaves and the white part into stems.

    將綠色部分變成樹葉 白色部分成莖。

  • It's only about 7.5 by 3.5 inches big


  • so, if you don't look carefully, you could miss the grasshoppers delicately carved on it.

    所以,如果你不仔細看,你可能會錯過 蚱蜢精心雕刻在上面。

  • Next to the cabbage is the stand it originally sat in, which has a wood carving of a spirit fungus.

    白菜旁邊是它最初坐的地方, 其中有木雕精神真菌。

  • Cabbage and spirit fungus represent longevity and auspiciousness,

    白菜和靈真菌代表 長壽和吉祥,

  • all pointing to the fact that this non-living plant will remain eternally fresh.

    所有人都指著這種非生命植物的事實 將永遠保持新鮮。

  • In direct competition with the cabbage


  • for the museum's most beloved and popular artefact iswait for it

    為博物館最心愛的人 和流行的人工製品是 - 等待它 -

  • a piece of pork.


  • Well, technically it's a rock that looks like a piece of pork.

    嗯,從技術上講,這是一塊石頭 看起來像一塊豬肉。

  • It's literally called the Meat-Shaped Stone.


  • It looks like a piece of braised pork belly


  • but it's made of a mineral called branded jasper that has naturally occurring layers.

    但它是由一種叫做品牌碧玉的礦物質製成的 有自然發生的層。

  • And the craftsman used that to advantage


  • to stain the layers from top to bottom with darker to lighter shades of brown

    從上到下染色層 深色到淺色的棕色

  • which makes it look like a fatty piece of meat stewed in soy sauce.

    這使它看起來像一個脂肪 一塊燉醬油的肉。

  • After spending time in Taiwan's foodie culture


  • and understanding how much people here appreciate good food,

    並了解多少 人們在這裡欣賞美食,

  • it makes perfect sense that the two big ticket museum pieces

    它完全合理 兩個大票博物館作品

  • are actually pieces of food.


  • One of my favourite things I saw at the museum is a long hand scroll of ink and colours on silk

    我在博物館看到的最喜歡的東西之一 是絲綢上長長的墨水和顏色捲軸

  • that's been brought to life through animation.


  • It's called Spring Dawn in the Han Palace and it's nearly 19 feet long.

    它在漢宮被稱為春天黎明 它長約19英尺。

  • The National Palace Museum has been digitizing their entire collection since 1988,

    國立故宮博物院已經 自1988年以來將其整個系列數字化,

  • so it's not surprising to see technology used so effectively in the exhibition here.

    所以看技術並不奇怪 在這裡的展覽中如此有效地使用。

  • You can look down at the scroll, which is over 500 years old,

    你可以俯視捲軸, 已有500多年曆史

  • and then look up and see what the inspiration for that scene would have looked like in real life.

    然後抬頭看看有什麼靈感 對於那個場景看起來就像在現實生活中。

  • There's so much to see here from furniture


  • to sculptures


  • to jewelry and hair pins.


  • It's mind blowing to think of how many thousands of years of human history

    想到多少,這讓人頭腦發熱 數千年的人類歷史

  • are represented by what you're seeing.


  • I'm always impressed, too, with how things that are so old

    我也總是留下深刻的印象, 與事情如此古老

  • can sometimes feel so contemporary at the same time.

    有時可以感受到 同時具有現代感。

  • For example, this series of paintings shows men doing different physical exercises

    例如,這一系列的繪畫 顯示男人做不同的體育鍛煉

  • and, to me at least, they don't feel that far off of a more modern style.

    至少對我來說,他們感覺不到 遠離更現代的風格。

  • Or sometimes old designs look like prototypes for inventions within my own lifetime:

    或者有時舊設計看起來像原型 在我自己的一生中發明:

  • like these objects that kind of look like CDs


  • but were actually used in ceremonies like proposing marriage.

    但實際上是用過的 在提出婚姻等儀式中。

  • Other highlights of the museum for me


  • were a lotus flower that opens up to reveal tiny little Buddhas inside,

    是一朵開放的蓮花 在裡面露出小小的佛像,

  • a duck-shaped spoon holder,


  • a bird that looks like a golden phoenix,


  • and a painted pottery figure dating back to 8 BCE.


  • With its giant collection, the National Palace Museum


  • is well worth visiting to find your own highlights.


  • And since displays rotate every few months,


  • you never know quite what treasure you're going to find.

    你永遠不知道什麼 珍惜你會發現的。

  • Except the cabbage and the meat rockthey're always there.

    除了捲心菜和肉岩 - 他們總是在那裡。

  • And if you visit the museum on an empty stomach, I suggest leaving them until the end

    如果你空腹參觀博物館, 我建議把它們留到最後

  • when you can head straight to a great meal somewhere in Taipei.

    當你可以直奔 在台北的某個地方吃一頓美餐。

  • Speaking of which, we've made a whole series of videos about visiting Taiwan,

    說到這,我們製作了一整套系列 關於訪問台灣的視頻,

  • including a bunch of delicious foods, drinks, and desserts,

    包括一堆美味的食物, 飲料和甜點,

  • so check the description box for more.


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The National Palace Museum in Taiwan is the pride of the nation

台灣故宮博物館 是國家的驕傲


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