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Hello from Taipei.
One of my absolute favourite things to do
when I'm travelling is to visit the local drugstore.

In Taiwan there are so many different chains -
Watsons, Tomod's, Sapporo Drug Store.

They're all over but we have just come across Mirada,
which looks huge and I can't resist going inside

so I thought it would be fun
if we went inside and looked around.

Let's go.
It's huge in here.
Oh my god!
Okay…this is the number one thing
I'm looking for - face masks.

This brand - I've actually used this brand before.
It's called My Beauty Diary.
These have hyaluronic acid,
which is really good for moisturizing.

Usually these are way more expensive
but because they're a Taiwanese brand,

you can stock up here for a lot less money
and already I'm seeing here there are
way more kinds than I've ever seen before.

So I'm going to get hyaluronic acid…ooh!
Black pearl.
Some of these I don't even know what it means
but I'm going to get it anyway.

And look!
They have a best-seller mini-collection
so you can try different ones.

Ooh they also have imperial bird's nest
and a fermented moisturizing mask.

I'm going to stock up.
K that was face masks and they also have foot masks
if you're in the market for a foot mask.
I don't think I am right now but this is really cool.
I've only ever seen this in Taiwan.
It's called paper soap and it's this little dispenser
with little sheets of one time use soap.

And a lot of times, you know in public restrooms
they don't have any soap so this is really cool.

Never seen this before.
I like the different flavours too.
Lemon, strawberry and lavender.
It's so cute - that's such a good idea.
I've been on the lookout for these.
They're from Bonanza Cosmetics - they're face masks
and apparently these are extremely popular in Taiwan.
People will often do like one face mask per night
so that's why you get these huge packages.

They also come in smaller packaging
but the blue one is more for lightening
and the purple one is more for hydration.
Almost this entire aisle is
full of sponges for your face.

All different kinds.
And then I randomly found this squidgy bowl
Silicone cup.
It looks like an implant or something.
It's probably just to put your dirty sponges in.
This is just like a small part of the skincare section -
well sun care section, same thing.

It's so important here to wear sunscreen
and there are so many different products
that you can buy here.

My favourite though are the actual sprays.
So when the sun is really hot and you've already
put on your sunscreen in the morning,

you just spray this on midway through the day
to make sure that you stay protected.

These look like lip tattoos.
I think.
I don't know if it tastes or looks like chocolate
but it has something to do with chocolate.

Okay, I found two things that were on my list
of recommended things.

Both of these are kind of multi-use products
that are really popular to
stock up on if you're in Taiwan.

This one is called Green Oil
and even if I just read the side it says:

'For nose complaints, stomach aches, headaches,
mosquito bites, burns,

muscular pain and sea sickness.
So you just rub a little bit of this oil on your temples
or here if you're kind of having trouble breathing.

It's supposed to be very, very good.
And then this…I can't get enough of this.
I saw someone had this little tin - it's a tin inside.
And I just thought it looked so cute
that I asked what it was

and apparently in Taiwan, they've actually nicknamed
this product Little Nurse because of the picture

and because it's all purpose
so it's good for lots of different things

and it's very popular to just
keep in your bag for whatever you need.

This looks like a torture device
but I think it's just a massager.

The perfect gift to take home with you
for your loved ones.

I always look for toothpaste when I'm travelling
as some of you might remember from my last videos.

This one is supposed to be extremely minty,
which is a very good thing in a toothpaste I think.

And then whenever you're brushing your teeth
you have that nice memory of your trip.

I love that you never know quite what
you're going to find in the face mask section.

They sell them individually here.
And here you can see there's jellyfish
and bird's nest,
snail essence is very popular
and 24 carat gold when you're
feeling like some luxury.

Look at how beautiful the packaging is.
How can you resist this?
That was fun!
I hope you guys enjoyed going
into the drugstore in Taiwan.

Do you think this is weird?
'Cause this is really fun to me.
Let me know what you think about
going into drugstores in different countries

and subscribe if you haven't already
and I'll see you in my next video.



外國人在台灣藥妝店購物 (Taiwan Drugstore Shopping)

2533 分類 收藏
佳萱 發佈於 2018 年 9 月 3 日
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