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  • [Dring - lift door shuts]

  • [Iain] Where's the buttons?

  • [Rob] Oh no, they've installed voice-recognition technology in this lift, they have no buttons.

  • [Iain] Voice-recognition technology? In a lift? In Scotland? You ever tried voice-recognition technology?

  • [Rob] No.

  • [Iain] They don't do Scottish accents.

  • [Rob] Eleven.

  • [VOICE] Could you please repeat that?

  • [Iain] Eleven.

  • [Rob] Eleven. Eleven.

  • [Iain] Eleven.

  • [VOICE] Could you please repeat that?

  • [Rob] EL-EV-EN.

  • [Iain] Whose idea was this? You need to try an American accent. "E-leven. E-leven."

  • [Rob] That sounds Irish, not American.

  • [Iain] No it doesn't! ELEVEN.

  • [Rob] Where in America is that - Dublin?

  • [VOICE] I'm sorry. Could you please repeat that?

  • [Rob] Try an English accent. "Eelevin! Eelevin!"

  • [Iain] You from the same part of England as Dick van Dyke?

  • [Rob] Let's hear yours then, smartass.

  • [VOICE] Please speak slowly and clearly.

  • [Rob] SMARTASS.

  • [Iain] Ee-lev-en.

  • [VOICE] I'm sorry. Could you please repeat that?

  • [Iain] ELEVEN. If you don't understand the lingo, away back home to your own country!

  • [Rob] Ooo, it's that talk now, is it, away back home to your own country?

  • [Iain] Oh, don't start Mr. Bleeding Heart, how can you be racist to a lift?

  • [VOICE] Please speak slowly and clearly.

  • [Rob] Eleven. Eleven. Eleven. Eleven.

  • [Iain] You're just saying it the same way!

  • [Rob] I'm going to keep saying it until it understands Scottish, alright?

  • [Rob] Eleven. Eleven. Eleven! Eleven!

  • [Iain] Oh just take us anywhere, ya cow! Just open the doors!

  • [VOICE] This is a voice-activated elevator. Please state which floor you would like to go to in a clear and calm manner.

  • [Iain] Calm? Calm? Where's that coming from? Why is it telling people to be calm?

  • [Rob] Because they knew they'd be selling this to Scottish people who'd be going off their nuts at it!

  • [VOICE] You have not selected a floor.

  • [Rob] Aye, we have! Eleven!

  • [VOICE] If you would like to get out of the elevator without selecting a floor, simply say "Open the doors, please".

  • [Iain] Please? Please?? Suck my wully.

  • [Rob] Maybe we should just say "please".

  • [Iain] I'm not begging that for nothing.

  • [Rob] Open the doors, please.

  • [Iain} "Please!" Pathetic.

  • [VOICE] Please remain calm.

  • [Rob] Oh! My! God! You wait until I get up there...just wait for it to speak...

  • [VOICE] You have not selected a floor.

  • [Rob] Up yours, ya cow! If you don't let us through these doors, I'm gonna come to America,

  • I'm gonna find whatever desperate actress gave you a voice, and I'm gonna go to the electric chair for ye!

  • [Iain] Scotland, you bastard!

  • [Rob] Scotland!

  • [Iain] SCOTLAND!


  • [Iain] FREEDOM!!

  • [Rob] FREEDOM!!

  • [Iain] Goin' up?

  • [Credits]

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[Dring - lift door shuts]


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蘇格蘭電梯帶語音識別(帶字幕 (Scottish Elevator With Voice Recognition (with subtitles))

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