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  • Hey there!


  • Welcome to Life Noggin!

    歡迎來到 Life Noggin!

  • This video was made possible thank to WIX Code!

    多虧了 WIX Code,這部影片才能夠完成!

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  • Think back 100 years.

    回到 100 年前。

  • Electricity had pretty much just been invented.


  • Movies had no sound, and even carrier pigeons were even still being used!


  • Things have come a long way since then, which has us wondering, what will technology look like in the next 100 years?

    從那時到現在,事情有了很大的轉變,這令我們不禁好奇 100 年後的科技會變得怎麼樣?

  • There are some pretty life-changing inventions predicted to come about in the next century.


  • Flying cars, once thought to be a thing of just science fiction, are actually progressing at lightning speed.


  • A lot of the technology already exists and yeah, it's gonna go through a lot of changes, but some experts believe that flying cars will be available to the public in just ten to fifteen years!


  • Regulations are still in the works, but it sounds like you'll be whizzing around in your flying car well before 2120.

    雖然規則還在制定中,但是聽起來你在 2120 年以前就能乘著你的飛天車到處亂竄了。

  • Another future tech?


  • Brain-linked VR.


  • It doesn't exist just yet, but it's thought that this could run directly through your brain, by passing biological sensory systems, creating artificial experiences of touch, smell, and maybe even taste.


  • It could construct an alternate reality so realistic that you mix up what's real and what's not.


  • The homes that you live in will be pretty different too.


  • People are expecting that we'll be 3D printing incredible homes and even making them foldable and transportable!

    人們預期,我們將有不可思議的 3D 列印住家,甚至還可以摺疊起來和運輸!

  • The hope is that 3D printing in general will allow us to print literally anything we need.

    希望 3D 列印能大致上允許我們列印出任何我們所需要的東西。

  • New hammer?


  • No problem!


  • Need a car part?


  • You got it!


  • New organ?


  • No, not that organ.


  • Yeah, that kind of organ!


  • Yeah, even that's being developed.


  • And improvements to health care don't stop with artificial body parts.


  • Some researchers are hoping that by 2120, we'll all have little nanobots circulating through our body that constantly search for threats like illness and disease,

    部分研究人員希望在 2120 年,每個人體內都散佈奈米機器人,不間斷的替我們偵測生病和傳染病的威脅

  • and then fix the problem from the inside out!


  • With tech of the future, you may be able to one day have an extra set of robot arms and realize your dreams of becoming a human spider!


  • You've probably already heard of the powered exoskeletons being developed, but one of the more promising advancements in the field is having a mechanical "third arm" to help you out with tasks.


  • Currently being developed for the military, this third arm is lightweight, doesn't need batteries, and can even distribute the load of a heavy weapon.


  • A small pilot study in 2017 showed that it could reduce some arm fatigue and muscle activation, as well as improve marksmanship for some soldiers.

    一項 2017 年的小型飛行研究顯示,它可以減少手臂疲勞跟肌肉刺激,也可以使一些軍人槍法進步。

  • It's already on its way to beating Triangle Bob in an arm wrestling match! And his arm fell off.

    所以已經朝著在腕力比賽擊敗 Triangle Bob 邁進了!然後他的手臂掉了。

  • That is unfortunate.


  • Of course, in order to create these kinds of tech, scientists, researchers, and corporations will need a lot of help from good old' trusty computers.


  • Today's computers have become a lot more powerful over the last 50 years, but advancements have started to slow down recently.

    當今的電腦較 50 年前更為強大,但是最近的進步卻趨緩了。

  • Moore's Law stated that the number of transistors per silicon computing chip would double every two years, which it diduntil recently.

    摩爾定律提出,積體電路可容納的電晶體數量每兩年就會增加一倍,這的確正確 ... 直到近期。

  • Which sounds bad for speed and efficiency, but some experts aren't too worried.


  • Instead, they're taking other steps to work around this, like reassessing the outdated structure of computers.


  • Many CPUs still have features that date back to the 1940s! and until just a few years ago, tons of computers were still using code from the 1980s!

    很多中央處理器仍有 1940 年代的特徵!幾年之前,大量的電腦甚至還有在使用 1980 年代的加密機制!

  • Despite all the work that needs to be done, coding is still advancing and powering every aspect of our digital world, including me!


  • It allows humans to give computers and programs step-by-step instructions to do all kinds of things.


  • Like track Triangle Bob's step count!

    像是追蹤 Triangle Bob 走的步數!

  • Really?


  • 5 steps?

    5 步?

  • What did you walk to fridge and collapse?


  • What tech would you wanna see in the next 100 years?

    你希望 100 年內出現哪些科技?

  • Any issue that you need solved?


  • Let me know in the comment section below.


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  • The power to build is now in your hands.


  • No longer are data bases, APIs, and the advanced functionality that comes with them, out of reach.


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    把自己的定位提高,用 WIX Code 創造出無限。

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  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

    一如平常,我的名字是 Blocko,這裡是 Life Noggin,別停止思考!

Hey there!


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