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  • Supreme Master Ching Hai supports seal protection efforts in southern Africa. The Cape fur seals,

  • native to the coasts of Namibia and South Africa, have been threatened by an annual

  • hunt for their fur, involving the slaughter of 86,000 baby seals and 6,000 bulls, as well

  • as family separations and severe disruption of colonies. Concerns have been raised about

  • the brutality and ecological consequences of this massacre, second in scale only to

  • the Canadian hunt with a quota of hundreds of thousands of harp and grey seals annually.

  • But according to a recent heartening report from the South Africa-based major advocate

  • of the Cape fur seals, Seal Alert-SA, a new seal colony has been discovered quietly growing

  • in numbers on an island off the Angolan coast. In addition, other groups of seals have been

  • returning to waters that have become safer in South Africa, where seal hunting has been

  • suspended since 1990.

  • For their benevolent life-sparing policy, Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring South

  • Africa with the Shining World Compassion Award.

  • In 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai had contributed US$200,000 toward Seal Alert-SA's escalated

  • efforts to save the Cape fur seals. Then, on March 27 this year, in response to some

  • encouraging updates from founder Mr. Francois Hugo, with all her love and gratefulness,

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai pledged a further US$50,000 toward Seal Alert-SA's ongoing

  • noble endeavors, while writing the following reply:

  • Dear Mr. Hugo,

  • Thank you so much for your update on the success you have had in protecting the seals. I share

  • your sorrow and pain, but am so glad to know of the positive developments you've expressed.

  • It's the compassionate and heroic deeds of people such as you that can save our world

  • and bring harmony between humankind and all life on Earth.

  • It was wonderful to hear of Huggie and Nellie's recent historic birth, and that they have

  • a wonderful loving home at Seal Alert. And news of the government allowing seals back

  • onto the small islands around Southern Africa is magnificent. It shows that if we just allow

  • the animals to be free and do as they wish, they would thrive and nature would be restored

  • in balance. That's why your inspirational work is so valuable. We are sending you another

  • US$50,000 to humbly share the costs for the sealswith all my love.

  • God bless you, Sir, so that you may go forward with your noble mission. I pray to Heaven

  • for the protection of the seals and for your continued success on their behalf. May the

  • day when there is no more killing of innocent creatures soon arrive, and Mr. Hugo, your

  • gracious efforts are helping to hasten that day. As the seals say: “One day all species,

  • both human and animal, will look upon each other as brothers and sisters.” We pray

  • for that day with all our heart and tears with you.

  • Thank you, Francois. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and for your incredible

  • efforts to save the seals that consequently might also save humans and our world.

  • With Great Honour, Love and Blessings, Supreme Master Ching Hai

  • VOICE: Upon being informed of Supreme Master Ching Hai's loving donation, Mr. Francois

  • Hugo of Seal Alert-SA conveyed his appreciation with the following letter:

  • March 28, 2011

  • Seal Greetings Supreme Master Ching Hai,

  • It is a deep honour to be the recipient of such support. On behalf of all the endangered

  • seals in Namibia and South Africa, including myself, I deeply, deeply seal thank you. It

  • is clear you and the seals have been communicating directly with each other, for the timing in

  • all the universe of such a further grant, could not have come in a more appropriate

  • time to help legally save them as a species. I am truly shocked beyond words, at your unseen

  • ability and gift, to speak and see those needing your help.

  • As you know, Supreme Master Ching Hai's Seal Alert-SA seal center saw the birth of

  • its first two baby seal pups, a world's first never before seen, one boy and one girl

  • The stage is now set thanks to your generous grant for a legal option to be developed to

  • end the largest slaughter of seals on this planet, and with your generous grant, thoughts

  • can now be put into actions.

  • In your honour, I humbly soldier forward in the fight to save the planet's most precious

  • and loving seals.

  • Francois Hugo, Seal Alert-SA

  • VOICE: Our full support and appreciation Mr. Hugo and Seal Alert-SA for persevering to

  • save this deserving species, the Cape fur seals. We also thank Supreme Master Ching

  • Hai for bringing attention and assistance to this compassionate cause, as we pray that

  • one day soon, such unconscionable actions cease so that all beings may live fearlessly

  • and peacefully with one another.

  • Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai Published in The Irish Dog Journal

  • December 16, 2009 edition

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai: The seals and the whales emanate an incredible, great power

  • of divine love, an unconditional love that could be likened to that between a mother

  • and her child. They anchor and distribute this wave of love across our planet. Because

  • of humankind's lack of love and kindness, animals like seals and whales have been born

  • to help fill in this missing void. And it is this love that is sustaining our planet

  • and keeping it from destruction up to now. So, we should never ever hunt and kill these

  • noble, gracious helpers of humankind and the planet

Supreme Master Ching Hai supports seal protection efforts in southern Africa. The Cape fur seals,


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清海上人支持南部非洲的海豹保護工作 (Supreme Master Ching Hai supports seal protection efforts in southern Africa)

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