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This might not look like a McDonald's, but it is.
Okay, maybe asking for a wine list was a bit of a stretch, but when visiting the world's fanciest McDonald's, who knows what to expect?
This is McDonald's Next, a new concept being tested out in Hong Kong, offering everything from quinoa to matcha sundaes served on a waffle.
As many say, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Well, I'm not taking any chances.
At this McDonald's, almost everything you've known about the golden arches is thrown out the window.
When in a fancy McDonald's, go for brioche.
Caramelized onions?
Truffle-flavored sauce.
You can just add grilled pineapple, crispy wood bacon, more cheese.
The fries seem a little bit standard, I would have thought they'd have like sweet potato fries or truffle fries.
There is a lot of drink options.
The burger, fries and salted caramel latte add up to just under $9.
For McDonald's probably a little high, but still good, I would say.
For me, the kiosk is taking a bit of getting used to.
See this kiosk...
Cancel! Ah, no don't cancel the whole thing!
It's a bit too complex for me.
This, I want this.
Kiosks are increasingly popping up in McDonald's around the world.
Not only do they reduce labor costs, but also customers tend to spend a bit more when ordering on a kiosk.
Since I'm getting the burger, perhaps I should get a salad too.
You have a choice between two different lettuces.
We'll do California blend.
Shredded mozzarella or shaved parmesan?
Obviously, the shaved parmesan. There's quinoa, crispy bacon bits, let's do pineapple.
Crayfish egg mayo? Let's give it a try.
The salad cost me $11.40.
After 6 o'clock, they do table service at this McDonald's, which means you have a number and they come to you which is quite nice.
First, it's the soapy water, give it a scrub, then you rinse.
And then automatically, the paper towel comes out.
Whether you're ready or not, the experience happens.
It's very fancy.
It came on a cutting board with a real fork, a real knife and it's like one of those hip places you go for brunch.
And even the ketchup here is delivered.
This is the salad that just came.
This McDonald's even has wireless mobile chargers and USB ports.
As full as I am right now, I think I need to see a dessert menu.
Ordering one of their fanciest desserts can only be done behind the McCafé counter.
Are the cakes made onsite?
Yes, they're made onsite.
Here, the coffee beans come from different regions.
It's so proud of its coffee, it even sells its own coffee beans to make it yourself at home.
For dessert, I opt for the sweet potato-flavored sundae waffle, and I pair it with a mochaccino, coming to about $7.
Everything is quite fancy, except it came on a plastic tray.
There's some inconsistencies in this experience. For example, a plastic fork with a salad, but nice utensils with the burger.
So will this fancy dining experience combat declining restaurant sales and satisfy the increasing trend toward more health conscious eating?
Will McDonald's start more of these around the world?
I wonder if I need to leave a tip.



我們去全世界最豪華的麥當勞用餐 (We tried out the world's fanciest McDonald's | CNBC Reports)

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