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  • Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite #MyWeirdFears from you guys. Here we go.

    現在我想分享一些我最喜歡的#我的怪異恐懼 貼文。我們開始吧。

  • This first one's from @MrKdub.


  • He says I've always been afraid of birds flying indoors. Outside is fine. Inside, they only have one place to go: beak-first into my eyes.

    我很怕鳥飛進室內。鳥在室外飛沒關係,一旦飛到室內,牠們只有一個地方去: 尖嘴首先朝向我的眼睛。

  • This one's from @sjrMDR. She says...


  • When I lived alone and would come home at night, I would throw the door open and yell "NYPD!" before I walked in. I lived in Dallas.

    每當我一個人住半夜獨自回家的時候,進家門前我會把門打開,然後大叫「紐約市警察」,對了,我住在達拉斯 (位於德州)。

  • This one's from @CassssyMillller. She says...


  • When I have to pop open one of those Pillsbury biscuit tubes, I'm so afraid they'll explode that I find the longest spoon I can, stand really far away, and whack at it.


  • -I do the same thing. -Doonk!

    -我也是這麼做 -咚咚![史蒂夫咯咯笑]

  • This one's from @armyofangelss. She says

    -這則是@army ofangelss的。她說...

  • I'm so afraid of accidentally liking someone's post from 18 months ago that I have a secret account just for Instagram stalking.


  • This one's from @tashh-woahh. She says...

    這則是@tashh -woahh的。她說...

  • I won't brush my hair outside because I'm scared the hairs will somehow end up at the scene of a crime and I'll be blamed for it.


  • [ Applause ]


  • "It was Tash." -Didn't think about that.

    -"結果是鬍子" -我沒想到這個。

  • This one's from @Padfoot93. She says


  • Whenever I go to a restaurant, I always wait for my friends to start eating before I do, just in case the food is poisoned.


  • [ Applause ]


  • That's nice. -"Go ahead."

    這很棒。 -"你先吃"

  • This one's from @usertalia. She says...


  • I never shower while it's storming, because I'm afraid I'll get zapped by lightning coming through the shower head. I just don't want to die naked.


  • [ Laughter ]


  • And this last one here is from @Melen-Dez. He says...

    最後這個是@Melen -Dez發的,他說...

  • Whenever I get pulled over, I start panicking that there might be drugs in the car. I've never even used drugs.


  • There you have it. Those are our "Tonight Show" hashtags.

    今天先到這邊,這些就是我們的 "今夜秀 "的標籤。

  • To check out more of our favorites,


  • go to


Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite #MyWeirdFears from you guys. Here we go.

現在我想分享一些我最喜歡的#我的怪異恐懼 貼文。我們開始吧。

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【今夜秀】搞笑網友分享的貼文 #我最奇怪的恐懼 (Hashtags: #MyWeirdFear)

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