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Sans: It's a beautiful day outside
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming
On days like this, Villians like you...
Should be burning in hell.
Frisk: I didn't know what I got into
Somehow I can't go back even if I really wanted to
So what more can I do?
Here in the end it's just me and you
Chara: But guys like you are always just fools
Come at me, try to kill me with your fancy tools
Let's go, now the room gets chiller
Sans: Let's go dirty brother killer Chara: Let's go just another killer
Betty: If I back you into a corner what will you do?
All I can see in your grip is a ballet shoe
Are you scared because I killed some of your close friends?
Or because your soul has refused to mend?
Sans: You're not gonna win, we'll be here together,
Fighting in this judgment hall forever
I know you will just reset each time I beat ya'
But I'll always be right back here to meet ya'
I know you're made
Sans, Frisk, Chara: LOVE
Sans, Frisk, Chara: LOVE
Sans, Frisk, Chara: LOVE
Sans: Heh, heh, heh, heh...
Sans+Chara: This is where it stops,
Sans+Chara: This is where it ends.
Chara: You keep telling me those words and hope that I would understand.
But even if I hear you,
I won't give my attack
Can you just not see the truth,
Can you not see what this all meant?
Frisk: Go ahead and just hit me since you're able
We know my determination is unstable
Betty:I don't get you cry over your friends dying
Especially after your own genocide
Let's settle this battle between the two of us
Only one will survive from our magnum opus
We are intertwined
Your SOUL will be mine
It is just matter of time
*Clocks ticking*
I'm made of your worst
Frisk: I know who you are
You remember who I am
Betty: All humans and monsters are doomed
To make the same mistakes
Sans: But no matter how I stall you,
You don't give up your attack
Chara: Can you just not see the truth?
Can you not see what this all meant?
Go ahead, kill me again I see you're able
Sans: You should know by now that mercy's off the table
Frisk: If I could only hit you once it would be over
But the consequences last forever
Chara: You know I made your friends all disappear
Erasing all that's left, this is why I'm here
Frisk: You gave me advice
Chara: You should be dying
Betty: I am made of
Sans, Frisk, Chara: LOVE
Betty: FEAR
Sans: But I think I'm stronger than you
Sans, Frisk, Chara: LOVE
Betty: I am FEAR
Sans, Frisk, Chara: LOVE
Chara: I am stronger than you
Betty: *Nuh nuh nuhs beginning of Megalovania*
Frisk: But I'll give up for you
*Clocks ticking*


地域傳說 (Stronger Than You / Scared of Me Matchup (Frisk, Chara, Sans, Betty))

143 分類 收藏
bingkuan0607 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 27 日
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