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  • Hi, Bob the Canadian here.


  • You probably already know how to say "thank you." and "you're welcome.”

    你可能已經知道如何說 "謝謝 "和 "不客氣"

  • In this video though we're going to look at several more ways to say, "thank you" in English.

    不過在這段視頻中,我們要多看幾種用英語說 "謝謝 "的方式。

  • The English phrase, "thank you" is obviously used to let someone know that you appreciate something that they've done for you.

    英文短語 "thank you "顯然是用來讓別人知道你很感激他們為你做的事情。

  • It comes in several versions.


  • The first version is a shorter version where you can use just the word "Thanks."

    第一個版本是一個較短的版本,你可以只用 "謝謝 "一詞。

  • So for instance, you could say: "Thanks Dave for helping me change the tire on my car."

    所以,比如說,你可以說:"謝謝戴夫幫我換了車胎" "Thanks Dave for helping me change the tire on my car."

  • The next most common version is to say: "Thanks a lot."


  • Thanks a lot Dave for coming with me to pick up my friend from the airport.


  • There are two versions that are very similar.


  • You could say "Thank you so much" or "Thank you very much."

    你可以說 "非常感謝 "或 "非常感謝"。

  • So, for instance, you could say: "Thank you so much Dave for helping me carry the groceries in from the car."


  • There's also a set of three phrases that are all very similar.


  • And they are: "thanks a ton," thanks a bunch, and "thanks a million."


  • And they can be used to say things like: "Thanks a bunch Dave for helping me go to the woods and chop firewood."


  • There is also a phrase that is a little more formal.


  • You could say: "I am grateful" or "I am so grateful."

    你可以說,"我很感激 "或 "我很感激"。"我很感激 "或 "我很感激"

  • For instance you could say: "I am so grateful for all the people that helped me train to run in the race last Saturday."

    比如你可以說:"我非常感謝所有幫助我訓練的人 在上週六的比賽中跑了起來"

  • There's also times where you'll need to use "thank you" or a form of thank you in a formal setting.

    還有一些時候,你需要在正式場合使用 "謝謝 "或感謝的形式。

  • For instance, if you were up front giving a speech where you've just won something, you would start by saying: I would like to thank... and the shorter version being "I'd like to thank."

    例如,如果你在前面發表演講 你剛剛贏得了一些東西,你會開始說:我想感謝... 更短的版本是 "我想感謝"。

  • So, you could say: "I'd like to thank my mom and dad for raising me right."


  • Well that's several ways to use, "thank you" in English, and I want to just say thank you to all the people who watch these videos and have subscribed to my channel.

    好了,這就是英語中 "謝謝你 "的幾種用法,我只想對所有觀看這些視頻並訂閱我的頻道的人說聲謝謝。

  • If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so below.


  • Bob the Canadian here.


  • Learn English with Bob the Canadian.


  • I hope you have a great day.


Hi, Bob the Canadian here.


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