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  • Hi everyone the hero

  • We are introducing today is Airi

  • Airi is a female ninja who can easily tear the enemy team apart

  • With exceptional mobility Airi can charge three times into the enemy's backline then retreat

  • Successfully after scoring a kill. When there is no tank in the team

  • Airi can build half tanky and initiate fights using her ultimate

  • if her team lacks damage, Airi can build as a full assassin and try nuking down the enemy carries and teamfights

  • Overall Airi is an all-rounded fighter

  • Passive: Slash. Each normal attack reduces Spin's cooldown by one second

  • Airi should try to weave in normal attacks between skills in order to refresh the cooldown of Spin

  • Therefore items that increase attack speed are very suitable for Airi

  • First ability: Spin. Airi slings her shuriken to slice enemies along the path

  • Dealing physical damage and stunning enemies in her path.

  • Since Airi doesn't consume mana,

  • Spin is free to cast and can be used to quickly clear waves and to interrupt enemies spell casting

  • Second ability: Shadow

  • Airi charges in the specified direction and deals physical damage to enemies in her way

  • This ability can be cast three times in a row before triggering the cooldown.

  • Shadow can be used consecutively for three times and pass through walls

  • Airi can use shadow to get around terrain in order to sneak attack enemies from their backs

  • Ultimate: Ryuu

  • Airi leaps up and summons a spirit that deals physical damage and reduces enemy's movement speed

  • then she strikes the ground deals the same amount of damage, and stuns affected enemies.

  • She also gains a shield that absorbs damage for every hero hit.

  • Airi is immune to control effects during the ability gains a 100% movement bonus

  • that diminishes over 2.5 seconds and 30% attack speed for 5 seconds.

  • Ryu can be used to keep out enemies controls

  • When I read it's a target with Ryuu, she gains a protective shield and bonus movement speed

  • Therefore Ryuu can be casted when Airi running low and looking for escape

  • As a warrior Irie can deal more damage by using her skill combo.

  • Here's how it works

  • Use Shadow to charge onto the enemy, then cast Spin to stun him

  • Followed by Ryuu to continually stun the target and deal massive damage

  • If the enemy tries to escape Airi can cast shadow again to chase down and complete the kill with normal attacks.

  • In the early game a fighter without mana,

  • Airi can use Spin constantly to harass the enemy

  • after pushing the waves Airi could stand in the brushes in order to hide her trails from enemies

  • This will also increase the hit rate when Airi cast spin

  • If Airi's the jungler, don't forget to buy the Hunter's crossbow which can greatly increase the speed

  • of clearing jungle monsters.

  • Since Airi can charge three times

  • She should always assist her teammates with the Might buff and the help of her teammates

  • It's easy to outnumber the enemies and score some early kills.

  • In the mid and late game

  • Airi can either protect your allies or charge forward to initiate a team fights.

  • if her items are half tanky, Airi can use Spin and Ryuu to stun the enemies and ensure teammates damages.

  • If her items are mostly for damage

  • then enter the fights after the enemies are fully engaged,

  • then unleash massive damage and clear the battle using her great mobility

  • Thanks for watching today's episode on irie.

  • See you again next time

Hi everyone the hero


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