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  • (Sharpens Pencil) Whats it like working with Jigsaw?

  • 00:00:09,839 --> 00:00:12,500 Not as cool as we thought it would be

  • May I ask you what your bill is now?

  • Yes, I can see what I can do to lower that number

  • I want to make you happy

  • Hey, Janine.

  • Yes.

  • Jaaaneeeeeeeeninnnn.

  • I would be happy to crunch those numbers, Just a moment i'm very sorry. (Hangs up). What?

  • I want to play a game.

  • Okay, well I wanna go home on time, so...

  • 00:00:37,420 --> 00:00:41,000 Your computer has been infected with a Pornographic Virus

  • In exactly twenty-five seconds, Jeff The Hot I.P Guy,

  • Who you totally have a crush on, will arrive at your desk to fix it

  • You must close all five-hundred seventeen pop-ups, using the office's deadly computer mouse

  • The clock is ticking Janine, Make your choice.

  • Thank you guys, very much.

  • Um. I wasn't expecting a- The frosting on Dan's Birthday Cake contains twenty-nine table spoons of Koala Urine

  • One for each year of his pathetic meaningless life

  • What'd he say?

  • Hold it please. Hold it, Hold it. Hold the elevator please, ple-, please, ple-,

  • Hold the elevator please, ple-, please, ple-, Hold the elevator. Please hold it.

  • Just hold it.

  • Hold the elevator.

  • Hold it, Just hold some more. Just hold it,

  • Hold it, Hoooollld it.

  • Hold for one more, there'll be room guys, There'll be room. Nearly there, Nearly there, Nearlyyy there

  • Nearly there. 'Fore the doors closed. Just hold it. Hold it.

  • Okay, just one sec, just one sec. you're all very polite, but I just need to...Yep, uhh.. here we go.

  • Want me to get that?

  • I got it Steve.

  • Look this is not the fun part of the job but uh..We've been monitoring office productivity, and as you can see from this research, umm..

  • When your games increase,

  • General productivity around the office actually decreases

  • It'd be different if your games had some sort of "work" related theme, like uh...Team Building

  • Work placed energy, yeah sure, yeah sure, sure

  • Look, all we're asking is that you just...You know tone it down just a little. Just till corporate gets off our back, okay you know.

  • What do you think?

  • Yeah, Yeah nice

  • Oh, have your legs have been chained together at the ankles.

  • The key is to your shackle. See thats the kind of thing i'm talking about.

  • The key is, Jeff, To your shackle

  • Have been destroyed, Your only hope for escape is to saw off your own feet using the weapon under your chair

  • Its uhh..its gonna be tough, gonna be tough, but its time for each of you to make a choice. Will you center eyes

  • And work together as a team Karen? To free yourselves and spend the weekend at home with your families

  • Or be stuck inside the office for the third time this Quarter?

  • What's it like living with Jigsaw? Not as cool as I thought it would be.

(Sharpens Pencil) Whats it like working with Jigsaw?


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拼圖工作 (Working With Jigsaw)

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