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You would not believe the mother load I just dropped. And that's how I like to keep it—
leaving not a trace I was ever here, let alone that I just birthed a creamy behemoth from my cavernous bowels.
Nothing is worse than stinking up the shared toilet at work,
or the toilet at a party,
Or your lover's apartment.
Of course, flushing removes the graphic evidence.
Maybe two or three flushes, if your skid mark is as tenacious as mine.
But what can be done of that subtle scent of a 300-cow dairy farm?
Aerosol air fresheners aren't the most effective option, or the healthiest
trying to mask the stench, giving you a nice blend of chem-lab carnations with just a touch of feces?
So, how do you make the world believe your poop doesn't stink,
or in fact, that you never poop at all?
Poo~Pourri is the before-you-go toilet spray that is proven to trap those embarrassing odors at the source,
and, save your relationships.
Simply spritz Poo~Pourri in the bowl to create a film on the water's surface
that actually traps the odors in its porcelain prison.
And when your little ass-tronauts splash down and make contact with the film,
they release Poo-pourri's pleasant aromas so all those around you smell is a refreshing bouquet of essential oils.
Yes, it is a real product. And yes it really works.
We've sold over 4 Million bottles. On Amazon alone, there are over 1000 reviews
rating it 4.8 of 5 stars. That's a better Amazon rating than the iPhone 5.
If it doesn't completely stop your stench from spreading, send it back for a full refund.
Our unconditional stink-free guarantee.
If your poop stinks click here to get your Poo-pourri today at Poopourri.com.
So whether you need to “pinch a loaf" at work,
cut a rope at a party or lay a brick at your boyfriend's,
your days of embarrassing smells or prairie dogging it are over.
Poo~Pourri, our business is to make it smell like your business never even happened.


【廣告裁判精選】大便臭臭?噗噗麗給你無臭保證 (Girls Don't Poop - PooPourri.com)

7076 分類 收藏
AaronHsu 發佈於 2013 年 9 月 30 日
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