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hello everyone Darren here and today
we're gonna talk about Russian nouns

let's begin so what is a noun and noun
names a person and animal thing

phenomenon may be substance
all of those are nouns and Russian nouns

have several features that I want you to
know about and one of them is gender

gender is our today's topic and in
Russian it's wrote wrote remember our

pronunciation lesson for the last week
we don't say role do we say what roots

okay so genders in Russian we have three
genders guess what masculine of course

feminine and loiter loiter feminine
masculine let's talk a little bit about

masculine and feminine first because
they are super easy

uh first way to understand which nouns
goes to which gender is to look if it's

a person if it's a man
obviously it's he masculine if it's a

woman obviously
well sometimes especially today it's not

that obvious anymore but still if it's a
woman it's she so let's write down our

personal pronouns one stands for he
masculine o stands for she feminine and

Allah Allah means it loiter loiter or
pewter Idol even confusing with German

know-it-all so one Anna know if it's a
person it's a

human being and you can see that it's a
man it goes too masculine it's heat for

example the word man write it down
please and repeat after me

no Sheena because it's a very interest
in the word it's pretty difficult to

pronounce it as Morici 'no because those
two it's difficult to put them together

mussina mussina when you try fast it's
becoming kind of too much effort

so you pronounce it as mussina mussina
mussina mussina and of course it's a man

doing it right translation for you
mashina man same with the words like mmm

what else
papa why not papa

obviously Papa cannot be a woman Papa
because mama is a woman bah bah of

course he is masculine one papa same
with the word uncle Dada

repeat after me yeah uh let's see yeah
yeah yeah oh it's so difficult to write

like that
Dada means uncle uncle drj Papa machinae

what else my chick a boy in general my
cheek my cheek a boy my cheek write them

down and don't forget about the stress
Marchak giardia papa machinist Oh

everyone who is a man masculine own so
same here when it's about a woman let's

get rid of this for some time we don't
need it now

if it's something connected with a woman
in China

Mussina trinchina a woman real she Rena
Rena about pronunciation remember that

hard consonants followed by soft
consonants become soft themselves ring

Sheena if you forgot about it
watch the previous lesson Rena Rena

it's a woman of course in China is
feminine Anna in China

mama of course is feminine as well mama

feminine giardia same with kya and two

Georgie remember that your is always
stressed Georgia this and okay and Gia

dear watch kaam kar diya vodka it's not

like some German language where D
America is newer does Nathan for

Russians it's like big
surprised just mention in Russian it's

feminine Allah dia vodka but it's
obvious with these words but also when

it comes to words like professor student
or I don't know doctor when you see the

person you understand usually in most
cases if it's a man or if it's a woman

so you can understand which pronoun to
choose which word to choose so this is

the first way to understand if it's
masculine or it's a if it's feminine

depending on which person it denotes
write it down so that was pretty easy

right man a woman feminine masculine
it's obvious now I have a bad piece of

news for you all the objects around us

I don't know haired or table everything
has gender French people German people

they know this stuff but for English
speakers might be a little bit tricky

but the good news is that's a plus the
good news is that Russian genders are

super easy to remember it's a piece of
cake all you need to do is to look at

the ending of the word so let's get two
examples masculine call consonants or

you if a word you see some word if it
ends on the consonants or you short e

actually you is consonant too but for
some reason usually they show it like

so consonant in the ending or you it's

masculine let's practice for example
stole a table stool uh-huh stole

table table still okay geez what's going
on here

okay table never mind never mind let's
pretend it never happened

so just write down the word table stole
look at the ending here we have a

consonant loop means that it's masculine
spool 1-1 in English table is it it

right in Russian it's he one stool get
used to it from the very first lesson

because it's a huge problem for English
speakers they have huge troubles naming

the objects addressing the objects
inanimate objects with all Anna it's

difficult for them so stole one and
actually have a batterer word for

example and in with all jail if one of
course telephone telephone telephone you

see one till the phone on telephone
telephone on super easy again consonant

OOP in the ending so telephone same with
the word microphone let's write it down

- why not me crow remember the
pronunciation and don't ask me why I'm

pronounced added as a microphone because
we already know when stress and goes

here this one turns to a microphone

look at the ending here is a consonant
oh so how about

some other word museum mu z yi you see
what's in the ending in the end we have

you means it's masculine one movie yeah
why not

Oh what else what else maybe mm-hmm
Factory I don't know why I'm bringing it

just four examples of what Factory the

remember about reduction the wood uh
yeah factory it's a man in Russian won

the war as a wood
so oh now I want you just to understand

that concept in the ending were you in
the end and all right so here is

masculine ah
now feminine nah you already know this

one uh nah it even sounds more feminine
nah like I know

same here if it's ah in the ending or
yeah oh yeah so feminine right we don't

even need to learn it so ah yeah in the
end in the ending for example why the

word snake is the first association I
have with feminine I'm having some

problems for sure but the snake is Miya
Miya Miya is look like worm

sneeze yeah yeah
in the end we have young means new yaw

is feminine Allah meeya for example you
have some colleague woman that you hate

and you say oh she's such a snake allah
is Miya Miya

ana well maybe winter winter e ma in
russian winter is z ma z ma repeat after

me please always repeat everything I'm
saying in Russian always repeat after me

okay if you need to pause the video
because I want to make every second of

this lesson count I want you to speak
constantly even if it's just repeating

some words so Z ma means winter in the
end we have ah ah Zima ah ah Zima or

easy word to remember a car in Russian
is mushy na na na mush I hope now you

can see the difference between my E and
yn mashina mashina marsinah look at the

ending it's not just ah it's na na
machine ah super easy to remember right

um na machine ah so mashina is she
machine and what else a book nigga nigga

nigga a book
again we see are here so it's feminine
Allah Allah Kananga meeow meeow

yo ma ma Sheena Kananga all those words
ending with AH and yeah ok but now I

guess you have a question what's with
the words that we already know like a

Moloch or veal or they are not masculine

they're not feminine of course means
that they are do I have to get rid of

this I think yes they are neuter
maybe I'll be able to put it here I hope

you wrote it down let me get rid of this
ok so the words ending with year and O

are neuter oh yeah will write it down in
a second oh so difficult to remove stuff

from here so neuter ah no ah no it year
for example has already said we know but

we know guess what it means we know of
course it means wine vino vino in the

end we have war so if it's o or yeah in
the ending of the word its buter let's

try some more let's take the wonderful

see Maury I have troubles with mud today
more here more it means see that was

supposed to be a wave but okay let's
just write it down Moorea so if you look

at the ending we have year here Moria oh
no no mori are no real more were the

word window oh oh cool cool again in the
ending right

oh no oh no
Vinu mori ignore so oh yeah in the

ending means that it's your so this was
the general rule about how to divide

nouns in three genders but of course
there is more to talk about here this is

a soft sign and here we have a little
bit of tricky situations if you see a

soft sign in the end of the word it's a
little bit more difficult because it can

be masculine and it can be feminine okay
for example the word ding-ding-ding is

masculine but if you see something like
this or this or this with soft sign with

soft sign sure all those remember them
yeah if you see those in the ending

in most cases it's feminine
in most situations it's feminine don't

think about it too much right now I want
you to remember just the rule about

consonant and about aya and
all year in neuter neuter I'm always

trying to say no to too much German in
my life so yeah problems maybe with soft

sign in the ending and also you might be
thinking what about all those other

letters like ma e for example yeah hmm
maybe you II what to do if you see them

in D and usually these are words that
were borrowed from some different

language for example what's going on
here for example me noon it's certainly

not a Russian word meaning most of the
these words would be mute er most of

them I would say 90% of them would be
neuter me knew or what else I don't know

maybe let's write it down going for I'm
not sure if you need it but just an

example you see are you we're all so you
can meet a word like lady lady

it ends with E liji Leedy but of course
you understand that it's a woman lady

it means lady of course lady lady so
here you come back to the very first

room so if you can tell who it is it
means that you can understand if it's

masculine orphan
so most of the words would be neuter

except for the words that you can
understand with your eyes or from the

context that it's woman or a man okay
now let's practice a little bit and we

will try to grow our vocabulary
a little bit and we start with family

members family oops
wanted to write in English but then

changed my mind
family in Russian is senior senior and

why on earth is it so luckily so write
down Samia Samia is family Samia so now

let's go through all the family members

number one okay Papa blah blah and let's
try to understand the gender here we

understand that it's a man Papa can't be
a feminine so even if it has this ah in

the ending we still understand that it's
masculine papa masculine right then who

comes next
mama you already know feminine mama

feminine then how about a son swing soon
the Sun again we don't even need to look

at the ending because we understand that
it's a boy a son son

so it's masculine right how about
daughter daughter in Russian a daughter

is Doge Doge and of
course it's a girl so oops

so it's feminine right what other words
do we have what are their family members

we have sistrum we already had this word
sister again it's sister we don't even

need to do anything special
sestra is feminine of course braat braat

braat brother brat is masculine and you
hear you could notice this tendency that

even if it's obvious that it's a manner
if it's a woman the rule with endings

almost always works so we remember that
you chew with soft sign feminine Doge

consonant in the ending masculine you
see exception is Papa and and Giada the

idea let's write him down yeah idea you
already know this word

Giada masculine and future and but I
guess you already wrote them down why

would I bother bother to do it again
okay the idea to which ah and then we go

to grandparents torture feminine and
then we go to bar bushka why am i

holding this bah bushka means grainy or

bah-bah-bah busca old lady usually it's
grainy and barbash car of course it's a

woman it's
then we have da-da-da-da-da dooshka do

dooshka d douche car even if we see the
are in the ending it still means that

it's a man because it's grandpa grandpa
cannot be feminine of course

so babushka diya dooshka then we have
grand grandson of the nuke short ver

Schwartz word in Russian of the lick of
the look means a grand grandson yeah

look it's a boy
means it's masculine of course grand

daughter is Avenue chica let's write it
down of vodka vodka and again of course

it's feminine of mooshka upon what else
nephew plea mang Nick Nick bleep yep

Yannick plea manic is nephew meaning a
boy it's masculine and plea magnet saw a

girl nephew his plea me Aneesa plea no
new double and my son plinian itza and

here you can see this rule again Pliny
and Nick premium it'sa masculine and

so these are the basic relatives family

by the way I want you to know that
cousin in Russian we don't use the word

who's them cousin who's them we say
divide Maya sister or the value radish

Brad I don't even know if you need this
the world you Brad it's a cousin and

actually in Russian I just always say
Brad or sister brother or sister and for

foreigners it's very confusing because I
have a brother and I have many cousins

but I call them all brothers so keep
that in mind when a Russian person calls

someone brother or sister it might be
about their cousins

okay now let's practice with the word ye
de food let's write down some food the

food itself in Russian is Yi da food
Heda Heda and try to guess what is it

here you look at the ending here da
means that it's feminine right

feminine nah yi da so that's the topic
now let's go through our food let's

begin with the breakfast egg in Russian
is it so yet so yeah this is an egg

you thought yet so how about the gender
look at the ending nor yet saw it saw

its neuter right how about we don't say
I don't know I know that

english-speaking people don't say
porridge anymore

but usually by the word oatmeal we mean

it means porridge it can be a buck with
it can be oatmeal's even corn boiled in

this substance so in Russian it's kasha
kasha yes the gender now look at the

ending mm-hmm kasha uh nah
of course it's feminine kasha now let's

speak about how to know whose salad
which may be sandwich so the rich

actually there are many many
controversies because some people say

some people write it with a but I I

don't even know sandwich so it ends in a
consonant sand which means it's

masculine one sandwich or sandwich if
you want salvaged not a Russian word

anyway so how about some drinks my
favorite read it out loud

of course that's yeah I better stop drew
in in this class I I better stop drawing

oh it's coffee coffee coffee
and it's super tricky with a worried
coffee because starting in 2009 or 10

actually they say that coffee is neuter
or masculine it has been masculine

forever for as long as I can remember
but everybody because of its usually all

the words with yeah are in your so same
with coffee everybody was just saying oh

no oh no
so finally the guys in the Ministry of

Education said ok ok let it be both
masculine and neuter so you can say -

une and you can say coffee I know but
I'm having problems with people who

started to use neuter so please say
coffee as masculine I don't know why

it's my personal problem so coffee and
the second one is tea chai look at the

ending yeah yeah masculine right Jie
means tea chai how about water

da-da-da-da-da means oh it's a glass
look at the ending vada ha

of course it's feminine wada oh how
about the word soup soup soup soup

it's a plate with soup soup what do we
have in the ending consonant of course

flip is masculine one OOP um how about

saw lot and you see how easy it is
you'll ready no soup salad coffee

sandwich you can go to a restaurant in
Russia right now and you won't have any

so here again consonant in the ending it

means it's masculine salat one then
maybe what else massa meat meat NASA

NASA again pay attention to my
pronunciation remember that or it's

about vowel reduction so when it's not
stressed it turns to like that ah NASA

NASA it's not Nestle NASA it's neat meat
meat right it's like chicken bone sure

vibrator stop riding NASA so look at the
ending Oh

NASA uh no neuter um what else do we

how about the word the pizza you already
know this one for sure and we already

used it in our lessons pizza in the
ending we have ah-ah-ah feminine pizza

um what else what else
butter Muslim Muslim war in the ending

masala what does it mean it means that
it's neutered mas la no bread bread in

Russian is clear
flip flip

it's not a chaise and clip consonant in
the end meaning that it's masculine so

just like that we don't have time here
to go through all the words just use a

dictionary and check out all the words
you need to know about food and practice

with Chandra look at the engine and try
to understand which gender it is another

piece of grammar I wanted to touch today
is it's super easy

it's and and war so in Russian its E and
E E and is e or is eely eely okay why do

I want you to learn this today because I
want you to practice and all those words

are gonna learn for example pizza and
hamburger pizza e gamble gear or man and

Mussina e-r in China or is it a man or

is it a woman at the Mussina Ely in
China so let's practice a little bit now

I'm gonna draw this one why do I always
like to draw when I absolutely cannot so

actually I hope you can understand I'm
gonna ask you at the pizza

da-ad pizza let's write it down it Pizza
Pizza it pizza now it's a pizza le


it's eally osha let pizza lip-read meat
eat pizza

how about I don't know nigga nigga means
a book

oh that's imagine it's Lord of the Rings
I don't know Lucille in Callias Etta ta

da da ta da ki nigga nigga at nigga le
Wornall Runa Journal actually it means

magazine rule now make a singing we're
just scientific journal rule now rule

now it the Caniggia le journal is it a
book or is it a journal Lord of the

Rings Etta Kalinga it's a Kringle
now what about e let's oh actually i

wanted to draw coffee but let's make it
wine mm-hmm and beer for example beer v

lu e Viva villa e P Eva Reno e P Eva
wine and beer by the way both are neuter

remember oh poor pewter
viva el vino y peva da de vino e viva it

ciao equation yet era vino e viva so now
I want you to pause the video and

practice like this with as many words as
you can for example is it grandma

or is it a is it a sister or this is
this these are a father and a son Etta

papa II seen it Papa II seen father and
son E or maybe you can't tell somebody's

age isn't it his father or who is the
father in this their own ideas eally

swing so something like that all the
words we mentioned today I want you to

practice by this pattern add something
and something add something or something

so play around with those words and
don't forget to say it out loud now with

practice speaking a little bit more and
let's go back to our hero from lesson

number two it's our cosmonaut cat
Vladimir Vladimir is a cosmonaut cat

yeah matter ended up being some
matryoshka Russian nesting doll but

actually he's a cosmonaut who can even
more like matryoshka now okay sorry

so this is court and his name was Lola

now let's look at this from the gender
point of view Vladimir Vladimir so

caught hands with consonants so it's
masculine and Vladimir means it's it's

male name so we just know that it's
masculine - what else can we say now

what solid Emer we know that cat is
masculine so it's not eat it's not ate

in Russian cat is he one one one
as we already know cosmonaut cosmoleft

cosmorights masculine because you see
kusmanov - consonant in the ending all

customer naft let's add more information
e for example scientist who told me

scientists in russian is shawni so not
only he is a cosmonaut he's a scientist

careful there bloody Mir one cosmonaut
yoni you see your you understand that it

is stressed Tony one cosmonaut II Tony
Oh let's speak a little bit voila Mir

could da Vladimir quote after quote Vlad
inner one cosmonaut da one cosmonaut

one mucho me da one surely all cosmonaut
each only one cosmonauts EU Choni

da one cosmonaut e each only one basket
by list e professor one cosmonaut each

only quote vladimir cosmonaut e journey
now let's speak about how to ask who he

is in russian question who means to do'
means who and any animate objects like

people animals they are all whoo-hoo
again remember that it's not it it's he

it's like a person a cat too so let's
talk a little bit to Etta Etta quote

vladimir so to Etta means who is it -
Etta - Etta who is it for example you

see somebody and you don't know
at the party somebody new who is it add

a court lady narrates Vladimir our
cosmonaut cat - Etta Etta

quote Vladimir then you can ask who is
he so you already know that it is a

Catalan whatever but now you want to
know more about him who

is he what does he do to one to one to
one to one

he is cosmonaut and scientist who is he

who is he who is he
so let's start with the beginning - OH

Etta Etta quote Vladimir - own own
cosmonaut II Shani now give you example

for your homework make another character
I don't know oh I don't know I wanted to

make a woman let it be
granny I don't know granny - looking too

young so babushka bah busca la busca la
busca and let's practice just like that

you can do it on your room you can ask
who is it - Oh Etta - Etta and you

answer Etta babushka talita Etta

for example babushka Sonya her name is
Sonja Berta babushka Sonya - Ana usually

it means profession - Ana - Ana Ana I
don't know who is she - ah-ah-ah-ah

jános parts maloca sports women support
me Anika part Semyon me Anka and actress
actrice act yok Teresa Anna sportsman

car e octa lisa and then you ask again
Anna basketball list car e doctor met

Anna parts me ANCA yok Teresa and so on
you ask Etta De Luca meet at a bar

booshka it vodka
Tonya met at the babushka Sonya so as

much practice as you can get with these
small short examples the the more the

the more the better so it's just an

example what you can do with all the
family members make as many family

members as you can give them different
names give them different professions

use e or e lee is it grandpa grandma or
grandpa babushka le jia dooshka so i

hope you got the general idea of how to
work with these words and questions now

your homework of course first you go to
the previous lessons and review them all

the words that we used there you divided
in three columns masculine feminine

neuter also you go to the link below
this video and check out my full lesson

full lesson because here is only the
video I also put everything that I'm

saying in text and there are a lot more
examples and words to practice it so

check out the links below
hello this video to go and practice with

full lesson because here we don't have a
chance to practice as much and number

three again don't just watch my videos
it's not enough go to dictionaries

dictionaries and search for any words
you need to practice a words that you

see every day around you and keep
practicing with this structure etta

something on anon or something and now
you also know e and Ely and and or

practice with them too now you know the
question to it okay and by the way what

is don't but I'll save it to the next
lesson so don't don't just don't don't

bother so practice with people practice
with family members babushka dedushka

mama Papa this is your homework please
try to start seeing which gender it is

look at the ending and with enough
practice you remember it soon enough so

that was it for today thank you very
much for staying with me for so long and

I hope to see you in my next lesson bye



俄罗斯语教学 第四课 俄罗斯语名词词性 (Russian lessons Lesson 4 Russian nouns gender)

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