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  • Hello America.

  • I'm an Asian.

  • An Asian-American to be exact.

  • You've seen some of us around.

  • Oh, you know us.

  • Well, you think you know us.

  • Cheers bro!

  • Oh my god.

  • I've noticed that you have a lot of Chinese friends in the office.

  • Look, listen! Let's come together as one for one greater purpose!

  • Korean pride, bitch.

  • You're a yappie, Andrew.

  • A what?

  • A young Asian professional who acts like a yuppie.

  • Because all you care about is earning a nice salary and settling down in a nice suburb.

  • What's so wrong with that?

  • It's just... safe.

  • If- if I'm a yappie, you're a yippie!

  • Young hippie!

  • I'm not gonna feed into these stereotypes any longer by living a lie.

  • Are you okay, ge?

  • We're kind of in our own little bubble.

  • Why don't we have black friends?

  • I mean, I have some coworkers.

  • Back in February, didn't you help plan the event for Black History Month?

  • You didn't go? Do you not support our history?

  • No, no, no

  • Dude, I'm kidding.

  • *laughs*

  • It was lit as fuck.

  • Yeah...

  • Can you imagine if our parents let us do anything other than Kumon or Model UN?

  • We literally just joked about how me and my friends are in a bubble, but I never questioned it.

  • Maybe that did more harm than good.

  • Round of yappies on me man!

  • *laughs*

  • Is that not what it is?

  • - I can't believe it's finally out there for everyone to see.

  • We really hope that you enjoyed that trailer for yappie.

  • - Yeah, and we hope even more than you like the series once it starts coming out on June 20th.

  • - This show is super important and special to Wong Fu Productions

  • It's something I've been imagining for years,

  • and for the past six months we've been hard at work to make this first season of five episodes.

  • - Yeah, we self-financed and produced this series

  • because we realized we have a lot to say about the world and our community

  • and we didn't want to wait any longer to tell it.

  • - And also a huge thanks and shout out to our Patreon community of Wong Fu Forward careholders.

  • This show would not have happened without you guys.

  • If you'd like to help support Wong Fu and our efforts to create bigger projects and meaningful projects like this,

  • please consider going to our Patreon page in the links below and see how you might be able to get involved.

  • - We know you guys probably have a lot of questions about the series, but all will be answered on June 20th.

  • - We'll see you there. - Byeeeeyah.

Hello America.


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A2 初級 美國腔

Yappie - 官方系列預告片 (Yappie - Official Series Trailer)

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