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  • Hey There!

  • Welcome to Life Noggin!

  • About two-thirds of the American population lives in a city.

  • Sure, the convenience and excitement are great, but city living can be rough.

  • Ya know...because some cities can look like this

  • But how can we make this better?

  • I'm thinking a beautiful utopia from scratch.

  • Best city ever.

  • My friend Brian from Real Engineering is here to help me with this video!

  • So Brian, let's give it a go, shall we?

  • How Can We Make The Perfect City?

  • First things first, location.

  • We'll want somewhere with a good water supply, so near a lake would be great.

  • Somewhere scenic obviously with moderate but not extreme seasons.

  • We'll want our city to be small enough to avoid lots of congestion and overcrowding,

  • but still large enough to have all the amenities us city folk know and love.

  • Let's say 25 square miles/65 sq km and about half a million people.

  • A square, 5m x 5m/8k x 8k grid layout would make the city super easy to navigate.

  • We'd have timely, efficient subways running in straight lines, criss-crossing under the

  • city.

  • But above ground, transportation would be limited to bike paths and walkways.

  • A car-less city may sound a bit extreme but cities like Paris are already losing expressways

  • to favor bikes and walking.

  • This keeps citizens healthier and reduces pollution.

  • Solar panels and wind turbines outside the city and on top of buildings would also lessen

  • emissions and help our utopian city stay green.

  • A city with like no pollution sounds ideal.

  • The city that i currently live very smokey! *Coughs*

  • We get it! You vape!

  • Our buildings would also follow this eco-friendly path.

  • We'd construct a densely-packed city with a mix of green office high-rises and residential

  • buildings.

  • Vienna does this to help reduce transport time and to keep the city feeling home-y.

  • All our buildings would be nice to look at and skyscrapers would be covered with vertical

  • gardens, like they are in Singapore.

  • People could just reach out their window and pick some veggies for their salad or some

  • flowers for their loved ones.

  • Or gather all the tomatoes and throw them at bad comedians.

  • Whichever you'd prefer.

  • We'd also want to put a lot of focus on the social aspects of our city, making it

  • as enjoyable as possible.

  • Think good schools, fun extracurricular activities, and close-knit communities.

  • speaking of, does anyone wanna join my hot air balloon petting zoo? Space is very limited.

  • The legal system would favor rehabilitation

  • over punishment.

  • Prisons are super expensive and have very high re-incarceration rates, so we'd focus

  • on treating offenders to keep our city's population safe and sound.

  • We'd also keep our city green with street lamps that have sensors

  • to adjust their brightness depending on how many people are out and about, like they do

  • in Amsterdam.

  • In order to keep the cost of living down, the government would construct many of the

  • apartment buildings and offer them up for sale at low costs.

  • 80% of people living in Singapore live in these type of government buildings and it

  • supposedly fosters a nice sense of community and belonging.

  • So why haven't we created the perfect city yet?

  • On paper, it doesn't sound that hard.

  • But the execution would definitely be costly and require a lot of government collaboration.

  • It's hard to put a price on a hypothetical city, but based on the costs of other cities

  • constructed from the ground up, it could be anywhere from $20-40 billion.

  • So, not cheap.

  • One thing's for sure though, if we could get this utopian city funded and up and running,

  • it'd be one amazing place to live.

  • What type of amenities would you want in a perfect city?

  • also i'm gonna head to the deli down the street, so let me know if you want anything.

  • Thank you so much to Brain from Real Engineering for helping me with this video.

  • He makes super informative videos answering tons of questions about engineering and the world around you.

  • so go check out his channel and tell em Blocko sent you!

  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

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我們如何才能打造完美城市?Real Engineering (How Can We Make The Perfect City? ft. Real Engineering)

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