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Hi everyone!
A lot of you guys know I took my Step 2 a few weeks ago and since taking my Step 2 I've
been doing my medicine sub-i.
So sub-i stands for sub internship and that means that as a fourth year medical student
you work under the intern or the first year residents and you really learn how to act
like an intern, and work like an intern so that you can be prepared when you start residency next year.
So I've been doing this at a hospital that's kinda far away.
Obviously traveling this far can be very tiring and even you're not traveling far if you have
a long day at work, or if you're studying at school, it's very tiring and when you come
home the natural tendency, I think is to kinda like just lie down on your couch and watch
TV and eat your delivered food or whatever.
But I know that it's very important to be productive even when you come home.
So I thought of a few ways that I can help all of us be a little more productive after
a long day at work or school.
So tip number 1 is having a routine or having an idea of exactly what you're gonna do when you get home.
So like I said before when you're home it can be really easy to lie down...personally
that's my tendency I can lie down and just go to sleep and never get back up.
So instead, what I like to do is I like to change into my workout clothes and head out
to the gym or go out for a run.
For today.
I'm going to go for a run and it's getting dark pretty soon so let's head out.
So tip number 2 is setting a goal outside of school.
Because a lot of us are students when we think of goals, we think in academics or in terms
of careers it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.
So for example, a lot of people wanna be fit and they wanna stay healthy and they wanna
be active but if that's all you're saying it's really hard to do something about it, especially
when you're home from school or work when you're tired and you don't wanna do anything.
So for me, I'm training to run a half marathon in December and setting that goal has made
it a lot easier for me to actually get out and run when I come home from the hospital
and I'm tired but that's a goal that I wanna achieve so I go out and do it.
It doesn't necessarily have to be fitness oriented it can be anything else.
So it can be music oriented, it can be knitting or art or any hobby that you wanna pursue
so setting a goal definitely makes it easier to actually get up and do something when you're tired after school.
Now that we're back home, tip number 3 is having a clean and organized work area.
Have you ever had those finals week where your room was spotless because every time
you sat down to study all you wanted to do was to clean your room because you didn't
wanna actually study.
That happens to me every time!
So what helps me stay focused is having an organized clean area where I can have my computer
up and my books out and I can just focus on studying and not be attempted to clean my whole house every time I come home.
Tip number 4 is have a big picture goal.
What I mean by that is you should have something in mind that you wanna accomplish in your
after school or after work hours.
Not something that you can do in one day but something that you can work on for a long period of time.
It can be something general getting a good grade in a class or it can be something like
working on an application or working on a big project.
So that might entail doing something like making a big to-do list.
Like I said, not something you're not gonna accomplish in one day but something that you
can work on a little bit everyday . So for example if your goal is to do well in class.
You might be making a flash card that you can do a little bit everyday or you might
be reading a chapter of a book that you're learning everyday or if you're working on
project you might be making a list of things that need to be done by working on one or two items every night.
For example if I were studying for an exam, I would do a little bit of flash cards everyday
so that I can remember the material better and I'm not cramming right before the exam.
My final tip for today is going to bed at a scheduled time!
I think something that happens to a lot of people is... night time feels like an infinite
amount of time so a lot of the times, people wanna push things back.
So instead of doing work right-away you say "I'm gonna watch this TV show and then get
to my homework" or "I'm gonna go out to eat or I'm gonna do this and this with my friends
and then get to my work" but what ends up happening is you end up sacrificing sleep
and you end up going to bed later and later every night.
You guys all know that sleep is very important and I really think that you should think of
sleep as part of your active learning process.
So what I like to do is I like to go to bed at a certain time.
It depends on the rotation what time I go to bed.
But I make sure that I get enough sleep.
Usually around anywhere from 7 to 8 hours a night.
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A lot of you guys have been asking me about how to start a YouTube channel or how to start
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They have videos on how to film and how to edit with your iPhone so you don't have to
buy expensive equipments.
They even have videos on how to write and how to tell stories so you can really develop
your YouTube channel or blog if thats what you want to do.
So that's all the tips that I have for today.
I hope you guys...CANDY!
So that's all the tips that I have for today.
I hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know what your favorite tips are on staying productive
after school and I will see you guys in the next video!



下課後如何保持高生產力? (HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE AFTER SCHOOL! | 5 productivity tips!)

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