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  • Lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider

  • moves alongside vehicles that have

  • either stopped or are moving slowly

  • less than 30 kilometres per hour.

  • This is because lane filtering

  • at high speeds is dangerous and

  • will increase the risk of having a crash.

  • You should only lane filter when there

  • is enough space either side of you, so you

  • can avoid a crash with other vehicles, and you

  • can safely merge back into the traffic stream.

  • If there's not enough space, don't risk it.

  • Riders should take particular care when

  • lane filtering in areas where there are pedestrians

  • and cyclists such as central business districts,

  • shopping areas and near public transport stops.

  • Riders should always look out for pedestrians

  • and cyclists as they are the most vulnerable

  • road users and can be injured

  • even in a low-speed crash.

  • Riders must always stop behind the stop line

  • at a red traffic light, never in front or over it.

  • This is to keep you safe because drivers

  • of heavy vehicles and buses

  • often find it hard to see motorcyclists.

  • This is because lane filtering at high speed,

  • which is called lane splitting, is dangerous

  • and will not only increase the risk of having

  • a crash, but also the severity of the crash.

  • This ensures filtering isn't done around schools

  • where there may be children on or near the road.

  • This is to make sure pedestrians on footpaths

  • remain safe, while also reducing the

  • risk of a motorcyclist having a crash.

  • This is because opening doors from

  • parked vehicles can put riders at risk.

  • This also aims to make sure that pedestrians

  • accessing their parked vehicles, and cyclists

  • who may be riding on the road, remain safe.

  • Lane filtering can be a complex manoeuvre

  • to do safely, so only fully licensed riders

  • who are experienced are allowed to lane filter.

Lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider


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新南威爾士州的摩托車道過濾 (Motorcycle Lane Filtering in New South Wales)

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