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Can you...can you come up here?
You look gorgeous
I love inspiring people so that's where I got lot of um.. the confidence 'cause
I am helping other people's lives to make sure they express themselves.
Always be yourself and always be proud of who you are no matter what anyone says to you.
When I was 2, after I saw season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race, I started using my mom's towels,
blankets, and bubble wrap, whatever I could get my hands on.
I would wrap them around my body and put them on my head
to make it look like I had a wig on.
I started to going drag shows when I was 5 years old and it was really fascinating to
see these people, like, dressing how they wanted and all this fierce makeup they had on.
So yeah, it was pretty amazing.
Overnight, I became, like, this viral superstar and when i vogued the whole way of the pride
parade and a fan started a fan page on Facebook called “Desmond is Amazing” and I really
loved the name.
So then I decided to keep my stage name as “Desmond is Amazing.”
And that's I've been known as to this day.
When I was, like, 6 or 7, I would make me look like a car crash, but then I quit because
I was like “I can't do makeup,” but then once I did my photoshoot for 'HARDY
Zine' my mom packed a bunch of makeup and I decided that I wanted to try out doing makeup.
And I didn't give up, even though sometimes I did it really bad, but sometimes I also
created really amazing like the…
I did once geometric where I had eyeliner and I made little, like, crazy shapes and
I filled it out with eyeshadow.
Well, my mom thought that RuPaul just smiled at me and she thought that was going to be
the end of it, but then RuPaul was like “can you come up here?”
And I was like, I'm going to come up here no matter what.
And the thing that matters is that I got to meet my idol and that he called me the future
of America.
My mom always watched documentaries and I would watch them.
Some of them were about civil riots, club kids, blitz kids, so that's how I learned
about the culture of New York City.
My relationship with my mom is so amazing.
She is the biggest role model in my life.
And I sketch out outfits and she makes them into reality which is um...I don't know
how I would live without her.
I would just faint.
I think that I, basically, would rather have a kid that feels accepted to be himself and
feels that he has a mind of his own to think with, than to feel resentful.
I think that all kids should be able to be creative and free thinking and not feel
like they have to be a mini version of their parents.
I see that I'm doing the same thing like a soccer mom might do or a mom whose kid likes
to paint.
You know, they would buy them paints and paper and a soccer mom might buy uniforms and the
other equipment, whereas I'm helping to make his costumes for what he wants to do.
Bullies are people who are just jealous that you're so pretty and that you are so confident
to do what you want.
It's not good to make fun of other people just because of what they are wearing.
You should always be yourself and always be proud of who you are no matter what anyone
says to you.
And haters should just go away 'cause if you don't like it, then don't watch it.
I can only own my own feelings and I can't own what these other people's feelings are,
so I try to pay it no mind, like Desmond says.
The most positive thing is that he is visible out there and he is able to inspire others
and engage others in his story.
There's really no secret to parenting anybody except to teach them to do the right thing
and to accept themselves, and just encourage them to grow into respectful citizens.
That was amazing.
Be yourself always no matter what anyone says and just tell the haters to pay no mind.


讓十歲的變裝皇后教你如何接納自己 (Meet The 10-Year-Old Drag Kid Shaping The Future Of Drag Youth)

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