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Hello everybody
My name is Daniel from ITI TAITRA
and this is Common Business Idioms.
Today, we'll talk about the idiom "Ahead of the pack"
Let's begin!
In the business world, we have winners and losers.
We have people who succeed, and people who don't.
Competition is fierce, and everybody wants to be "ahead of the pack".
So what does this idiom mean?
First, let's talk about the word "pack".
In English, we say pack when we are referring to a body of competitors
following the leader in a race or competition.
So just picture a group or runners, or a pack, chasing the leader of a race.
So I guess you can already have a pretty good idea
about what this business idiom means, right?
Yep. In business context, to be "ahead of the pack"
simply means to be more successful than the competition.
Got it? Good!
Now, let's take a look this idiom in some example sentences, shall we?
For example, someone in a business might say:
"If we want to stay ahead of the pack,
we will have to invest more in R&D!"
In another example, someone might say
"With good leadership,
we will ensure that our company stays ahead of the pack."
Also, you can say "lead the pack" instead of being "ahead of the pack".
Now, be careful here because the word "lead" is a verb in this idiom,
so this is what it looks like in a sentence:
"This new smartphone has led the pack in sales for 7 consecutive months."
Wow! That's pretty impressive.
There you go everyone!
And I hope that all of you ITIers and future business people
will one day find yourselves "ahead of the pack."



【ITI ENGLISH】Ahead of the Pack 英文商務慣用語|外貿協會培訓中心ITI, TAITRA| (【ITI ENGLISH】|Ahead of the Pack|)

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