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  • This is Nyx, manipulator of minds.


  • She is an invasive force, sacrificing armor for increased power.


  • With a penchant for confusion, Nyx can inflict mayhem into the psyche of all who oppose her.


  • Mind Control confuses its target, forcing it to turn on its own and fight for the Tenno cause.


  • Psychic Bolts are a cluster of telekinetically guided energy fragments that seek out and damage their target.


  • Chaos is exactly as it sounds, Tenno.

    她能够重创与她敌对的所有人 使他们军心混乱

  • Causing mass hysteria, effected enemies will attack anyone within range.


  • Absorb creates a protective sphere around Nyx, channeling all incoming damage

    迫使敌人攻击自己的同伴 为Tenno效力

  • into an explosive and deadly radial discharge.


  • Nyx's psychic influence can be greatly increased with the utilization of mods.


  • Equipping increased duration and ranged mods will benefit Mind Control, Chaos, and Absorb.


  • Adding a strength mod will increase the damage caused by Psychic Bolts.

    能够导致敌人集体精神错乱 并攻击周围的任何人

  • Coupled with an efficiency mod, Nyx can slice through her enemies' defenses.


  • On her own, or in a group, Nyx can turn the tide of battle in her favor.


This is Nyx, manipulator of minds.



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