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  • How do you gracefully close an exceptionally bad date:

  • So imagine you've just finished this mediocre date

  • You two went to dinner and you say 'I appreciate tonight, thank you!'

  • Here's a hug, BUT you weren't feeling it.

  • You know you'll probably not gonna go for a second date.

  • You hug, but you keep your lips far away from each other.

  • Clearly you are showing this person you don't want to kiss them,

  • but, they still look like they are going to ask for one.

  • Do you wait until they realize you didn't mention wanting to hang out again?

  • Or that you didn't even say when you'll text or call them?

  • It's actually pretty confusing.

  • Regardless of if you are the dumpee or the dumper.

  • Everyone's different. Some people won't hug on the first date.

  • Or some people's first dates are the whole nine yards.

  • The current landscape of dating is filled with a bunch of landlines

  • and terrors.

  • With the life at the end of the tunnel being a shiny healthy relationship.

  • Getting in there is easy if you're with the right person.

  • But how do you keep yourself from getting ... through that cave with the wrong person?

  • The person who just took you on this bad date

  • Well, sometimes people are like puppies: you have to cuddle them.

  • But still guide them with a firm grasp on the leash.

  • If it's a good puppy that isn't eating your shoes or homework,

  • give them a lot of prize and affection.

  • But, if it's a bad puppy who's not listening to your wants and needs,

  • and making fun of your waiter at the restaurant you two went to

  • You shouldn't hesitate to tell them:

  • NO! NO!

  • If you had a bad time, say so.

  • But don't accuse your date,

  • don't fake any interest or insult them or distroy their confidence when you look them down.

  • They might be in a happiness balloon and a big cloud of joy.

  • It needs a gently bring them back down to earth.

  • Instead of sending emergeless lighting ball to crash them into earth in a big ball of fire.

  • The great phrase to use is: I didn't feel good about tonight.

  • This puts the emphasis on you and how you are feeling.

  • Which your date will, hopefully, not take offense at.

  • The more you drag someone along, the more pain you're gonna call

  • whenever he hits the fan, for both parties involved.

  • If you don't decide to tell your date that in there,

  • 'hey, I rather not see you again',

  • find another way to tell them directly.

  • Not responding and leaving them hanging in the hope that they might get the message

  • is a very bad idea.

  • Whether you need to text them, call them or send them a Snapchat,

  • make sure you're telling them: I don't want to keep this up.

  • Got any other tips to help for people who want to gracefully want to reject a bad date?

  • Comment below!

  • That's everything from us, it's time to go.

  • Hope you all are having a great day and feel ready to close all your future bad dates.

How do you gracefully close an exceptionally bad date:


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如何優雅地結束一次異常糟糕的約會? (How Do You Gracefully Close an Exceptionally Bad Date?)

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