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  • Greetings.

  • Eric Bakker, Naturopath thanks for coming back.

  • Going to talk about Butyric, or Butyric Acid today.

  • This is a question I get asked from time to time from people.

  • What is Butyric?

  • What is it good for?

  • Is it a supplement?

  • I've heard of it before, what is it found in?

  • Butyric Acid is a short term fatty acid, and it's found in various kinds of foods.

  • It's found in ghee, it's found in raw milk, it's found in butter, it's found in Parmesan

  • cheese.

  • It's found in Jerusalem artichokes, it's found in unripe bananas.

  • It's found in many different types of food.

  • It's got a characteristic smell about it that's not very pleasant.

  • And some people claim that that smell actually is one you can smell when someones thrown

  • up.

  • That smell is actually the smell of Butyric Acid.

  • It doesn't sound too good, but it's great for the gut.

  • I'm going to tell you that it's very, very powerful healer for the digestive system.

  • Butyric is actually formed also in the digestive system, by the fermentation of different types

  • of carbohydrates.

  • The ferment, they produce this acid that feeds a lining of the cells, makes you nice and

  • plump, and fat.

  • Push all the butts together, and they stop leaky guy syndrome, basically.

  • If you want a healthy digestive system digestive ghee regularly, are quite beneficial for that

  • reason.

  • It's all called Butanoic Acid, or BTA is the other name.

  • So, BTA is a vary good supplement in particular use for inflammatory bowel disease, like ulcerative

  • colitis or Chron's disease, I recommend up to 300, 400, or even 600 milligrams a day,

  • easily, of this stuff if you get in a supplemental form.

  • Ghee has been one of my favorite things to cook with now, probably for about 30 years

  • since I started studying cooking a long time ago.

  • I did a cooking course many years ago, with a macrobiotic chef, one of his favorite things

  • to use was ghee in cooking, and then I discovered it's called clarifying butter, and it's actually

  • quite tasty.

  • Trying to get, if you've got irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel, really gut problem, try

  • and start cooking with a bit of ghee.

  • It may seem quite strange for you if you've been using olive oil, different oils for cooking,

  • but moving to ghee, drop the coconut oil for one and try the ghee.

  • It could make a big different between bloating and flatulence, cramping and digestive problems.

  • If you get the short term fatty acids up in the gut, you're also going to help the lining

  • of the gut and also help to grow more beneficial bacteria.

  • It becomes really encouraged to grow in good numbers, improving brush all that lining of

  • the gut.

  • And Butyric Acid, Butyric is a great way to do that.

  • To really help to feed up and nurture that gut.

  • Certainly worth trying Butyric.

  • Thanks for tuning in, and I appreciate your question.



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什麼是丁酸?(丁酸) (What Is Butyric Acid? (Butyrate))

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