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  • Hey, Fiona, what are you doing here?

  • I'm preparing for the barbecue party.

  • Do you hold a barbecue party tonight, too?

  • No, I don't have any barbecue party.

  • What is the party for? Is it your birthday?

  • Are you serious? Or, it's another terrible bad joke.

  • Well, I don't know. What happens at this time of year?

  • It's Moon Festival. It's one of the most important festival.

  • Cool, Moon Festival,

  • what you guys do? Is anything to eat?

  • There is something that you must try during the Moon Festival.

  • What is it? I hope it's not stinky tofu! I hate that stuff!

  • No, it's not. Don't worry. It's called Moon Cake.

  • Cool, what's inside?

  • There are lots of things that can be put inside.

  • Some are salty, but many are sweet.

  • It's delicious.

  • That sounds really nice!

  • Thank you, Fiona.

  • So, what else do you do at Moon Festival?

  • We will also make pomelo hats.

  • Pomelo hat?

  • That sounds pretty interesting.

  • What else?

  • We will have a barbecue with friends and family,

  • and we will watch the full moon together.

  • Barbecue?

  • Why do you guys barbecue?

  • It's a recent tradition in Taiwan,

  • but it's what we look forward the most.

  • Barbecue!

  • Shaun! Shaun! Shaun! Hello, Shaun! Shaun!

  • Are you listening to me?

  • Sorry, sorry. I love barbecue so much.

  • Oh, I mean the Moon Festival.

  • So, why is the moon so special?

  • We believe an ancient beauty, Chang-O, lives in the moon for thousands of year.

  • And, also, an ancient man, Wu Kang, is trying to cut down a tree on the moon.

  • Really? What? Really? I never knew so many people lived on the moon.

  • I mean, I start believing NASA when they found the transformer on the moon.

  • Hey, that's totally different, OK?

  • Oops, sorry

  • Do people in Western countries celebrate Moon Festival, too?

  • Not really, but in North America there is a festival called Thanksgiving. It's quite similar.

  • It's about giving thanks for what you have and for spending time with family.

  • It seems the most important thing about these festivals is to spend time with family and celebrating together.

  • Yeah, that's right, Fiona.

  • So, can I join your barbecue party tonight?

  • The barbecue seems really interesting.

  • Sure. But, please forget your terrible bad jokes and forget the transformers.

  • OK, no jokes, no transformers, no problem!

  • All I need is barbecue.

  • Let's check again what we need at the Moon Festival.

  • That's right, students, and remember, don't eat too many moon cakes. You'll gain weight.

  • See you at the party.

  • See you.

Hey, Fiona, what are you doing here?


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A2 初級 美國腔

赫斯-月亮節 (Hess -Moon Festival)

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