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  • Hi, I'm Sian from BBC Learning English.

  • What's the difference between stop to do

  • and stop doing something?

  • Well, stop what you're doing right now

  • because that's what I'm going to tell you.

  • When we use stop plus ING,

  • the activity in the ING form stops.

  • So, I have stopped drinking coffee.

  • I'm not drinking coffee anymore, I'm only drinking water.

  • But when stop is followed by the infinitive,

  • it means we stop doing another action

  • to do the action in the infinitive.

  • So, I stopped to buy a tea this morning

  • I stopped walking in order to buy a tea.

  • Right, I'm going to stop talking now.

  • Write me a comment,

  • and tell me something that you've stopped doing.

Hi, I'm Sian from BBC Learning English.


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A2 初級 英國腔

EIAM:停止做與停止做的關係 (EIAM: Stop doing vs stop to do)

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