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  • hey guys what's up Stefanie the English coach here from

    嘿,夥計們什麼是英國的斯蒂芬妮。 教練在這裡從英語全職網

  • in this video we are going to talk about words that are difficult to pronounce in

    在這個視頻中,我們將談論 拗口字

  • English now I made a post on Instagram recently you can see it here well if it

    現在英語我在Instagram上發了個帖子 最近,你可以看到它在這裡好,如果它

  • focuses let me see there we go oh man okay so I made a post on

    重點讓我看看,我們去那裡 哦,男人好吧,所以我做了一個帖子,在

  • Instagram recently where I basically asked you guys what words are difficult

    Instagram最近,我基本上 問你們什麼字難聽

  • for you to pronounce and this post got lots of comments you guys there's lots

    為你發音,這篇文章得到了 很多評論,你們有很多

  • of words you're struggling with and some of you said the same words okay like the

    的單詞,以及一些。 你說同樣的話好嗎喜歡的

  • word entrepreneur apparently that one is a very difficult word to pronounce and I

    詞企業家顯然那一個是 一個很難唸的字,我

  • totally understand because I tried pronouncing it slowly and I was like

    完全理解,因為我試過 發音緩慢,我就像

  • dang how do we say this okay so I am going to go through this list of words

    當我們怎麼說這個 好吧,所以我是 翻閱此詞條

  • with you guys that you helped me create if you're not following me on Instagram

    和你們一起,你們幫我創造了 如果你沒有在Instagram上關注我的話

  • feel free to do that right now pause the video go follow me no I'm just kidding

    你可以隨意做,現在暫停了 視頻去跟隨我不我只是在開玩笑。

  • do it whenever my Instagram handle is the English coach okay just like here

    每當我的Instagram賬號是 英國教練還好就像這裡

  • on YouTube let's get into it okay so like I said

    在YouTube上 讓我們進入它的好 所以就像我說的那樣。

  • the word entrepreneur entrepreneur I'm an entrepreneur are you an entrepreneur

    企業家這個詞企業家企業家我 企業家 你是企業家嗎?

  • that word is very difficult the reason why is because people say this word

    一言難盡 為什麼是因為人們說這個詞

  • different ways so I'm gonna show you the way I say it and you can say it however

    不同的方式,所以我要告訴你的是 我怎麼說,你就怎麼說。

  • you want I say entrepreneur entrepreneur

    你想 我說企業家

  • entrepreneur okay and then if I say it quickly it does change a little bit okay

    企業家還好,然後如果我說 很快就變了一點好嗎

  • listen entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur

    傾聽 企業家企業家

  • I'm saying it so fast that it's almost difficult to understand and to hear what

    我說的太快了,幾乎是 晦澀難懂

  • I'm saying right entrepreneur entrepreneur it almost sounds like

    我說對的企業家 企業家

  • entrepreneur or entrepreneur entrepreneur oh man okay I'm

    金主 承包商 承包商 哦,夥計 好吧,我

  • even having trouble showing you how to say this entrepreneur entrepreneur

    連怎麼教你都困難 說這個企業家企業家

  • entrepreneur by the way I forgot to say this earlier in the video if you're the

    對了,我忘了說 這在視頻中早些時候,如果你是的。

  • kind of person that likes to see the words written on the screen please turn

    那種喜歡看的人 熒屏上的文字請轉

  • on the subtitles I don't add them to the video because the reason you struggle

    在字幕上,我不把它們添加到... ... 視頻,因為你掙扎的原因

  • with the pronunciation in the first place is probably the spelling the

    發音 的地方,可能就在這裡。

  • spelling often has nothing to do with the way

    拼寫 往往無關緊要

  • words are pronounced and this is why I've actually had trouble with spelling

    詞的發音,這就是為什麼 其實我也有拼寫問題

  • my entire life you probably don't know this about me but spelling has never

    我的一生你可能不知道 這關於我,但拼寫從來

  • been easy for me and I still frequently misspell lots of words because I tend

    對我來說已經很容易,我仍然經常 拼錯了很多字,因為我往往

  • to try to write things the way that they sound and English just is not a phonetic

    儘量把事情寫成他們的樣子 音,而英語只是不注音而已。

  • language like that okay next word inevitably inevitably inevitably

    語焉不詳 無可避免地

  • inevitably okay I'm saying it quickly so you can see and hear how the word is

    無可避免的好吧,我說的太快了,所以 你可以看到和聽到這個詞是如何

  • rolling around in my mouth and it just rolls off of my tongue okay inevitably thought thought now the

    滾動在我的嘴裡,它只是 舌尖上的滾滾而來 好吧,不可避免地想到了現在的想法

  • spelling of this word has a T at the end but we don't say thought okay you

    這個詞的拼寫在後面有個 "T"。 但我們不說想好了你。

  • have to make a glottal stop and say thought thought you're cutting off the

    齉 以為你在切斷

  • sound in the back of your throat okay next architecture architecture architect

    嗓子眼兒裡有聲音 下一個建築 建築師

  • architect architecture architecture architecture regularly regularly regular

    建築師 建築學 建築學 架構定期定期

  • regular regularly regularly question question question question question

    頻頻發問 問題問題問題問題

  • question do you have a question do you have a question I have a question

    問題你有一個問題你 有問題 我有問題

  • unfortunately unfortunate unfortunately


  • unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately iron iron iron okay this

    可惜可惜 遺憾的是,鐵打的鐵還好這

  • one is difficult I'm sure because of the R sound and a lot of people struggle with

    一個是困難的,我敢肯定,因為R。 聲音,很多人都在為

  • this sound it's not "Irron" okay you're not gonna roll your tongue

    這個聲音不是 "伊倫 "的聲音。 好吧,你不會翻你的舌頭

  • or anything like that iron iron iron iron iron it sounds

    諸如此類 熨斗

  • like I earn like I earn money when I work iron okay anyways February February this

    就像我掙錢一樣 就像我工作時掙錢一樣。 熨斗好吧反正二月二月這個

  • one of the words that I always misspell because the spelling looks like


  • February but the way we say it is February


  • February February literally literally she literally said that literally

    February February literally literally 她真的說,從字面上看

  • literally litter litter litter so notice I'm not saying lit-er litter its

    涕泗橫流 我不是說點燃的垃圾,它是

  • litter litter litter Li literally sixth sixth on the sixth day sixth sixth okay

    窩窩頭 第六天 第六天 第六天 第六天 好的

  • so you have to get the KS sound in there the K s sound six so they are two

    所以你得把KS的聲音放進去。 K的音為六,所以是二

  • voiceless sounds next to each other the K and the S and then stick your tongue

    無聲的聲音,彼此相鄰 K和S,然後把你的舌頭

  • between your teeth for the sixth sixth sixth okay I know it is difficult but

    咬牙切齒 第六 好吧,我知道這很難,但

  • you got this keep practicing you will get it world world

    你有這個能力,繼續練習你會的 得其天下

  • now this is a weird word also because it has the R sound were were old world world

    現在這是一個奇怪的詞也因為它 有R的聲音是舊世界的世界

  • world and that D notice I'm not saying world okay I'm stopping the sound in the

    世界和D注意到我不是在說。 世界好了,我把聲音停在這裡了

  • back of my throat again world okay but I'm lifting my tongue in the front as if

    我的喉嚨後面再次世界好,但 我的舌頭在前面抬起來,就像

  • I'm going to make the D sound but I don't bring it down I do not flap it for

    我要發出D的聲音,但我。 不要把它帶下來 我不扇動它的。

  • the D okay I do not say world I don't bring the tongue down but I do stop the

    D好了我不說了世界我不說了 把舌頭放下來,但我確實停止了

  • sound in the back of my mouth and lift my tongue to get ready for the D sound

    嘴裡唸唸有詞 我的舌頭準備好了D音

  • but I don't make it okay world try that daughter daughter

    但我不使它好世界嘗試, 女兒

  • daughter daughter width width the width is 5 feet width now this word is

    子女寬度寬度 寬是五尺寬現在這個字是

  • also difficult because of that glottal stop so I don't say wiDTh

    也很難,因為那喉頭 停止,所以我不說WiDTH

  • okay I say width width width so you do have to make a glottal stop in

    好吧,我說的寬度寬度,所以 你確實要做一個喉頭停止在

  • between the I and the TH sound that is the D it is not wiDTh okay its width width

    I和TH之間的聲音,是 D它的寬度不是WiDTh還好它的寬度是寬的

  • width width the width is 5 feet next hallelujah

    寬度寬度是5英尺下 哈利路亞

  • or hallelujah people pronounce this word a couple different ways right so you

    哈利路亞 幾種不同的方式,所以你

  • have hallelujah hallelujah or you have hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

    有哈利路亞哈利路亞或你有。 哈利路亞 哈利路亞 哈利路亞

  • hallelujah congratulations congratulations this is a very important

    哈利路亞 祝賀你 這是一個非常重要的

  • word to know because you have to use it all the time but if you struggle with

    要知道,因為你必須使用它 但如果你一直在努力

  • saying the long version you can just say hey congrats Congrats the long version

    長話短說 嘿,恭喜你 恭喜你的長版

  • would be congratulations congratulate


  • congratulate congratulations congratulations

    恭賀 祝賀

  • changed changed chain changed


  • changed she changed her hair color changed watched watched I hear a lot of

    改變她改變了她的頭髮顏色 變了,看著看著,我聽到了很多。

  • people say watchED it it's not watchED it's watched with that T sound at the end

    看了就不看了 它的觀看與T的聲音在年底

  • okay the T watched characteristic characteristic so again we're glottalizing

    好吧,T看的特點 所以我們又一次把喉音化了

  • that C I'm not actually saying charaCteristic because it's really

    我不是說 諷刺性的,因為它真的是

  • difficult try saying CT CT it doesn't work so we say characteristic

    困難,說CT CT就不行了吧 我們說特色

  • characteristic characteristic characteristic

    特徵特徵 特徵

  • schedule schedule schedule I do hear a lot of people


  • mispronouncing this one schedule schedule should've should've you should

    錯讀這一個時間表 應有的時間表應有的你應

  • have told me should've should've okay this is the contraction of should have

    早就跟我說過 應該的 應該的 好吧 這是應的縮略語

  • and when people say this quickly they literally

    而當人們很快地說出這句話時,他們 字面

  • just say should've and it sounds like should of okay and some people even

    說來就來 像應該的好,有些人甚至

  • misspell it because it literally sounds literally literally literally it

    錯拼 從字面上看,從字面上看,它

  • literally sounds like should of so they spell should of when it should be the

    聽起來像是應該的,所以他們 咒語的時候,它應該是

  • contraction of should have okay should 've and could've could've could've

    應和 "已經和可能已經可能已經可能已經

  • okay notice how the 'VE part is very reduced

    好的 請注意'VE'部分是如何減少的

  • I'm not saying could OF I mean some people do say that sometimes you could

    我不是說可以的,我的意思是一些。 人們說,有時你可以

  • have told me right but if you're saying it quickly you're just gonna say could've

    但如果你是說 它很快你就會說可能已經

  • you could've told me could've could've could've you could've


  • told me unconscious unconscious unconscious unconscious caught

    告訴我無意識無意識 昏迷不醒

  • caught caught so I'm not saying caughT right we are glottalizing that T I'm

    捕獲捕獲,所以我不是說caughT 對了,我們是喉音化的T我是

  • saying caught I caught you I caught you vocabulary

    說抓到了我抓到了你我抓到了你 詞彙量

  • vocab vocab


  • vocabulary vocabulary okay I don't really say vocabulary no

    詞彙量詞彙量還好 我真的不說詞彙量沒有

  • vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary murderer that's a tough one

    詞彙 詞彙 詞彙 殺手 那是個難纏的傢伙。

  • murderer he's a murderer or the guy in the TV show is a murderer murderer so

    殺人犯,他是個殺人犯,或者說是那個人在殺人。 電視劇是一個殺人犯殺人犯所以

  • you're basically saying murder ER right you're adding your doing ER ER but it

    你基本上是說謀殺ER的權利 你添加你做的ER ER ER,但它

  • almost sounds like one long ER murderer murderer so what I like to tell people

    聽起來就像一個長長的急診室殺人犯 所以我喜歡告訴人們

  • is just sit on it right murderer murderer murderer and try it again and

    只是坐在它的權利殺人犯 殺人犯殺人犯,再試一次

  • again until you get it right you will get it comfortable come come

    再次,直到你得到它的權利,你將 舒服點

  • comfortable comfortable comfortable 33 33 he is 33 years old 30

    舒服舒服 舒服 33 33 他已經33歲了 30

  • 30 30 30 33 33 available available museum we're gonna go to the

    30 30 30 33 33 可用的博物館,我們要去的

  • museum museum later we're gonna go to the museum

    博物館博物館以後我們要去 博物院

  • later museum museum museum we are gonna go to the museum later

    後來的博物館博物館我們 是要去博物館後

  • research research research worth worth


  • worth worth so I've noticed that you guys struggle a lot with the WOR sound world

    值錢的東西,所以我注意到,你這傢伙 在WOR的聲音世界裡掙扎

  • worth word okay so these are words that you have to I was gonna say that you

    值錢的詞好吧,所以這些詞是 你必須這樣做 我想說的是,你

  • have to struggle with these are words that you have to practice again and

    脣槍舌劍 你必須反覆練習

  • again WOR get that sound in your head WOR so you can say it

    又是WOR,讓你的聲音 頭WOR,所以你能說出來

  • automatically match the tone match the pitch match the sound you will get it

    自動匹配音調匹配 音高匹配你會得到它

  • opportunity opportunity opportunity


  • this is a great opportunity opportunity to practice your pronunciation through

    這是一個很好的機會機會 通過以下方式練習發音

  • through through through though though though unfortunately unfortunate

    縱然 雖不幸

  • unfortunate on for unfortune unfortunate unfortunately unfortunately

    不幸的是,不幸的是,不幸的是 可惜可惜

  • unfortunately unfortunately foreign foreign foreign foreign

    不幸的是,不幸的是,外國 外國的外國的

  • throughout throughout throughout thoroughly thoroughly

    整個整個 徹頭徹尾

  • thoroughly thoroughly posture posture I always have to work on my posture

    徹頭徹尾 磨刀不誤砍柴工

  • posture posture truth truth be careful when you see the TR

    態勢真相 事實是,當你看到TR時要小心

  • together because most of the time it makes that CH sound truth tree treason okay

    在一起,因為大多數時候它 使得CH聽起來真理樹叛逆好嗎

  • throw throw throw walk walk work work work work although although

    丟丟丟 走走走 工作工作工作雖然

  • although earthquake earthquake earthquake notice I'm cutting off the

    雖說地震地震 地震通知我切斷了

  • K sound I don't really say earthquaKe okay it's earthquake earthquake you really

    K的聲音,我真的不說地震好嗎? 是地震地震你真

  • have to practice that glottal stop because we use it so much in English

    要練好喉音 因為我們在英語中經常使用它

  • rarely rarely rare rare rare rare ly rarely approximately approximate

    極少極少極少極少極少 鮮有近似

  • approximate approximately approximately approximately approximately thirteen

    近似 近似 約十三

  • third third


  • 13:13 jewelry jewelry Jewelry jewelry jewel jewel jewel

    13:13珠寶首飾 珠寶首飾 瓔珞

  • and some people say jewelry jewelry jewel jewel jewel jewelry

    還有人說,珠寶 珠寶首飾

  • smoothie smoothie smoothie I've heard people mess this one up to

    冰沙冰沙 我聽說有人把這個搞砸了,以

  • smoothie smoothie smooth smooth smooth smooth smoothie even

    爽身粉 爽身粉 爽滑

  • even even even even event event event tomorrow we're going to a

    偶偶事件 事件事件明天我們要去一個

  • big event event event Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts

    大事件 事件 事件 馬薩諸塞州 馬薩諸塞州 馬薩諸塞州

  • Massachusetts Massachusetts acquaintances

    馬薩諸塞州 馬薩諸塞州的熟人

  • acquaintances acquaintances acquaint acquaint acquaint acquaintances ok

    熟人相識 熟人相識 熟人相識 認識認識 認識認識 OK

  • acquaintance phenomenon phenomenon phenomenon

    熟人現象 現象

  • phenomena phenomenon phenomenon


  • phenomenon phenomenon choir choir choir she sings in a choir choir choir battery

    現象合唱團合唱團 她在合唱團裡唱歌 合唱團的電池

  • battery batter batter batter batter batter battery battery unbelieve believed

    啪啪啪 蓄電池

  • believable unbelievable unbelievable appropriate appropriate appropriate

    匪夷所思 匪夷所思 適當適當適當

  • appropriate appropriate appreciate appreciate appreciate

    適當讚賞 欣賞

  • young young he is a young man young young bottle bottle battle

    年少輕狂 男人年輕年輕瓶瓶戰

  • battle bottle bottle battle battle button button button button button

    樽樽戰戰戰 按鈕 按鈕 按鈕 按鈕 按鈕 按鈕

  • mountain mountain that's a big mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain

    嶔 嶁,嶁

  • would would get some wood so we can make a fire wood we need wood to make a fire

    會得到一些木材,所以我們可以使 一根火柴 我們需要木頭來生火。

  • wood good that's a good idea good good conscientious conscientious

    木頭好 那是一個好主意 好的 好的 好的 兢兢業業

  • anxious anxious anxious conscientious Rhapsody Rhapsody

    憂心忡忡 認真狂想曲狂想曲

  • Rhapsody Carol Carol this is a person's name Carol Carol

    狂想曲 卡羅爾 這是一個人的名字卡羅爾卡羅爾

  • pearl pearl pearl the oyster had a pearl inside okay you guys that's all

    珍珠 珍珠 珍珠 牡蠣了。 裡面有顆珍珠 好吧,你們就這樣吧

  • I have time for in this video but if there are other words that you're

    我有時間在這個視頻,但如果 還有其他的詞,你是

  • struggling with if you want me to make another video like this please let me

    掙扎著,如果你要我做 另一個這樣的視頻請讓我

  • know in the comments let me know what words you struggle with let me know if

    在評論中知道讓我知道什麼 如果你有困難,請告訴我

  • this video helped you I know it was really long and we covered lots of words

    這個視頻幫助你 我知道這是 真的很長,我們涵蓋了很多單詞

  • so maybe it was really boring sorry but I'm really hoping that I can help as

    所以,也許它是真的很無聊,對不起 但我真的希望我可以幫助作為

  • many of you as possible with as many words as possible by making videos like

    儘可能多的人與儘可能多的 儘可能地通過製作視頻,如

  • this so again if you struggle with any words in English that I did not cover in

    所以,如果你再遇到任何困難 英語中我沒有講到的單詞

  • this lesson please let me know in the comments two let me know if this was

    這節課請讓我知道在 評論二讓我知道這是否是

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    有幫助,三去關注我 Instagram,所以你可以看到我所有的隨機

  • pictures and stories and participate in whatever i post there last thing if

    圖片和故事,並參與 無論我發佈的最後一件事,如果

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    註冊 我幾乎每天都會發郵件 技巧、故事和很多東西

  • to help you with your english and there's also free guides that you can

    來幫助你的英語和 也有免費的指南,你可以

  • download on my website I have a pronunciation guide a writing guide a

    在我的網站上下載 我有一個 發音指導a寫作指導a

  • guide to help you practice your English with native speakers and meet native

    幫助你練習英語的指南 與母語人士交流,認識母語人士

  • speakers online lots of stuff so go check it out again that's

    揚聲器在線很多東西,所以去 再看看

  • and I will see you in another video bye

    EnglishFullTime.com和我一起去看你。 另一個視頻再見

hey guys what's up Stefanie the English coach here from

嘿,夥計們什麼是英國的斯蒂芬妮。 教練在這裡從英語全職網


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