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  • A few months ago I took a road trip from Chicago down to New Orleans.

  • And on the way back up (we were somewhere either in Tennessee or Missouri), I got pulled

  • overit was my first time getting pulled over.

  • And it wasn't for speeding.

  • it was because I was driving in the left lane.

  • So there are basically two types of drivers in the world.

  • There are people who get really upset about all the people driving slowly in the left

  • lane.

  • That's Joey.

  • He fits into that first group.

  • And then there are a lot of drivers who had no idea that this is even a problem.

  • Yeah, that was me.

  • Sorry about that.

  • I don't drive much.

  • The truth is, when drivers hang out in the left lane, it makes traffic worse and more

  • dangerous for everybody involved.

  • Here's what that looks like.

  • If you have relatively slow drivers scattered amongst the right and left lanes, faster drivers

  • have to repeatedly slow down and weave back and forth, changing lanes many times to pass

  • all of them.

  • So if you're going five miles slower than everyone else and you're traveling in the left

  • lane, it forces them to make dangerous moves trying to pass you on the right

  • which is more likely to cause an accident.

  • But there's a better way for traffic to flow -- and that's if we only use the left lane for passing.

  • If all the slower drivers are in the right lane, a faster driver can pass several at

  • once, and get back over to the right, which cuts down the total number of lane changes

  • and eliminates the slowdowns.

  • Move over, or get a ticket. That's the message from state troopers to people driving too slowly in the left lane.

  • Some people argue that as long as they're going the speed limit, they shouldn't have

  • to move over.

  • But there's evidence that that slowing down and changing lanes is actually more dangerous

  • than speeding.

  • Research has shown that the strongest predictor of an accident is variance from the average

  • speed of traffic.

  • And a car going five miles per hour slower than the surrounding traffic has a greater

  • chance of causing an accident than one going five miles per hour faster.

  • That's why every state has some law on on record that restricts the use of the left

  • lane.

  • In 29 states, any car that's moving slower than the surrounding speed of traffic should

  • be in the right lane.

  • And in 11 states, the laws are stricter —, they say that the left lane is only for turning

  • or passing.

  • Historically police didn't really pay that much attention to slow left lane drivers,

  • but more recently there have been campaigns in places like Washington, Texas, and Ohio

  • where police are actually issuing tickets to people they spot traveling slowly in the

  • left lane.

  • "The reason why I stopped you is the law in the state of Washington is keep right except to pass."

  • "This is something that has always been illegal and against the law here in Michigan,

  • But now officers are rolling out this new education effort to help the public understand just what they can

  • and they cannot do when it comes to this type of driving.

  • Now, it doesn't have to be this way.

  • A good example of this is the German Autobahnso this is Germany's highway network,

  • which has long stretches of road with no speed limits and it has surprisingly low accident rates.

  • One reason for this, some researchers think, is that German drivers are more likely to

  • stay in the right lane for traveling and only use the left for passing.

  • That shared norm helps keep them safe.

  • So fellow drivers I am sorry — I didn't know the rules.

  • But I'm not alone, and if more people understand how this works, we will have much fewer traffic

  • jams.

  • And our roads will be a lot safer, too.

A few months ago I took a road trip from Chicago down to New Orleans.


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