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  • It's a late Friday night

  • The street lamps are shining up in my bedroom

  • There's a mighty big fight between the thunder and lightning

  • Wonder who you will lose

  • I see a party balloon

  • And I ain't been invited

  • Hey look that moon

  • There ain't nothing like it

  • All grey and Gold

  • Down on Jubilee Road

  • I see Mr. Bouvier

  • In his two bedroom basement

  • In his purple dungarees

  • He's grumpy and he's gray

  • Oh, he's sweeping off the pavement

  • Cigarettes and leaves

  • His kid's up in China

  • His wife's up in heaven

  • Always I wave

  • 'Cause he's got this expression

  • That he's so alone

  • Down on Jubilee Road

  • Oh, I think tomorrow night

  • I will knock on his door and hear all about his life

  • 'Cause I think that's the kind of thing that I might like

  • When I'm old, when I'm old

  • There's Max and there's Maud

  • In the house by the station

  • Call them my best friends

  • He drinks like a horse

  • She don't appreciate all this money he seems to spend

  • I can hear them tonight

  • He can't find no vocation

  • The neighbours they sigh at that new generation

  • Just getting stoned

  • Down on Jubilee Road

  • Oh, I feel the summertime

  • I will call you up, make everything alright

  • Then we'll fill up our cups with that bitter wine

  • And I'll show you, I'll show you

  • Mice still here, your wardrobe still empty

  • And the walls are still paper thin

  • And the neighbours, my dear

  • I think they still hate me for all these songs I endlessly sing

  • 'Cause it ain't no perfect street

  • And I ain't no perfect lover

  • Life it is brief

  • I don't think we get no other

  • Come back home

  • Down on Jubilee Road

  • Down on Jubilee Road

It's a late Friday night


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湯姆奧德爾 - 禧年之路(官方視頻 (Tom Odell - Jubilee Road (Official Video))

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