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  • There are some things Apple just loves, design, aluminum, excuse me... and secrecy.

    有些東西蘋果就是喜歡,設計。 鋁,對不起... ... 和保密。

  • To keep a surprise, it hires former FBI agents, searches more bags than TSA, and disguises

    為了出其不意,它僱傭了前FBI特工。 比TSA搜查更多的行李,並偽裝成

  • its products with fake companies likeIP Application Development Ltd” - IPAD.

    其產品與 "IP "等假公司 應用開發有限公司" - IPAD。

  • But there are some things even the world's most profitable company can't hide.

    但是,有些事情即使是世界上的人 最賺錢的公司藏不住。

  • This is a list of companies acquired by Apple.


  • Most make perfect sense - Authentec became Touch ID, Siri, well, Siri, But, around two

    大多數人都很有意義--Authentec成為了 觸摸ID,Siri,好吧,Siri,但是,大約兩個。

  • thousand fourteen, you start to see a pattern:


  • First, a company creating tiny, super-bright, high-density displays.,

    首先,一家公司創造了微小的、超亮的。 高密度顯示器..,

  • Then one specializing in eye-tracking, an augmented reality headset, and a couple AR

    然後是一個專門做眼球追蹤的,一個。 增強現實頭盔,以及幾款AR

  • software startups.


  • Plus a handful of patents and job descriptions, all suggesting the same thing: smart, augmented

    加上少量的專利和工作說明。 都在暗示著同一件事:智能、增強的

  • reality glasses.


  • Directions, the weather, really anything, projected right onto your vision.

    方向,天氣,真的什麼都有。 直接投射到你的視野中。

  • The technology may not seem ready, we may not seem ready, and others have already tried

    技術可能看起來還沒有準備好,我們可能 時不我待,人有旦夕

  • and failed.


  • All of which could be said about the iPhone in 2007.

    所有這些都可以說是關於iPhone 在2007年。

  • Of course, acquisitions are just, acquisitions, there are no guarantees, and Apple loves saying

    當然,收購只是,收購。 沒有任何保證,蘋果喜歡說

  • no, it doesn't very often release a new product.

    不,它並不經常發佈新的。 產品。

  • But there's good reason to think smart glasses are coming, Apple is the perfect company to

    但我們有充分的理由認為智能眼鏡 正在到來,蘋果是最完美的公司,以

  • make them, and now is the time to do it.


  • If you're at all skeptical, well, you should be.

    如果你懷疑,那麼,你就應該 是。

  • Every other week we hear a new version of the same madlib: Blank technology is on the

    每隔一週,我們就會聽到一個新版本的 同樣的madlib。空白技術是在

  • verge of radically disrupting blank industry.


  • Watch out!


  • We're about to reinvent wearable blockchains, or leverage proactive mesh networks, and the

    我們即將重塑可穿戴區塊鏈。 或利用主動式網狀網絡,以及。

  • world will never be the same


  • The few experts who see where an industry is really going get drowned out by a sea of

    少數專家看到一個行業的發展方向 真的會被淹沒在茫茫人海中的

  • companies promoting theirworld changingidea.

    公司宣傳其 "改變世界 "的 觀念。

  • Which makes it pretty tough to predict the future.

    這使得它很難預測 未來。

  • So when I say smart glasses, and you say I've heard this before, well, I can't really

    所以當我說智能眼鏡的時候,你說我已經。 聞所未聞

  • blame you.


  • But there are still ways of separating a hero from a zero.

    但英雄還是有分離的方法的 從零開始。

  • The Gartner Hype Cycle explains why new technology seems to come out of nowhere and then disappear

    Gartner公司的炒作週期解釋了為什麼新技術會出現這種情況 忽隱忽現

  • with no explanation.


  • Progress is never a straight line, but it's also not random, it tends to follow a pattern:

    進步從來不是一條直線,但它是 也不是隨機的,它往往會遵循一個模式。

  • First, a very primitive prototype gets some attention.

    首先,一個非常原始的原型得到一些 注意,

  • The media, desperate for clicks, jumps right over its flaws to its best-case scenario,

    媒體急於尋求點擊率,就跳了出來。 過其缺陷,以其最好的情況。

  • 10, 15 years from now.


  • And not just in tech, A dietary study with a tiny sample size became the headlineWhy

    不僅僅是在科技領域,A飲食研究與。 極小的樣本量,卻成了 "為什麼 "的頭條。

  • You Must Eat Chocolate Daily”.


  • That's what you and I see.


  • So we're inevitably disappointed when we get a glimpse of reality.

    所以我們難免會感到失望,當我們 窺見現實。

  • Then, while we've mostly forgotten about it, real progress is made.

    然後,當我們大多忘記了 它,取得了真正的進展。

  • This is where r/Futurology claims it can cure cancer, This is where you addBlockchain

    這就是r/Futurology宣稱可以治療的地方。 癌症,這是你添加 "區塊鏈 "的地方。

  • to the name of your Ice Tea company, boosting its stock 200%, and this is when we're told

    到你的冰茶公司的名字,促進了 其股票200%,這時我們被告知。

  • it's coming in 3-5 years, every


  • 3-5 years.


  • Some technologies die trying to get attention, some are only hype.

    有些技術死活要引起注意。 有的只是炒作。

  • Virtual Reality is somewhere around here, Far enough we know its viable for games and

    虛擬現實就在這附近的某個地方。 足夠遠,我們知道它對遊戲和

  • entertainment.


  • But while it steals our attention, Augmented Reality quietly moves forward.

    但是,在它搶走我們注意力的同時,Augmented 現實悄然前行。

  • Sure, it's earlier and more uncertain.


  • But its potential is much, much bigger.


  • And Apple seems to agree:


  • It's been a huge focus of the company since iOS 11.

    這是該公司的一大重點,自 iOS 11。

  • Tim Cook even compared its promise to the smartphone.

    蒂姆-庫克甚至將其承諾與 智能手機。

  • I mean, listen to how their website describes it: “Imagine if the line between the virtual

    我的意思是,聽聽他們的網站如何描述 它。"想象一下,如果虛擬世界與虛擬世界之間的界限

  • and the real simply didn't exist.


  • Your classroom could become the cosmos.


  • The past could be as vivid as the present.


  • And this is just the beginning.


  • Welcome to a new world.”


  • That's prettybold for what's currently just a few games and the ability to sample

    這是相當... ... 大膽的什麼是目前的 僅僅是幾場比賽,就能取樣

  • IKEA furniture.


  • Of course, all of this is brand new, But even if there are really great apps in a year or

    當然,所有這些都是全新的,但即使是... ... 如果在一年或一年內有真正偉大的應用程序。

  • two,


  • There's one, huge problem: For it to work, you constantly have to hold up your phone,

    有一個巨大的問題:要想成功。 你經常要拿起你的手機。

  • or dare I say, 13 inch iPad.


  • It's justawkward.

    這只是... 尷尬。

  • AR is kind of the new drone - incredibly hyped, And sure, it's fun for a minute or two,

    AR是一種新的無人機--令人難以置信的催生。 當然,這也是一兩分鐘的樂趣。

  • but only practical for a few, specific applications.


  • Unless, Apple knows this.


  • Why invest so much time and money?


  • Because they know what we don't:


  • This is just an intermediary between today's phones and tomorrow's glasses.

    這只是今天的一箇中介。 手機和明天的眼鏡。

  • It's a very clever solution to a big problem:


  • If Apple wants to keep its glasses secret, it can't tell developers, and apps won't

    如果蘋果想對其眼鏡保密。 它無法告訴開發者,而應用程序也不會。

  • be ready when it launches.


  • But what if they could have their cake and eat it too?

    但如果他們能吃到他們的蛋糕和 也吃?

  • That's ARKit.


  • Developers can start working now, without knowing what's coming.

    開發者現在就可以開始工作,無需 知道什麼是未來。

  • Meanwhile, Apple collects feedback and improves the technology.

    同時,蘋果公司收集反饋意見,改進 的技術。

  • By the time glasses arrive, they'll have already proven their value:

    等到眼鏡到手的時候,它們就已經... 已經證明了它們的價值。

  • Directions projected right onto the street, Translation of the world around you, Context

    方向向右投射到街上。 翻譯你身邊的世界,語境

  • for your day, and so on.


  • Plus, I mean, the product names itself: iSight, EyePod, EyePhone, iGlasses, iWearcome on.

    另外,我的意思是,產品名稱本身:iSight。 EyePod、EyePhone、iGlasses、iWear......來吧。

  • Except - none of this is exclusive to Apple.


  • In fact, some company calledGooglekinda already tried this.

    事實上,一些名為 "谷歌 "的公司 有點已經試過了。

  • Why would Apple be any more successful?


  • Apple is rarely the first to do something, and glasses would be no exception,

    蘋果很少是第一個做某件事的人。 而眼鏡也不會例外。

  • Microsoft introduced the Hololens in 2015, there's Magic Leap

    微軟在2015年推出了Hololens。 神龍見首不見尾

  • And Intel Vaunt, Snapchat Spectacles, sold from a vending machine somehow uglier than

    而英特爾Vaunt,Snapchat Spectacles,則賣出了 從自動售貨機裡拿出來的東西,怎麼說也要比

  • the app itself, and the Vue, Get it?


  • Because vuerhymes with blew, as in they really blew it, naming their company a pun

    因為vue... 和blow押韻,就像他們一樣。 真讓人大跌眼鏡,給自己的公司起了個雙關語的名字。

  • Okay, look at their websight: “your glasses will be able to do more than meets the eye.”

    好吧,看看他們的網站:"你的眼鏡"。 將能做得更多。"

  • I See, This is not a business, it's just an excuse to make puns.

    我明白了,這不是生意,只是... ... 一個製造雙關語的藉口。

  • What a sorry sight/site.


  • But most interesting, is Google Glass, and the million reasons why it failed:

    但最有意思的,是谷歌眼鏡,以及 它失敗的一百萬個原因。

  • Like, to do anything, you tilt your head 30 degrees and speak - OK Glass, discreetly take

    就像,做任何事,你都要把頭傾斜30度。 好的,格拉斯,謹慎地拿著。

  • a photo, or, use a touchpad on the side of your head.

    的照片,或者,使用側面的觸摸板。 你的頭。

  • Both equally terrible.


  • It was expensive, poorly marketed, and lacked a compelling feature.

    它的價格昂貴,市場銷售不暢,而且缺乏 一個引人注目的特點。

  • But, most of all, it just lookswell, let's say there's room for improvement

    但是,最重要的是,它只是看起來... ... 好吧,讓我們... 說有餘力

  • The challenge of all these is just as much design as technology.

    所有這些挑戰同樣是 作為技術的設計。

  • Like, I think this joke writes itself


  • But if there's any company that can turn a tool you have to wear into an accessory

    但是,如果有任何公司,可以把。 工具變配件

  • you want to, it's Apple.


  • Glass spent years being developed in public.


  • But glasses should be released for quick, mass adoption and acceptance - something Apple

    但眼鏡應該快速釋放。 大規模採用和接受--這是蘋果

  • might know a thing or two about.


  • They should also be demoed in person - giving Apple's 500 retail stores a huge advantage

    他們還應該親自演示--給予 蘋果500家零售店的巨大優勢

  • over, say Microsoft's hundred.


  • I even know the perfect year to release it, although, we'll see, hindsight iswell,

    我甚至知道了發佈它的最佳年份。 雖然,我們會看到,後知後覺是... ... 好。

  • you get it.


  • But seriously: isn't it just way too early?


  • Technology arrives in waves, first, early adopters, then the public, eventually, even

    技術的到來是一波一波的,首先,早 採納者,然後是公眾,最終,甚至是

  • the luddites.


  • But between these is an invisible hole, To see it, we have to remember the Hype Cycle.

    但在這兩者之間有一個看不見的洞,杜聿明。 看到這裡,我們要記住炒作週期。

  • Here at peak excitement, it's very easy to get a few users - these are early adopters

    在這裡,在興奮的高峰期,它是非常容易的 以獲得一些用戶--這些是早期採用者。

  • - and they give the illusion of momentum.

    - 並給人以動力的錯覺。

  • The hole is the steep descent that follows - after the hype, getting users is much, much

    洞是緊隨其後的陡峭下坡。 - 炒作過後,獲取用戶是很多很多的

  • harder.


  • It takes a lot of kinetic energy for a product to pass this filter.

    一個產品需要大量的動能。 以通過這個過濾器。

  • A journalist will wear any piece of glass with a camera taped to it,

    記者會戴上任何一塊玻璃 上面貼著一個攝像頭。

  • But Apple designs for the masses - only what can survive the gap.

    但蘋果為大眾設計的--只需什麼? 可以在縫隙中生存。

  • Which creates two challenges for glasses:


  • First, the technology has to be really good.


  • The Watch proves they can make small batteries last a whole day and design a tiny but mighty

    手錶證明他們可以製造小電池 撐了一天,設計了一個小而威武

  • system-on-a-chip,


  • It would need a bright, high-density display like microLED - which it's already developing.

    它需要一個明亮的、高密度的顯示器。 如microLED--它已經在開發。

  • But then there's the camera - which brings us to the second challenge: The other kind

    但是,還有相機--它帶來的是 第二項挑戰:另一種

  • of optics:


  • it has to be, wellnot creepy.

    它必須是,嗯... 不令人毛骨悚然。

  • Consumers will think Black Mirror, The Circle , Wall-E, and so on.

    消費者會認為《黑鏡》、《圈子》。 、Wall-E等。

  • Even with Apple's focus on privacy, these are very real challenges, and could delay

    即使蘋果公司對隱私的重視,這些 是非常真實的挑戰,可能會延後

  • its release.


  • But glasses are more than a new product - they're a critical part of Apple's strategy:

    但是,眼鏡不僅僅是一種新產品--它們是一種新的產品。 蘋果戰略的重要組成部分。

  • Moving in the direction of more transparent, more personal technology,

    朝著更透明的方向發展。 更多的個人技術。

  • Because, the smartphone won't last forever.


  • The only way a company so dependent on one product can survive is to replace itself,

    一個公司如此依賴一個人的唯一方法 產品能夠存活下來,就是自己更換。

  • not wait for someone else to.


  • It's a philosophy rooted in the company by Steve Jobs, and one reason I recommend

    這是一種植根於公司的理念。 史蒂夫-喬布斯的作品,也是我推薦的原因之一

  • his official biography.


  • With Audible, you can listen on your way to school or work, at the gym, or whenever else.

    有了Audible,你可以在去往世界各地的路上聽。 學校或工作,在健身房,或其他任何時候。

  • I started listening to audiobooks in high school and it really changed my habits - It

    我從高中開始聽有聲讀物。 學校,它真的改變了我的習慣--它。

  • turns the necessary but very boring moments of your life into the ones you look forward

    把必要但非常無聊的時刻 變成你所期待的

  • to.


  • I'm almost always listening to at least one book, and one of my favorite things is

    我幾乎總是在聽至少 一本書,而我最喜歡的事情之一是

  • reading about the CEO of a company I like:


  • For the Grand Theory of Apple, Amazon, and this video, I learned much of the content

    對於蘋果、亞馬遜的大理論。 這個視頻,我學到了很多內容

  • by understanding the person behind the company - their personality, what motivates them,

    通過了解公司背後的人 - 他們的個性,是什麼激勵他們。

  • and how they came to start their business.


  • And because this author talked for hours with Steve Jobs and the people around him, it has

    因為這位筆者與 史蒂夫-喬布斯和他身邊的人,它有

  • a lot of detail you just won't find anywhere else.

    很多細節你在任何地方都找不到。 其他。

  • Another is The Everything Store - the story of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

    另一個是萬事通商店--故事 的傑夫-貝佐斯和亞馬遜。

  • I'm convinced there's no human on earth like Bezos, his mindset is really interesting

    我相信地球上沒有人類了 喜歡貝佐斯,他的思維方式真的很有趣。

  • to hear about.


  • And speaking of Amazon, prime members can listen to Audible for only $4.95 a month for

    說到亞馬遜,prime會員可以 收聽Audible,每月僅需4.95美元,可享受

  • their first three months.


  • You can pick any book they have every month, and if you don't like it, and I absolutely

    你可以選擇他們每個月的任何一本書。 如果你不喜歡它,我絕對是

  • love this, you just click return and pick another.

    喜歡這個,你只需點擊返回和選擇 另一個。

  • Go to or text polymatter to 500500.

    前往或發短信polymatter。 至500500。

  • Again that's or text polymatter to 5-0-0-5-0-0.

    同樣是。 或文字多物質到5-0-0-5-0-0。

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