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"Education is what remains after one has
forgotten what one has learned in school" - Albert Einstein

You know, when one of the most intelligent
people to ever live on the planet
says something like this,
Then perhaps there is something horribly, horribly wrong
with the basics of education.
(Music plays)
we all know it!
We spent a significant chunk of our lives
gradually ascending through the ranks
while hopefully picking up basic knowledge like
the alphabet, simple maths, and how to read.
Unfortunately, this idea is a lot more simple on paper
than it is to apply to the real world.
You know, to real humans
who all learn differently
and who are all individuals.
And here is where the essence of the problem of school in general lies:
the emphasis and obsession with academic ability
through the use of rigorous testing,

reporting. More rigorous testing more
reporting, and topped off with a tad

more rigorous testing and reporting, does
nothing but prove how school is designed

around how it looks on paper.
I never personally had any real trouble
in primary school, but I do specifically

remember infatuating myself with scores,
grades and levels.

I wanted to have the highest level.
Not because it was important to me to do well,

no primary school kid cares about that,
but more because I just wanted a higher

score than my friends and colleagues.
Like it was a game:

a leaderboard for judging and comparing my
worth with everyone else's.

Of course I wasn't quite that self-aware
and I was nine years old, or even thought

about it at all really,
but I still did it. The point is, school
is not about learning for knowledge or intelligence,

it's about preparing and memorizing a
bunch of useless facts for moronically

specific and closed-minded test, so we
can dictate, predict and set stupid

targets for the sake of the school's
name, and to appease the governing bodies

that settle the ludicrous rules for the
poor teachers to enforce. In the UK, we

start school at four years old.
The mentality is that the earlier you
start, the more you can cram into their

little brains to speed up the learning

This is probably the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.

Do you remember what you cared about when you were four?
Me neither.
But it certainly wasn't how to read a clock with Roman numerals on it.
Of course so many kids are put off the
idea of school.

We tried to teach children things they're not developmentally capable of doing.
What is the fucking point of teaching seven and
eight years about the possessive

apostrophe or how to column subtract?
It's nothing but unnecessary
stress for both the students and the

teachers, who have no choice but to
enforce it. Speaking of the teachers, they

don't half have one of the most difficult and
clusterfucked jobs in existence.

First off, they don't only have to work
with virtually no resources or budget to

help them, but one teacher is expected to
support and provide for upwards of 30

students for the course of one year. Not
to mention the positive slant they have no

choice but to put on everything, which in
turn unfairly doesn't apply to them as

So an endless amount of teachers are
stressed beyond belief. This even applies

if the kid is a fucking stupid idiot who
doesn't care.

"Sorry Preston, you failed the test but
don't worry, don't worry.

But please don't worry, you're super kind and not overweight!
you'll do better next time." Can you
imagine having to write a positive

report about those kids who are the biggest
shitheads in the world?

It's actually pretty backwards the way
the troubled kids get more support in

the end, as in when they disrupt the
class, cause commotion, or just generally

piss people off
they then get all the energy throwing
their way just for the sake of shutting

them up, and your normal, thoughful,
quiet, perfect student who listens and

does what you ask of them, takes a side
seat to the fuckwit who won't stop

making fart noises with their mouth.
The urge for the teacher to say
something like "Hey, listen, you little

Can you do us all a favor and shut your
mouth and pay attention please ?" Must be

It's always super fair when the asshole
kids get rewarded just for not being an

asshole, when all the non-asshole kids
have to actually put effort and work

into being noticed. The middling kids who
don't fit into any of the extremes and

are being invisible, and that sucks.
Do you remember how pathetic and muted
everything potentially dangerous was

when the school was in charge?
"Hey kids, don't you even think about
doing anything fun. Like climbing that

awesome looking tree over there, or even
having a run on the grass because you

might fall over and your parents will
sue us and we have no money as it is."

It's like we spent the first 10 years of
their lives training and to be prissy

then when they get to secondary school
the entire script has flipped on its

head and everyone and everything is
violent and twattish to you, as you get

a glimpse of the real world is like. I
really love the first 16 years of your

life completely dictate the rest of it.
You know, the years when you're the most

stupid and naive and don't care about

Now, none of this is to say that school isn't
important because it is

Kiteman: NYEEEH
I didn't go to school and look how I
turned out! IHE: That isn't helpful to me at

I just think the way we go about it is
moronic and backwards and ultimately

completely unhelpful to a large portion
of the kids who go. When one in five

adults can't even read or write,
doesn't that prove that the system has
kind of fucked them just because they

might not respond to the Victorian
idiotic way of teaching the basics to

There is a reason Steiner and Montessori
schools are sought after and work.

I'm not knowledgeable enough myself to
suggest ways to improve it, but there are

plenty of people out there who are. But if all of this is so transparent and
blatant to someone such as myself, then
isn't that evidence enough that the

system needs some pretty drastic changes
to make it not completely stupid?

You know what, education system? You let
me down, you let the school down,

but worst of all, you let yourself down.
(Music plays)
So those are my filtered thoughts on the
large complicated subject that is

schooling. Little bit more serious than
my usual videos.

But it's actually about something important, so who cares?
So what do you think about
school? I know education is very different from
country to country,

we all have our strengths and weaknesses
and whatnot. So how was it for you? I'm

genuinely curious, tell me in the
comments below. And as always, thanks for

watching all comments and ratings are
very much appreciated!

Make sure you check out my second
channel Jar Media for more laid-back

content driven by you,
the community. Anyway, I'll see you next
time. Bye.




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