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  • In the IELTS Speaking exam,

  • a pretty common question to ask is

  • "Are you working or are you a student?"

  • If you are working, here's one way to give a really interesting answer

  • about what you are doing

  • and why you are taking the IELTS.

  • If you give a reason for what you are doing

  • and why you want to go study outside your country

  • it makes a very compelling case for

  • the IELTS examiner to pay attention to you

  • It makes you interesting to them

  • like a human being

  • You should understand that many of these IELTS

  • examiners have to listen to students

  • who are not very good English speakers

  • and give no reason for why they are there

  • or what they want to do

  • 00:00:43,300 --> 00:00:45,340 If you can give a reason for why you are there

  • in just a few sentences

  • and what your mission or goal is

  • you'll be way ahead of other IELTS applicants

  • So here's an example of

  • how to say what you are doing at work

  • I'm working now. I work at Eastern Software

  • I do video game design

  • and I love my work.

  • because I get to invent stories

  • as well as solve technical problems

  • I'm very excited about this work

  • The next step for me would to get a graduate degree abroad

  • 00:01:16,640 --> 00:01:17,800 That's the best place for me to

  • to really learn more so I can do a better job and someday have my own company.

  • That's why I'm taking the IELTS exam.

  • I want to use English to further my education

  • for this thing that I love so much.

  • I love where I'm working

  • and I look forward to working elsewhere

  • and have my own company some day,

  • So in that answer

  • the applicant has said

  • what they are doing and where it is

  • and why they need to go abroad

  • They made themselves more interesting

  • as a human being for the IELTS examiner.

  • The IELTS examiner might be a video game fan

  • or might not be

  • But it doesn't really matter

  • The student spoke confidently in that example

  • and told what they are doing and why

  • And that's very appealing for an IELTS examiner

  • who has to listen to many people

  • who don't quite know what they are doing

  • or why they need to go abroad.

  • If you are going to spend all that money

  • for the IELTS exam and

  • and gear up (prepare) to study abroad,

  • give a good reason

  • Tell them about your passion

  • your goal or your mission

  • and that will make you a very attractive candidate

  • and help you get a higher Band score.

In the IELTS Speaking exam,


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雅思口語考試--"我在工作 "話題的最佳答案。 (IELTS Speaking Test - Best Answer for "I Am Working" Topic)

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