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  • Hi everybody is Professor T! This is an IELTS Speaking Test question that's been

  • on the IELTS in 2017. They do change the subjects and topics from time to time to

  • keep things fresh so here's one that's been asked recently describe an

  • interesting neighbor and what makes a neighbor interesting and what kind of

  • neighbor are you to your neighbors so it's all about how we interact with

  • people who are our neighbors and here's an example of how you could answer those

  • three questions I have a neighbor who's from England so we're from a different

  • country he speaks the same language as me but in a very different way so at

  • first we weren't really good friends because there's some competition between

  • America my country and England but we become friends over time and we share

  • more things we do like to joke around about the difference in our accents the

  • difference in sports and politics but it's light-hearted and fun as I got to

  • know this guy I learned that he liked to read so I gave him some books that I

  • thought would be interesting to him plus he has an interesting story since he was

  • a professional soldier and traveled all over the world and he did a lot of

  • humanitarian work as well so I tried to be a good neighbor by not making too

  • much noise but also in helping find out what someone else needs and helping them

  • do it I helped this guy with his garden some times and so if I go to town and

  • buy some special snacks I bring them over for he and his wife just to be

  • friendly and neighborly those kind of things make a good neighbour so I think

  • I'm a good neighbor because I try hard to be respectful and I found things that

  • we have in common and by being conscientious so that kind

  • of answer covers what is a good neighbor and how you interact with your neighbors

  • in your hometown your neighbor might be a family you

  • for a long time or it may be someone new to the neighborhood you can describe

  • somebody in the neighborhood that's interesting maybe there's an older

  • person who has had a lot of experience in some type of business

  • maybe there's a cute little kid in your neighborhood that you like to see grow

  • up or you have fun with maybe your neighbors are your best friends or your

  • cousins that you've known for a long time so there's always someone to talk

  • about who's in neighbor well maybe you don't really know your neighbors some

  • people live in apartment buildings and they don't really know their neighbors

  • because they only see them on the hallway so you can describe something

  • like that and then describe the characteristics of what a good neighbor

  • is and what a bad neighbor is and we know how to be a good neighbor don't

  • steal anything don't don't borrow a guy's car without

  • permission and try to be respectful in terms of noise and so on so that's a

  • good answer for the IELTS - the questions are changed from time to time

  • to make it more interesting for the IELTS examiner's and also to prevent

  • people from preparing too much for the IELTS by memorizing an answer. What you

  • want to do is while you're listening to the question take down some notes of

  • advantages and disadvantages what you do and what you don't do and then when

  • you're giving your reply to the question you'll have a very organized way of

  • delivering a great answer that explains about your life and that's the most

  • interesting thing for an IELTS examiner is to learn about someone else's life

  • and to hear a story that's well organized and well told. So I wish you

  • good luck, study hard and tell a great story on the IELTS!

Hi everybody is Professor T! This is an IELTS Speaking Test question that's been


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