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Band 9 Essay 10
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
List some of the causes and effects of global

Offer one solution that might help slow or
stop the problems associated with global warming.

Use facts and evidence to support your answer.
Write at least 250 words.
Band 9 Sample Answer:
Global warming is causing increasing concern
around the world as the health effects of

this problem are becoming more understood.
As scientists study the causes and effects
of global warming, public awareness of this

problem is increasing.
Now that people better understand that pollution
is the main cause of global warming, and that

the effects of pollution include ozone depletion
and the greenhouse effect, solutions can be

put into place to minimize its effects.
Firstly, the causes of global warming stem
from pollution.

Some of the main producers of air pollution
are factories and cars, which emit toxic gases

like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Also, as the population of the earth grows,
more and more farm animals are needed to feed

the growing population, and it is now known
that farm animals emit methane gas.

Methane, carbon dioxide and other chemicals
deplete the ozone layer of the atmosphere

and are causing a large hole to form in the
ozone layer.

This hole allows ultraviolet rays to come
through and, as a result, the earth's temperature

is beginning to rise.
The effects of global warming are numerous.
Scientists now know that the ultraviolet rays
coming through the depleted ozone layer are

harmful to humans and are causing increasing
cases of skin-cancer.

Also, rising temperatures are causing changing
weather patterns and an increase of natural

disasters like droughts, floods and fires.
As we realize the extent of the damage being
done, we can take steps to slow the effects

of global warming.
Modern technologies like cars that use hydrogen
as fuel emit only pure water.

And renewable energy sources like wind, water
and solar power do not release harmful emissions

into the atmosphere.
Band 9 Essay 11
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:
Computers are used more and more widely in
education and some people believe that teachers

now play a less important role in the classroom
than ever before.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with
this idea?

Give reasons for your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge

or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Band 9 Sample Answer:
Computers are being used more frequently in
every aspect of our daily lives, including

Some people believe that teachers are becoming
less important in the classroom as computers

play an increasingly important role.
I agree that computers are beneficial to learning
and in some ways are even replacing the role

of teachers in the classroom because they
improve communication and increase productivity.

Firstly, computers have improved communication
dramatically in the last decade and have now

become an essential tool in many aspects of
our daily lives, including education.

For example, students today can access almost
any piece of information in a matter of seconds

using a home or school computer.
Students can communicate not just with one
teacher, who may have limited expertise, but

with any expert around the world.
So modern students no longer have just one
teacher but can communicate with many.

These advances in communication technology
undeniably make education more accessible

and unlimited than ever before.
Secondly, computers help students become more
productive than they have been in the past.

Before students used computers, they had to
consult a limited number of teachers, write

essays by hand, correct errors, recopy written
work, then deliver their assignments to their

Now, with the help of computers, students
can find the information they need from specialists

around the world and type their essays onto
computers quickly and easily.

Therefore, the modernization of education
has helped to increase the productivity of

In conclusion, computers have revolutionized
education and are taking over many of the

teachers' roles in the classroom.
Computers provide students with instant, worldwide
communications networks, increase their productivity

and enable students to work to their own pace
and level, and have therefore become as important

as teachers in the modern classroom.
(295 words)
Band 9 Essay 12

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Some people prefer to spend their lives doing
the same things and avoiding change.

Other people believe that change is a good

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.
Give reasons for your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge

or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Band 9 Sample Answer:
Every person has a different attitude towards

While some people prefer to live their lives
with as little disturbance as possible, others

crave change and new experiences.
In my opinion, a balance of new and familiar
situations is the ideal.

Many people prefer to conduct their lives
in a way that avoids change.

These types of people may choose to live in
the same city their entire lives, choose one

job or career path and follow it until they

For example, I have a neighbor that has lived
in the same house since his childhood, became

an art teacher, and stayed in that job for
the entirety of his working life; his career

choice was conducive to his preference to
avoid change.

This type of lifestyle is comforting to many
people as they know what to expect each day;

there are few unknowns and the maps of their
lives are predictable and reliable.

Other people, however, thrive on change.
These people may move to different cities
and countries to experience new cultures,

living environments and job opportunities.
They may find a life without change unexciting
and stifling.

And many jobs cater to the desire to experience
new settings.

Journalists, travel writers and pilots are
some career paths that might be chosen by

those who enjoy change.
Too much change, however, can be unsettling.
In my opinion, a balance of change and reliability
is the best way to live.

Much comfort can be derived from having a
home that is familiar and where friends and

family can provide support.
Occasional travel and change, however, provides
new experience that can be refreshing, educational

and enjoyable.
In conclusion, I believe that some stability
is important for a grounded lifestyle, but

I also believe that some change makes for
a more interesting life.

(301 words)


雅思口语-part2-global warming (3 Ielts Band 9 Essays Read Out Loud For You - Episode 4 (Essay 10, 11, 12))

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