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  • - [Voiceover] Hello grammarians!

  • Now, we've already talked about how verbs can show actions

  • and link concepts, and today I'd like to talk about a third

  • function of the verb, which is helping other verbs.

  • Now we call this the helping verb, you may have heard it

  • called that, or the auxiliary verb.

  • These are just two words for the same thing,

  • auxiliary is just a more Latin way to say helping,

  • that's all it means.

  • Now I've brought along an image of my friend Brian

  • to help explain this principle.

  • What helping verbs are is really just inflected forms

  • of the verbs to have,

  • and to be.

  • And as we get deeper into the verb, I'll explain

  • what each one means in each one of its different versions,

  • but for now, suffice it to say, I'm just gonna throw

  • out some examples, just so you can see what it means

  • for a helping verb to be a helping verb.

  • So the specific way in which helping verbs help

  • is that they establish certain facts about a sentence,

  • usually when they're happening in time.

  • And we'll get more and more into that as we get

  • more into tenses and aspect, but I just wanna give you

  • some examples.

  • So, here we have Brian is eating a pizza.

  • Brian and I love pizza, we used to eat a lot of pizza.

  • Brian has eaten a pizza.

  • Brian was eating a pizza.

  • And, finally, Brian had been eating a pizza.

  • So the presence of all these helping verbs

  • has different effects depending on which ones you use.

  • And, as I said, we'll get into those later,

  • but, just for a brief overview, for example,

  • let's see, Brian is eating a pizza, that suggests

  • that it's going on now.

  • Brian has eaten a pizza, that means he had done it,

  • it's over, in the past.

  • Brian was eating a pizza, which means he was in the middle

  • of eating a pizza when something happened.

  • And, finally, Brian had been eating a pizza.

  • So he was doing it, and then he stopped at some point

  • in time.

  • And this is just the most basic introduction

  • to helping verbs.

  • So, verbs can show actions, verbs can link concepts,

  • verbs can help other verbs.

  • You can learn anything.

  • David out.

- [Voiceover] Hello grammarians!


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